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10 Best Selling Spiritual Subscription Boxes To Boost Your Karma

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

Spiritual subscription boxes pack tons of items to help you spiritually and reconnect with mother earth. You can expect to receive all sorts of items like crystals, aromatherapy, vegan beauty, superfood snacks and tools for spiritual growth

If you’re shopping for your first spiritual subscription box or have already had a taste of what’s in store and want more, you’re in luck! The 10 best selling spiritual subscription boxes all have tons of reviews and have been thoroughly tried and tested. You can feel confident you’ll receive an awesome box with any of my best selling suggestions below.

#1 Goddess Provisions

(1,498 Reviews)

Subscribe from $27.75/mo

With almost 1,500 reviews and a 4/5 average, it’s safe to say Goddess Provisions is the best selling spiritual subscription box that you can get your hands on today.

You can expect 5-7 full size products that have a retail value of $80 – $100. All of the products included in each box are vegan, cruelty free and of course natural. As for crystals, each box always has a premium selected variety to assist on your spiritual journey.

Boxes ship completely free anywhere in the US and a subscriptions begin at $27.75 per month.

You can find more information and subscribe to Goddess Provisions on the Crate Joy website.

#2 Tamed Wild Box

(572 Reviews)

Subscribe from $20.00/mo

You’ll read reviews from tons of people who are thrilled with Tamed Wild Apothecary Box. It’s a great box for starting witches, or to add to your witchery cabinet.

Maybe you are beginning a crystal and stone collection? This subscription box would be perfect to help you grow your collection with premium items.

You can expect to recieve items such as crystals, herbs and teas, altar items, jewelry, ritual tools, essential oils and more. Each subscription box you’ll receive has a complete ritual inside, so you’ll be ready right away.

This box is a little different because the curators always add a 1/2 ounce of artisan blended tea, perfect for nourishing the soul from the inside!

You can also look forward to learning more about spirituality and rituals with the helpful guides on medicinal and magical properties of herbs, crystals and more.

Everything is organic and natural – also handcrafted, poured and hand chosen.

Shipping is a reasonable $6 flat rate and you can pick up your first box for as low as $20.00 a month.

You can find more information and subscribe to Tamed Wild Box on the Crate Joy website.

#3 Awakening In A Box

(485 Reviews)

Subscribe from $13.33/mo

This is the third spiritual and metaphysical box I have to show you with hundreds of positive reviews. This one has close to 500!

So what is it? Awakening in a Box takes you on a journey of awakening through crystal energy. Each month, they’ll deliver healing and positive energy right to your doorstep with crystals picked especially for you and items designed to help you on your spiritual path toward enlightenment.

Awakening In A Box wants to support you and your connection with the universe!

Inside each box you’ll discover 3 healing crystals and two metaphysical items like natural soaps, jewlery, energy sprays and more. Along with the crystals you’ll find beautifully decorated collectable cards that detail the healing properties of each crystals.

You can find more information and subscribe to Awakening In A Box on the Crate Joy website.

#4 Box Of Shadows

(542 Reviews)

Subscribe from $21.24/mo

This spiritual subscription box from Box of Shadows is inspired by the universe and earths natural rhythms.

They want to help modern witches and spiritual explorers enhance their practice.

Unlike the other spiritual subscription boxes i’ve shown you so far, this has three different box tiers to choose from, depending on your current spiritual path.

  • The initiate (Beginner)
  • The Priestess (Explorer)
  • The Supreme (Advanced Seeker)

This box will keep you in supply of the basic necessities like candles, sage and incense, but also provide unique items like altar decor, pagan and metaphysical books, herbs and gemstones.

You can find more information and subscribe to Box of Shadows on the Crate Joy website.

#5 Magickal Earth

(220 Reviews)

Subscribe from $11.67/mo

This spiritual subscription box from Magickal Earth delivers metaphysical provisions to match each month’s energy.

With three different boxes to choose from, you can be sure to receive what’s most important to you:

  • Basic – Crystal Only
  • Essential Box (Crystals, Astrology and Tarot)
  • Premium Box (Crystals, Astrology, Tarot and More!)

The tarot cards are drawn especially for each customer, a nice touch.

Reviewers love that they can build up their own crystal collection each month and are able to learn about the energies and meanings with the included reference pamphlet.

You can find more information and subscribe to Magickal Earth on the Crate Joy website.

#6 Enchanted Crystal

(347 Reviews)

Subscribe from $14.50/mo

The experts at Enchanted Crystal are life long spiritualists and have an intricate fascination with the metaphysical kingdoms.

Sourced from all over the world, each crystal is hand picked for each subscriber.

Enchanted Crystal offers two boxes:

  • Crystal Variety Box: 4-6 crystals/minerals and a uniquely hand designed cloth grid for rituals.
  • Crystal of the Month Box: 1 featured crystal/mineral

Each option comes with FREE bonus mini crystals every month as a surprise gift. Shipping and handling is free and included with the box price. The boxes and packaging themselves are eco-friendly and made from recyclable materials.

You can find more information and subscribe to Enchanted Crystal on the Crate Joy website.

#7 Chakra Box

(94 Reviews)

Subscribe from $39.00/mo

With 94 people rating this box a strong 4/5 score, Chakra Box delivers a 9-month journey starting at Earth Star and working through Ascension.

To help on your journey, Chakra Box includes vegan spiritual items and meditations to enhance body, mind and spirit. The products are all ensured to correlate with each Chakra and help you on your individual quest of spiritual wellbeing.

Sounds good!

In each Chakra box you’ll discover 9-12 vegan and cruelty free items. The box is priced at $39.99 per month, but you’ll find the items total between $77 – $111 retail value. A deal for sure.

The types of items included in each box could be essential oils, aromatherapy, crystals, gemstone jewelry, herbal teas and more. They even supply a digital download of meditation music that’s carefully selected for each box theme.

You’ll also find bonus items like stickers, yoga pose cards and guided meditations.

You can find more information and subscribe to Chakra Box on the Crate Joy website.

#8 Una Spirit Bags

(142 Reviews)

Subscribe from $19/mo

This subscription box curates special spirit medicine bundles to uplift, awaken and heal. This would be a great gift for someone or even yourself who could use a little spiritual encouragement each month.

The subscription box is put together by an intuit and clairvoyant who has a passion for sharing spiritual reminders. The bundles contain 4-5 intentionally chosen items with your spiritual journey in mind.

You can find more information and subscribe to Una Spirit Bags on the Crate Joy website.

#9 Crystal Gemstone Shop

(89 Reviews)

Subscribe from $39.16/mo

If you’re just looking to boost up your gemstone and crystal collection, this best selling and top rated subscription box from Crystal Gemstone Shop is just what you’ve been looking for.

You’ll discover exotic, essential and beautiful gemstone and crystals each month that are always hand selected and premium quality. You’ll always find handy identification cards that detail each crystal or gemstone you receive.

Choose from:

  • Cluster box
  • Jewelry Box
  • Tumbled Box

You can find more information and subscribe to Crystal Gemstone Shop on the Crate Joy website.

#10 Spiritual Goodies Box

(68 Reviews)

Subscribe from $34.57/mo

This is the only spiritual subscription box on this list with a solid 5/5 rating.

You can expect to recieve 5-7 premium items aimed to help you focus your thoughts and energy. Along with the items, Spiritual Goodies Box includes an affirmation card and a detailed insert that explains crystal uses, meditations and ritual tips.

Each month Spiritual Goodies Box features new spiritual teachers who share their knowledge and skills to enhance your wellbeing and spiritual life. A bio and info card on each teacher is included in each box with additional suggested learning content like podcasts.

Some of the items in each Spiritual Goodies Box could be: crystals, aromatherapy, clothing, healing body products, spiritual growth tools, jewelry, ritual items and more.

Like the other spiritual subscription boxes, all of the items are natural and cruelty free.

You can find more information and subscribe to Spiritual Goodies Box on the Crate Joy website.

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