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Best Japanese Candy Box With No Subscription (9 Boxes)

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Japanese candy header image

If you want to taste Japan’s amazing candy and not be locked into a monthly subscriptionyou’re in the right place.

You’ll see the top Japanese candy boxes where you can buy a single box on it’s own without a subscription.

#1 Japan Candy Box

japan candy box logo

Price for a box: $29.90 + FREE shipping ✅

Japan Candy Box is a collection of the best Japanese candy that’s available everyday in Japan.

Even the same candy brands you’re used to are completely different in Japan.

You’ve probably tried a  Kit-Kat before. How about a Green tea, sweet raspberry or Sakura Sake Kit Kat?

japanese sweet raspberry kit cat
Sweet Raspberry KitKat Bar Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)

You’ll find flavor combinations that you’ve never even dreamed of.

You can get a box of Japanese Candy from Japan Candy Box for $29.90 without any subscription.

They offer free shipping to the United States and you can also give a box as a gift and they’ll take care of the shipping.

Japanese candy changes with the seasons and you’ll find different seasonal sweet treats depending upon the time of year you buy a box.

Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)

A Japan Candy Box is an edible adventure in your own home!

Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)
Sour Japanese Candy
Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)

Sour Japanese candy you’ve never seen before

Japanese Candy
Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)

Chewy Japanese candy you’ll love!

Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)
Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)
Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)

How To Buy A One-Time, No Subscription Japan Candy Box

#1 Go to Japan Candy Box

Go to the website here

#2 Click or tap on Subscribe in the main menu

Find the subscribe menu link and click or tap it

Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)
Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)

#3 Select The 1 Month Plan

Choose the “1 monthly” plan from the options.

#4 Review The Details

Check the details are ok. When you choose 1-Monthly, you’ll only pay for one box and won’t have any reoccurring charges. Perfect!

#5 Checkout & Pay

Use Japan Candy Box’s secure checkout and complete your order. Shipping is free! For under $30, you’re gonna get some fun, adventure, experimentation and a taste of culture thousands of miles away.

P.s. if you want to try another awesome Japanese food snack box, checkout our WOWBOX reviews here.

Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)

Japan Candy Box is a well established candy box service and they’ve delivered sweets and snacks to over 120 countries.

For $29.90 you’ll get 10 exclusive Japanese snacks and free shipping (world wide). That’s a deal, considering Japan is about 6,000 miles away!

Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)
Japan Candy Box $29.90 + free s/h. 1-time box (Link)

This box is a real adventure. Even reading the packaging of the candy (or snacks) is fun because it’s usually either awesome or bonkers. The flavors are on another level and the Japanese are masters of fruit candy.

Their strawberries and apples are award winning and they include the super rich, delicious fruits in their candy.

You can visit Japan Candy Box here.

#2 Freedom Japanese Market

freedom japanese market logo

Price for a box: $16.00

Freedom Japanese Market will send you a single box stuffed full of Japanese candy and snacks.

freedom japanese market subscription box

They have three box sizes to choose from

  • Puchi Pack – $16
  • Original Pack – $27
  • Family Pack – $50

Puchi Pack

freedom japanese market  puchi pack

Puchi Pack

For a small taste of Japan.

Choose the Puchi Pack and you’ll get 5-8 full size and sample snacks, a handmade origami decoration and a full English content list with pictures.

Original Pack

freedom japanese market original pack

Original Pack

With the original pack from Freedom Japanese Market, you’ll get 12-16 full size and sample snacks, a handmade origami decoration, English content list (so you know what you’re eating) it has pictures, too and they include something unique to Japan, a DIY candy kit.

What’s a DIY candy kit? Japan seems to have a thing for candies that you can customize or even make from home.

These kits can come in a few different varieties. One example is this heart stick choco lollipop DIY set:

Heart stick choco lollipop DIY set

It’s easy to make these yummy chocolate lollipops.

First, arrange the candy beads inside the mold (inside the bag) and add chocolate on top.

You can see the candy beads in the photo above (red, blue and yellow).

Let the chocolate and candy lollipops set in the fridge for a while to harden and you’re done.

If your whole family wants to try Japanese candy, Freedom Japanese Market offers a family premium pack at $45.99.

You’ll get a wide assortment of larger premium Japanese snacks, a handmade origami decoration, English content list with pictures, DIY candy kit and a premium selection of limited edition snacks.

freedom japanese market family pack

You won’t get 100% candy – It’ll contain a mix of candy and snacks – but you’ll get an amazing sampler of Japanese food.

#3 Japan Crate

Price for a box: $12.00

Japan Crate has 5 different boxes to choose from.

If you’re just wanting to try Japanese candy and aren’t too excited about trying other Japanese items like noodle dishes or cute Japanese Kaiwaii plush toys, opt for their standard “Japan Crate” box.

Some other Japanese candy box companies buy their Japanese treats in bulk then ship it out from within the USA.

Japan Crate is the real deal and packs and ships your box directly from Japan to your door….with Japanese stickers and writing on it and everything. It’s very cool.

You’ll get to try out between 18-20 full size candy and snack product, a Japanese drink (that’s not sold anywhere else) a bonus item like a bag of Japanese Kit Kats or a collectible and a “Manga-zine” for some crazy reading.

My Japan Crate - One time purchasee

If you’re wanting to explore a little further into Japanese culture, check out the other boxes Japan Crate offers:

Doki Doki Crate

#4 Manga Spice Cafe

Manga Spice Cafe Logo

Price for a box: $36.00

 Manga Spice Cafe includes not only a good selection of Japanese candies and snacks, you’ll also get Manga comics and magazines.

Manga is a style of Japanese comic books, mainly aimed at adults.

Manga Spice Cafe Maid Image

Each month has a theme – a theme that can get quite elaborate and in-depth. The snacks and drink ties into the manga theme.

What sets Manga Spice Cafe apart from the other Japanese candy and snack boxes is that each box comes with an information sheet describing the manga and the artists that created them.

Artists are somewhat legendary in Japan.

Past Manga Spice Cafe Boxes

Manga Spice Cafe Past Boxes

This box contained three different Manga stories/magazines.

  • your name., Vol. 1     Story: Makoto Shinkai    Art: Ranmaru Kotone 
  • Kuma Miko, Vol. 1     Story and Art by Masume Yoshimoto 
  • Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju,     Story and Art by Haruko Kumota                         Vol. 1 

….and these snacks / drinks

  • GGE Original Ramen 
  • Orion Moist & Chewy Cake 
  • Kracie Fun Festival Candy Kit 
  • Heart Shin Chan Namaiki Drink

You can check out Manga Spice Cafe’s full website here.

Manga Spice Cafe - One time purchase

Manga Spice Cafe – One time purchase (Medium)


Price for a box: $47

** Check out the in-depth review for the WOWBOX Prefecture box here. **

With WOWBOX you’ll get Japan’s favorite treats delivered monthly.

They have three different boxes for you to choose from

Original Box

Perfect for those who are new to Japanese treats, this is WOW Box’s original Japanese candy and treat box.

Get a good balance of great tasting treats, fun treats and border-line weird treats so you can really sample all the Japan has to offer.

Each box has 1 drink – something I haven’t seen other Japanese snack boxes offer and definitely a different experience.

What I’d love to see are some DIY snacks in their boxes. DIY treats aren’t very common in North America and some Japanese DIY treats can be really creative…and fun!

Maybe in the future?

The snacks incuded in the box vary from the latest, new treats that are in the local convenience stores to national treats that are popular all over Japan.

Prefecture Box

The prefecture box from WOWBOX features local snacks that are popular in any one of Japan’s 47 prefectures.

Prefectures are sort of like counties in the USA, but they have their own congress and government.

Health & Beauty Box

The health and beauty box from WOWBOX deviates from the standard boxes we’ve seen featuring Japan’s snack and candy scene.

WOWBOX wanted to put together a collection of snacks from Japan that are healthy and natural.

Just like their prefecture box, each month is themed, but in this case it’s all to do with diet and health:

  • Vegan
  • Vegatarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Organic
  • Additive free

The creators behind WOW BOX live in Japan and that means they can get super exclusive items right when they are released!

New products enter the market in Japan as quickly as they disappear.

Here’s how to get just a one-off Japan box without committing to a longer term like 3 or 6 months

WOWBox will send you full sized, quality items that really do give you a taste of Japan. Some flavors you’ll love, some flavors you’ll have no idea what to expect and some will test out your adventurous side.

But that’s why you’re shopping for a Japan snack box right?

Get the boxes for $47 from WOWBOX.

#6 Bokksu

Price for a box: $25.00

Bokksu offers highly reviewed Japanese candy and snack boxes with their “Classic” box currently tallying over 1,800 reviews and a healthy 4 out of 5 stars.

You’ll have to decide between 3 different boxes – all containing candy and treats – but varying slightly in the way they are put together.

If you’re just wanting to test the waters and not fully dive into a box full of Japanese culture, opt for the “Tasting Bokksu Subscription”.

Tasting Bokksu Box ($25.00)

You’ll receive 10-14 authentic Japanese snacks matched with a tea pairing and free shipping worldwide. Bokksu also provides a full color 16 page guide explaining the goodies you’re about to taste.

Each box is has a different fun theme each month where the candy, snacks and tea all relate to each other. 

Classic Bokksu Box

Bokksu will send you a more substantial candy and treat box if you opt for their hugely popular “Classic” box. 

Expect to get 20-25 Japanese candies, snacks and a tea pairing curated around a common theme. You’ll get the 16 page culture guide so you have an idea of what you’re about to sink your teeth into and free shipping worldwide.

The first box Bokksu will send you is themed around a “tour of Japan” so you can get a feel of what to expect and if you want to order another box.

Vegetarian Snack Bokksu Box ($39.00)

Bokksu was compelled to create a vegetarian version of their popular Classic Bokksu box after getting feedback from their customers and visitors.

Don’t be fooled, this box packs a ton of stuff inside for curious vegetarian minds to explore. 

Expect to get between 20-25 Japanese candies, snacks and a tea pairing, the full 16 page culture guide that details every product’s story, description and even allergen information and free shipping world wide.

Keep in mind that because this is a vegetarian box, you won’t get the full selection of Japanese products the Classic or Tasting box comes with. Bokksu will send you duplicates of some products to make sure you get enough pieces in your box.

#7 Snakku

Price for a box: $38.95

Snakku hunts down and finds the best authentic snacks that are only available in Japan.

Not only will you be recieving a box full of delicious food, you’ll be supporting local stores in Japan – some of which have been around for 100+ years.

Snakku offers two boxes, a tasting box if you just want to test the (Japanese) waters, or a full signature Snakku box for those that want the full experience.

Tasting Box ($16)


You’ll receive 5-7 expertly curated Japanese snacks – a mix of sweet and savory. Free shipping is available in the USA.

Signature Snakku Box

Snakku Signature Box

You’ll receive 20-25 expertly curated seasonal snacks (about 2 pounds worth of food) that are wrapped in reusable washi furoshiki.

Washi Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that’s normally used to wrap all sorts of different objects.

With Snakku’s signature box, you’ll get 3 times the amount of candy and snacks that comes with the tasting box.

#8 Sushi Candy

sushi candy logo

Price for a box: $14.99

Sushi Candy lists their candy on Amazon rather than shipping them directly.

This company does things a little different and ships bags of candy rather than boxes.

They have 5 different Japanese candy bags available

10 Sweets Gift Bag ($14.99)

sushi candy 10 sweets bag

Because this bag is sold via Amazon, it’s easy to tell if it’s a success or a flop. With 68 reviews and an average of 4/5 stars – and a low cost of only $14.99 with Prime – it’s not a huge risky investment. 

Sushi Candy’s largest Japanese candy offering is a Kit Kat and Tirol 30-piece assortment bag.

Kit Kat & Tirol Chocolate Bag ($17.99)

sushi candy Kit Kat & Tirol chocolate bag

What’s Tirol chocolate? 

It’s a type of chocolate made in Japan since 2004.

The name “Tirol” came about when the president of the chocolate company visited Tyrol in Austria.

He liked the name so decided to call his company Tirol for a fresh new image.

With this bag, you’ll get a mix of 30 Japanese Kit Kat bars and Tirol chocolate assortments.

You’ll get some weird flavors like Wasabi, Matcha, Melon and peach – 23 different flavors in total.

Be aware – this isn’t the first time I’ve seen poor reviews on how the candies were stored or transported.

Reviewers complained of finding Kit Kat bars crushed or “sugar bloom” – a clear sign of inappropriate storage conditions.

Since Sushi Candy is using Amazon to fulfill their items, I’d wonder how exclusive and in-seasons their candies are.

I’ll have to wait until the Subscription-Box team gets a bag to sample :).

Although one reviewer had an issue with his candies being smashed and squashed, other reviewers were very happy with the assortment they received – noting that it wasn’t too weird of a selection.

Japan can be quite peculiar at times if you’re not used to it.

One thing to be aware of is that Japanese candy is much smaller than American candy.

Sushi Candy - One time purchase

Sushi Candy One-Time Purchase

While not the most authentic Japanese candy experience you can buy, these are a somewhat safe bet if you need a unique gift for someone quickly.

#9 My Japan Box (*Warning*)

WARNING: This company has reviews from customers that have paid for a box, but never received them.

Customer service is non existent. I have personally contacted My Japan Box several times without an answer at all.

See the reviews on Trustpilot and Hello Subscription.


Price for a box: $29.99

My Japan Box is one of the few companies offering an exclusive candy-only box.

You won’t get any of the other snacks and drinks that usually get mixed in to these kinds of boxes.

You’ll receive between 10 – 15 varieties of Japanese candy – candy that cannot be found outside of Japan.

My Japan box - One time purchase

Since you’re here, check out the other boxes My Japan Box offers – including a $100 devoted to Japanese Kit Kats!

Subscription Box