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4 Best Knife Subscription Boxes That Deliver Quality Blades To Your Doorstep

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In need of a monthly knife supply drop? This article is for you.

If you’re like me and always have a (legal) utility knife on you for everyday tasks, sometimes it’s nice to get a fresh blade to add to your collection. Maybe you need a new knife to include in your camping gear or to add to your every day carry (EDC) setup.

in a rush?
Best knife subscription box @ Knife-A-Month | From $15.30/mo
Best name brand knife subscription box @ Knife Subscription Club | From $23/mo
Best themed tactical + survival box @ Barrel & Blade | From $49.99
Best general every day carry + tactical box @ Club Tac | From $33/mo

No matter what you need a new knife for, these are the de-facto best knife subscription boxes on the market right now.

Let’s check ’em out!



Best knife subscription box

Monthly Knife Subscription Box

From $15.30/mo
Affordable tactical knives & accessories delivered monthly

Kicking off this epic list of knife subscription boxes is Knife A Month Box, founded in 2019 and located in Maine.

Each month they source quality knives from reputable knife manufacturers and ship them out straight to your doorstep.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - Knife A Month
Knife-A-Month Knife Subscription Box

The mystery is there each month, you won’t know exactly what you’ll be getting, but you can be sure it’ll have you covered for hunting, survival or as a last resort, self defense and protection.

If you haven’t checked out their Instagram page yet, it’s full of people showing off their monthly knife box and the goodies they received.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - Knife A Month
Knife-A-Month Knife Subscription Box

You can subscribe to Knife A Month via their CrateJoy page. Crate Joy is a huge subscription box marketplace with tons of great subscription boxes to choose from.

How Does Knife A Month Box Work?

Go to their website and choose between standard (1item), advanced (2 items) or a premium plan (3 items).

You can also choose their OTF option – an “Out The Front” knife pack that features a new a unique knife who’s blade is released straight forward – out the front – when you depress a button on the side. Their OTF knifes comes with a lifetime warranty and even arrive in a water resistant case.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - Knife A Month
Knife-A-Month Knife Subscription Box Plans

How Much Does Knife A Month Plans Cost?

  • Their Standard Box is priced at $18 for one month, or about $16 if you pay 12 months upfront. One knife is included in this box that’s usually a folding knife.
  • The Advanced Box is priced at $33.95 for a single month, or about $29 per box if you prepay for 12 months.
  • The Premium Box is priced at $39.95 for a single month, or about $34 if you prepay 12 months upfront.
  • Finally their special OTF pack (out the front knife) is priced at $84 for a single month or about $71 per box if you prepay the 12 months upfront.

What Kind Of Knives Does Knife A Month Include In Their Boxes?

If you choose the Standard, Advanced or Premium Box, you’ll get a folder knife that opens from the side, usually by using your thumb. The OTF (out the front knife) is opened via a button that’s spring loaded and quickly pushed out the front of the knife.

What Do The Reviews Say About Knife A Month?

Check out their Instagram page to see a ton of people unboxing and talking about their Knife A Month boxes.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - Knife A Month
Knife-A-Month Knife Subscription Box On Instagram

A lot of people choose Knife A Month for gifts for their husbands, brothers or uncles. They’re well received, even saying that they were a little envious that they didn’t buy a box for themselves

The quality of the knives are good and brands that were recognizable. The shipping was fast, using USPS and they put the box in an envelope to make sure it arrives in great condition. Unboxing your monthly subscription box is part of the experience and part of the surprise.

Another important thing to consider when shopping for a knife subscription box is the customer service. Reviewers describe when they needed some help with their order, customer service were available and helpful to resolve any problems they might have.

Is Knife-A-Month Right For Me?

If you would enjoy a monthly surprise of quality blades and accessories, Knife-A-Month might be right for you. It’s reasonably priced and has a good amount of reviews from people that have already purchased the box and decided to continue with their subscription.

Now, don’t expect to get a Spyderco or Benchmade with the lower tier priced boxes. If you want the best knifes for your money, the upper end subscription is where you should look.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - Knife A Month
Knife-A-Month Knife Subscription Box

Knife-A-Month does include other tactical accessories with their Advanced and Premium boxes – brass knuckles, neck knives and tactical pens. The jump from Standard to Advanced is about $13 extra and the jump from Advanced to Premium is about $7 extra.

BUY: Check out more information about Knife-A-Month and subscribe to your own monthly knife subscription box on their Crate Joy page here.


Knife Subscription Club

Best brand name knife subscription box

Monthly Knife Subscription

From $23/mo
Brand name knives delivered monthly.

This knife subscription box is great for everyone – from a beginner knife collector to more experienced enthusiasts.

If you’re keen on getting a brand name knife, not a random manufacturer, you should check this one out.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - knife subscription club
Knife Subscription Club

How Does Knife Subscription Club Work?

Go and check out their Crate Joy page and choose a subscription plan. You can sign up for just one month to test them out, or if you feel it’s something you’d really be interested in (or a lucky someone else would enjoy it), subscribe to a longer period like 3,6 or 12 months.

Once you’ve subscribed, you can expect monthly knife deliveries and depending on the plan you choose the knife could also come with tactical accessories like flashlights and multitools.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - knife subscription club
Knife Subscription Club

How Much Do Knife Subscription Club Plans Cost?

They have four subscription plans:

  • Basic: 1 brand name knife | $23
  • Advanced: 1 brand name knife and 2-4 tactical or every day carry items | $48
  • Premium: 1 brand name knife and 2-4 tactical or EDC items plus 2-4 higher tier EDC items | $95
  • Ultimate: 1 brand name knife and 2-4 tactical or EDC items PLUS 4-8 higher tier EDC items | $140

This might be a bit confusing, but essentially you’ll get one brand name knife no matter which subscription plan you select and the tactical or every day carry accessories will increase in quantity and value the higher up you choose.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - knife subscription club
Knife Subscription Club
What is EDC or Every Day Carry?

Whenever you leave the house – you always put your wallet or phone in a certain pocket right?

You might always take with you a small knife – that always go in it’s certain, specific place. Front pocket? Back pocket?

EDC, or Every Day Carry is the term that’s applied when you take the idea of carrying tools with you like a knife or small flashlight to the next level. It’s the daily load-out of items that always go out with the door with you.

Some people go all-out and carry everything from small medical packs, firearms, larger knives, USB thumb drives, notepads and pens and more.

What Kind Of Knives Are Included In Knife Subscription Club Boxes?

Knife Subscription Club emphasizes each month’s subscription box will include brand names knives like:

  • SOG
  • Kershaw
  • CRKT
  • Buck
  • Spyderco
  • Schrade
  • + More

They’re almost always going to be folder knives that can be opened easily with your thumb. Something to note here, the knives are going to be stainless steel with a spring assisted opening. For some people this is a great help and makes deploying the knife’s blade easy. Some other people find the assisted open a problem as they can be accidentally deployed if you’re not used to them.

One unique feature of Knife Subscription Club is their knife collection specifically targeting ladies.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - knife subscription club
Knife Subscription Club

What Do The Reviews Say About Knife Subscription Club?

Over 75 people out of the 120+ ratings have awarded Knife Subscription Club a straight 5-stars.

Reviewers are thrilled and many have chosen Knife Subscription Club to gift to their boyfriends, husbands and dads.

This subscription box is meant to grow your knife collection, so each month the knives feature different sizes and use cases. People love the value that the monthly subscription boxes offer and of course, there’s still an awesome surprise element to look forward to.

Several reviewers chose this subscription box as a gift for husbands that are hard to buy for – that have everything. It’s a unique fun idea that many people don’t know actually exists.

Until now!

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - knife subscription club
Knife Subscription Club

Is Knife Subscription Club Right For Me?

If you need a consistent supply of brand name knives – knives that don’t fall apart after a few months, Knife Subscription Club might be a good choice. Choose their Advanced, Premium, or Ultimate plans and you’ll get extra items with the knife like brand name survival hats, shirts (like Under Armor, 5.11 Tactical), survival kits, fire starters, tactical pens and more.

If you just want an awesome new knife every month, without the extras, you can choose that too.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - knife subscription club
Knife Subscription Club

How Do I Subscribe To Knife Subscription Club?

Head over to the Crate Joy page of Knife Subscription Club and check out the plan prices, pics and reviews. They ship between the 15th and 25th each month and they’ll ship worldwide from the United States.


Barrel & Blade

Best themed knife/EDC/Tactical Box

Monthly Tactical Gear Subscription Box

From $49.99/mo
Tactical + Survival + EDC Items

How Does Barrel & Blade Work?

Barrel & Blade is more of a general tactical/survival/EDC gear box – not specifically for knives – but they offer an amazing selection of useful gear in each monthly box.

The boxes are valued at more than the monthly cost and the gear is field tested and expert approved.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - barrel  & blade
Barrel & Blade Subscription Box

This means you won’t get random gear that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do – HELP you. The gear is actually used by real people that know what they’re talking about – then included in the box that’s delivered to your doorstep each month.

The kind of items you can expect to receive – in addition to knives – are:

  • Tactical gear
  • EDC
  • Survival
  • Preparedness
  • Gun accessories

All of the items compliment each other – so you might get a Spyderco Polestar folder knife with a Smith Pocket Pal sharpening system, a cleaning kit, Kershaw TX Tool (awesome multi use screwdriver) and a utility pouch to keep it all in.

They have a simple statement, “If we don’t use it. We won’t send it.”

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - barrel  & blade
Barrel & Blade Subscription Box

How Much Do Barrel & Blade Plans Cost?

The subscription plans for Barrel & Blade feature two options.

  • Level 1 @ $49.99 – A mixture of tactical, survival and every day carry items with an average box value of $85
  • Level 2 @ $99.99 – More gear, more value. An average box total value of $175 for just $99.99

This is certainly more expensive than the previous two options you’ve seen – that specifically focus on knives – but you’re getting a ton more gear that spans a lot more categories. Knives are extremely popular and you should expect to see them included in your Barrel & Blade box often.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - barrel  & blade
Barrel & Blade Subscription Box

What Kind Of Knives Does ___ Include In Their Boxes?

You’ll find brand name knives like Spyderco, CRKT, Benchmade and more.

They’ll usually be folder knives and can vary in size, for smaller pocket knives you can stash easily to large knives that can be used in your survival go-bags, camping trips and more.

Barrel & Blade focuses on quality and you can see that in the knives they include. Know that this subscription box also incudes a ton of other items, so if you’re solely looking for a knife-focused box, one of the two previous options might be better.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - barrel  & blade
Barrel & Blade Subscription Box

What Do The Reviews Say About Barrel & Blade?

The reviews for Barrel & Blade go further than to just say the gear they supply is good. Reviewers appreciate that the curators take the time and effort to put together a quality box who’s items work together, rather than being a mishmash of random tools.

Don’t forget, there’s a surprise factor too, which is a big hit. Knowing the gear will be good quality is one thing, but NOT knowing exactly what is included really makes this a fun box to receive.

One reviewer has been subscribed for 3 years and have been really happy with what they’ve received. That’s 36 boxes!

The variety of items is welcomed by reviewers and the quality is, “a cut above”.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - barrel  & blade
Barrel & Blade Subscription Box

Is Barrel & Blade Right For Me?

If you’re looking for a well rounded subscription box that includes name brand knives, you should check out Barrel & Blade. Overall it’s a good value – you are putting your trust in the curators of this box to include products you’ll actually use – and as they’ve been operating for years, they know what works and what doesn’t.

It’s easy to feature any old product in a subscription box, but if you can stand behind each item and say it’s been tried and tested – it makes saying “yes” to this subscription that much easier.

For a knife subscription box, you should consider Barrel & Blade.

How Do I Subscribe To Barrel & Blade ?

If you like what you’ve seen so far, check out reviews, photos and current pricing on the Barrel & Blade page on Crate Joy here.


Club Tac

Best general tactical/EDC/survival subscription box

Tactical & Survival Gear

From $33/mo
Supply drops that are loaded with everything you need to survive and protect

Club Tac is a well rounded tactical and survival subscription box that includes quality knives so you can start or build on your knife collection.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - club tac
Club Tac Subscription Box

How Does Club Tac Work?

Each month Club Tac coordinates with experts from a number of different fields to curate a subscription box that not only delivers gears they want and need, but rewards it’s members at the same time.

The items are hand picked by military vets, survivalist experts and technology specialists to ensure you get gear – including knives – that not only look and feel great, but also perform great too.

A unique feature of Club Tac is their ranking system for subscribers. It follows a military ranking and you can score free gear every time you level up. If you go all the way with this knife and tactical subscription box rewards program, you can even win an AR-15 assault rifle with your name laser engraved right on it.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - club tac
Club Tac Subscription Box

How Much Do Club Tac Plans Cost?

Club Tac offers four subscription plans to choose from that accommodate most budgets and personal needs.

  • Basic Training Supply Drop – $33/mo
  • Standard Supply Drop – $58.44
  • Pro Supply Drop – $85.83
  • Premium Supply Drop – $149
Best Knife Subscription Boxes - club tac
Club Tac Subscription Box

While knives and blades are a big part of this subscription box, you’ll also get a ton of other gear to go along with it like flashlights, scopes for rifles, first aid items, navigational tools, tactical tools and even emergency food packs for you to add to your survival kit.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - club tac
Club Tac Subscription Box

What Kind Of Knives Does Club Tac Include In Their Boxes?

If you take a look at items selected for past, they’ll include everything from Gerber or SOG folder knives to hatches to multitools and everything in between. It’s a differing selection each month, but the quality of gear included in each box is mostly consistent.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - club tac
Club Tac Subscription Box

What Do The Reviews Say About Club Tac?

The majority of reviewers are pleased with what they’ve received, especially when gifted to their husbands or family members. They like that they’re able to try new items out – that have been already tested by people who know what they’re talking about.

The supplies included in each Club Tac box are useful in a lot of places – camping, hiking, prepping or just going about your every day life.

There were some reviewers who weren’t pleased with what they’ve got, but customer service responded quickly and made it right.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - club tac
Club Tac Subscription Box

Is Club Tac Right For Me?

Club Tac is a knife subscription box and a whole lot more. If you’d enjoy discovering new survival and preparedness tools and gear, you should definitely look into this further.

However, if you are only interested in pocket knives and don’t need the survival and tactical gear, choose one of the first recommendations on this list.

Best Knife Subscription Boxes - club taco
Club Tac Subscription Box

How Do I Subscribe To Club Tac?

Head over to the Club Tac page on subscription box marketplace Crate Joy and check out more details and read the reviews. You can sign up directly on Crate Joy

You’ll often see deals appearing too, like this:

  • Use code FIRSTBOXFREE for 100% off your first shipment on a 6 or 12 month prepay


You’ve got some great choices when it comes to shopping for a knife subscription box.

Your first stop should be Knife-A-Month. Their boxes start from $15.30 a month and are laser focused on delivering awesome, unique knives every month to add to your collection.

One thing to notice with Knife-A-Month is the variety of knife styles you’ll get. Some of them can be quite exotic (think karambits) and definitely colorful.

Their plans accommodate a wide range of budgets – from the standard box at $18, to their advanced box at $33.95 and premium box at $39.95.

They also have an extra special plan called their OTF Pack. This is a monthly subscription box that focuses on knives that open “out the front”. Usually, most knives fold or are even fixed, this special box features knives that are released by a button on the side and the blade literally projects right out the front. This plan is definitely more expensive than even the “premium box”, coming in at $84 for a single month, or $71 if you prepay for 12 months up front.

You should definitely check out their instagram page – there’s a slew of people showing off their knives. I wonder if they could have possibly received a free box for their review though? Even still, there’s a lot of videos to browse.

If you’re looking for a bit higher quality blades and name brands you’ll recognize like Kershaw, Buck, CRKT, Spyderco and more, then Knife Subscription Club is your best place to shop for your next knife subscription box.

There are a number of plans offered at Knife Subscription Club. If you’re just interested in knives, and don’t need any other tactical or survival gear, choose their basic plan. The other plans will deliver the same knife, but you’ll get extra tactical or every day carry goodies as well.

The advanced plan will get you the knife and 2-4 items, premium plan gets you the same items plus 2-4 higher tier goodies and their ultimate plan gives you everything in the premium plan plus 4-8 higher tier tactical items.

You might be a bit cautious signing up to a knife subscription box without knowing exactly what you’re going to get – that’s part of the excitement – but know that 60% of people rated it a straight 5-stars. It’s a good gift idea for husbands, brothers, uncles or just yourself.

That’s your two options for a knife-specific subscription boxes. The last two recommendations are more general purpose tactical and survival subscription boxes – they still include knives, but it’s not 100% guarantee you’ll get one each month.

Barrel & Blade has a great mission statement that they actively use the gear they include in the boxes. That’s super important and should bring some peace of mind when you’re choosing a knife subscription box. Their boxes are all themed and the EDC and tactical items all work with each other – you won’t get a compact pocket knife sharpener and a Bowie knife in the same box!

Their subscription boxes have a simple plans – level 1 and level 2 – and they’re priced competitively at $49.99 or $99.99.

You should take a look at this subscription box if you’re in need of a monthly collection of new EDC and tactical gear, but all tied together. One example is their “Operation Land Navigation” box that featured Rothco Map Pocket, Aquaria Water Filter, CRKT Strafe knife, UCO Firestarting Kit, Redvex Ranger Beads (track your distance at night without GPS), Brunton Truarc 15 map navigation tool.

Another example is their “Operation Clean Sharp & Lubed” box that featured a Smith sharpening system tool, Cerus ProMat, Kershaw TX Tool, Smith Pocket Pal, Breakthrough Cleaning Kit, Spyderco Polestar knife and a NCStar Utility Pouch.

Finally, the last knife subscription box you should check out is from Club Tac. The boxes are curated by experts in various fields from survival to navigation to technical specialists. You won’t always get a pocket knife in their subscription boxes – it could be something wild like an axe, hatchet or machete – but it’s a good box to get if you need to flesh out your current survival or tactical gear.

Club Tac has four plans to choose from, from their most affordable $33/month “basic training supply drop” to their most expensive and feature laden box at $149/month “premium supply drop”.

An awesome feature of subscription boxes is that you can just try one month and see if it’ll fit your needs. You can then subscribe to 3, 6 or 12 months if you enjoyed your monthly surprise. The same bodes true for Club Tac – they do have a super expensive monthly tactical/EDC/survival box at $149, but I’d recommend checking it out for one or two months before you lay down a chunk of change and subscribe for a longer term.

Something I noticed about Club Tac when compared to Barrel & Blade, the boxes aren’t equally as cohesive. The gear does seem a bit more random and not following an easily recognizable theme. One box had a metal camp mug, green smoke grenade, compass, USA flag patch, a carabiner, binoculars, small basic first aid kit and a flashlight..also a huge hatchet-hammer looking thing.

Just be sure to check out the photos and reviews on Crate Joy before you subscribe so you know what kind of gear you’ll be getting.

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