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9 Best Hunting & Gun Subscription Boxes For Fresh And Fun Gear

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

See the top hunting and gun subscription boxes that deliver awesome value for your money

There are some awesome hunting and gun subscription boxes that will deliver the right gear to have fun and be safe. 

You’ll see the best hunting and gun subscription boxes that are available right now. Check out each one below.

#1 The Mountain Hunter

Price for a box: $44.99

The Mountain Hunter is an expertly curated, high quality, back country hunting gear that withstands the elements. Every month, enjoy 3-5 items (up to an $80 value) at your doorstep. 

You can expect a ton of different hunting items in each box. Gear includes:

  • Archery and rifle hunting gear
  • Backcountry camp gear
  • Meat processing and game bags
  • Survival kits
  • Knives and multi tools
  • Game calls

This is April’s box with a “fueling the hunt” theme. It’s packed with meals, snack and supplements for your next back country adventure. This box has a retail value at $66.00.

Items in this box were:

  • Peak Refuel Strawberry Granola
  • Peak Refuel Beef Pasta Marinara
  • Hunter’s Blend Coffee
  • Offgrid OG Trail Mix
  • Mtn Ops Phenix
  • Mtn Ops Dialed
  • Purity and Grace Pure Chocoalte Energy Chews.

#2 Sportsman’s Box

Price for a box: $25.00

The Sportsman’s Box delivers field tested and guide approved gear to hunters and anglers across the US and Canada.

The team behind Sportsman’s Box will filter and test tons of hunting and angling products and only pick the best ones to include in your box.

They’ll ask you to fill out a profile so they can better understand your needs and pick products and accessories that you’ll really use.

You can choose between 3 boxes from Sportsman’s Box. The starter, original and denali.

  • The Starter Box – For the hunter and angler. 2-3 select items (tools, bait, tackle)
  • The Original Box – For the avid hunter and angler. 3-5 personalized items (apparel, gear, knives, tools)
  • The Denali Box – For the I want it all hunter – 4-6 premium items (cameras, apparel, calls, essential gear)

One thing to note about The Sportsman’s Box is that they ship your first box right away after you place your order. Other boxes have customers wait a potential entire month before they see what they’ve invested in.

Not so with The Sportsman’s box, your first box will be sent immediately after ordering. Bonus!

#3 Hunt Vault

Price for a box: $40.00

Hunt Hunt Vault is another great hunting subscription box, where the team will put together a carefully designed monthly packages comprised of professionally tested gear and useful outdoor products.

The value of every box is guaranteed to always exceed the monthly cost!

Each month’s box has a new theme and is reflected in the products you recieve and the current season. You won’t be getting insulated thick socks in Summer 🙂

Hunt Vault has two subscription boxes available.

  • Standard Hunt Vault Subscription (photo above) – Guide-tested, season-specific products, delivered monthly! Expect hunting and outdoor tools, accessories, game calls, and more…
  • Hunt Vault ELITE Subscription  (photo below) – This HuntVault ELITE monthly box is designed for serious outdoorsmen and features high end gear from top brands.

#4 Hunter’s Haul

Price for a box: $43.99

Hunter’s Haul touts it’s self as the premier hunting subscription box. They offer two subscription boxes: Their pro box ($43.99) will give you at least $65 in gear and their advanced ($109.99) box will give you at least $165 in gear.

What I noticed different about this hunting subscription box company, is that they’ll let you choose what species you hunt so they can customize each box to your hunting needs. Whitetail? Western Big Game? Waterfowl? Turkey?

You can choose your specialty at checkout and even switch between species depending on your hunting needs.

Pretty sweet.

#5 Timber Edge Outdoors

Price for a box: $34.99

When you’re hunting in the back country, you’ll need the right equipment and gear to keep safe and stay successful in bagging your game.

Timber Edge Outdoors works with companies across the US and selects the best outdoors gear for hunters, fishermen, hikers, campers or just those that love to get out of the busy city and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Their website is a bit light on content, so it was difficult to break down exactly what you’ll get in each box, but it looks like a mixture of tools, accessories and snacks.

One thing to be aware of is that if you order your box after the 7th of each month, you’ll be waiting a while until you get your box. They don’t ship out first boxes immediately, so if you subscribe on the 8th of the month, you’ll be waiting until the 7th of the following month to get your gear! 

It can kill the excitement, unless you forget you subscribed then it’ll be a treat!

Price for a box: $125.00

#6 Isle Box

It seems like each company has a different way of doing the subscription box thing.

Isle Box offers three different boxes, but only one of them is available as a monthly delivery. The other two are one time purchases.

Let’s take a look at their subscription box, the seasonal box.

The Seasonal Box is put together for people that love to get gear or those simply looking for a nudge to get outside. Now, don’t think this means you have to be an avid mountain climber or back country pro to enjoy the box.

This subscription box is a good choice for hunters that want the latest gear and even some new replacements for your old worn out gear.

What you can typically find in a Isle Box Seasonal Box

  • One big ticket item | Value: $60 – 80
  • Auxiliary item you probably haven’t seen before | Value: $20 – 40
  • Auxiliary item you probably haven’t seen before | Value: $20 – 40
  • Perishable item than can be used once or several times | Value: $10 – 20
  • Food or edible related item| Value: $2 – 7

Isle Box sends out it’s subscription box every quarter (3 months)

* 2 and 4 quarter subscriptions must be paid in full at the beginning 

The other two boxes that are only available in one-time purchases are:

  • Starter Box ($199.99) – Outdoors essentials like sleeping pads, head lamp, stove, medical kit, water reservoir, water filter, freeze dried meals and more
  • National Parks Box ($120) – Brand name day pack’s, water reservoir, headlamp, Nat. Geo. Road Atlast, Nat. Geo National Parks guide book.

#7 Shooters Loot

Price for a box: $25.00

Shooters Loot offers a monthly subscription box for the person that loves to…well…shoot!

Their boxes contain a mixture of shooting accessories like gun gear and parts, gun cleaners, lubricants and brushes and higher-end items like flashlight, knives, steel targets and trusty paper targets.

I would of loved to see a better website as their current one is a lacking in terms of product photos and information. A run down of their past boxes content would be useful.

Image credit: SensiblePrepper

#8 Cairn

Price for a box: $29.95

Cairn offers a monthly subscription box that offers expertly curated and test products. Their products are never overstock or close-outs, something I haven’t seen other outdoor gear subscription box companies boldly state.

Like we’ve seen with some sports apparel subscription boxes, Cairn has you fill out a subscriber profile so they can match it to the kind of products you’ll actually use and matches your outdoor lifestyle.

They don’t just put the same stuff in every box and hope that you like it.

You’ll get the magic, mystery, excitement and surprise of getting new gear, but you have the reassurance you won’t get gear that totally doesn’t work for you.

Cairn will send you products from these categories:

  • Apparel – socks, gloves, beanies
  • Gear – Lighting, hydration, cookware
  • Food & Energy – Energy bars, trail snacks, drink mixes
  • Skin Care – Sun products, insect repellents, lip balms
  • Emergency – First aid kits, fire starters, navigation tools

Cairn is also a company that doesn’t make you wait (toolong) for your first box. They say it will take about 1-2 weeks for you to recieve your first box (international up to 3 weeks). After that boxes will arrive in the middle of the month.

Cairn offers two different subscription boxes.

  • Monthly Collection – Up to $50 of retail value in each box, all full size items
  • Obsidian Collection – Up to $300 of retail value in each box, up to 10 premium products

#9 Knife Box

Price for a box: $17.95

For the hunter that loves or collects knives, Knife Box is a perfect way to get brand name and hard to find knives at a great price.

Knife Box has five unique boxes that you can choose from.

  • KnifeBox original – get a brand-new premium knife each month.
  • TacticalBox – you get a hand-selected tactical knife kit each month. Most of these boxes include five (4-6) pieces.
  • SwordBox –  you get a high quality, unique sword or sword kit each month. Boxes containing sword kits typically include two (2) to three (3) pieces.  
  • AxeBox – you get a premium Axe, Hatchet, or Tomahawk. Most boxes include one item, but so me include 2 matching throwing axes.
  • Gamers KnifeBox – you get a Video Game inspired karambit, balisong, or fixed blade each month. 

There are some great options if you’re looking for a the best hunting subscription box and this list only contains the top choices.

Which is your favorite hunting subscription box?

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