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Best 13 Lingerie Subscription Boxes (Updated 2021)

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

If you don’t have lingerie stores near your home or would like some help choosing the perfect underwear, you’re in the right place.

You’ll see the top lingerie subscription boxes where you’ll find super comfortable and stylish lingerie that’s discreetly delivered to your door.

🌟Lets check out the best lingerie subscription boxes! 🌟

#1 Empress Mimi Lingerie 

Custom designed lingerie boxes as low as $32.08/mo

Ok, this is the lingerie subscription box to get. It’s got the most reviews, the best score, awesome sexy lingerie and customer service that rocks.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s a link to Crate Joy so you can see the customer reviews.

What’s in the box?

Ah, before we get into the box, the outside of the box is where the magic begins. 

Each box they ship out is more like a gift box than a boring brown shipping box. They’re custom designed and the ladies at Empress Mimi want you to feel like a queen while you’re unwrapping it.

Empress Mimi Lingerie Subscription Box

All of their super popular pieces were designed in England, just for the Empress Mimi customers. Each month you’ll get two pieces of underwear with some themed goodies thrown in.

They’re as comfortable as they are sexy 💗

Empress Mimi offers two boxes – both purposely designed to make you feel like the VIP you are.

Their Queen box offers a full matching lingerie set

Their Empress box is the ultimate lingerie gift box

P.s. – they ship their awesome custom boxes in a plain mailing box, so no one will know what’s inside it until you tear into it at home! 👍

Empress Mimi Lingerie Subscription Box

Where To Buy?

You can subscribe to Empress Mimi on CrateJoy, boxes start at $14/mo, but you can also get a one-time box to test them out and see if it’s something you’d like regularly.

#2 Frisky Britches

Frisky Britches has been around for a while, they’re pride themselves on offering premium lingerie brands for half the price. 

Each month you will receive two fun and sexy panties to spice up your panty drawer 🌶

You can expect the underwear to be comfy and colorful and Frisky Britches uses brand name lingerie to assure quality.

You can choose from three different styles when you sign up to their monthly subscription box. 

  • The Kitten – Two Cheekies (Boy shorts)
  • The Kitty – One thong and one cheeky
  • The Kougar – Two thongs

Shipping is included in the monthly price – $14/mo, $84/6mo or $154/12 mo. If you sign up to the 12 month plan, you’ll get 1 month free.

You can also change your size preferences anytime and so you can get the next month’s box with the your new size.

See more information, reviews and details about Frisky Britches on their Cratejoy page here.

#3 Luv My Skivvies

Love My Skivvies has a different take on lingerie subscription boxes.

They realize that women who do different activities require different types of underwear.

Each month they hand select two different pairs of their high quality comfortable panties. You’ll get two different styles – not just designs – of panties.

One will be selected especially for the needs of an active woman in mind. Think comfy, breathable and durable. The other will appeal more to a woman’s sexier side.

You have tons of choice when it comes to the style of underwear you prefer. LuvMySkivvies offers 12 different styles:

  • Classic briefs
  • High cut briefs
  • Control briefs
  • Hipster
  • Bikini
  • Boy Shorts
  • Tanga
  • Thong
  • G-String

Get more information, reviews, details and current prices from the Luv My Skivvies page on Cratejoy.

#4 Skivvie Nix

I love the creativity these subscription box creators have!

With Skivvie Nix, you can look forward to receiving two brand spankin’ new pairs of underwear matched to your size and style preference.

Like the other boxes you’ve looked at so far on this list, Skivvie Nix has it’s own style chart. Check it out!:

T-Bone Package – This popular package is designed specifically for gals who can’t bare the feeling of excess fabric riding up your ass all day. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

You ignore those thong naysayers because you know what you like, and dammit, that says a lot about you.

Tenderloin Package – Ahhh the Tenderloin, a nice choice!

A package designed for the girl who “just can’t decide.” This package includes two primal cuts of grade A undies; a thong, and another that supplies a bit more bum coverage.

There’s no single preferred style to cover your bits. You’re a girl who wears many hats and desires a package with a little variety. Mix it up!

Rump Roast Package – You listen when your ass cheeks beg, “don’t separate us!”

Comfort is of the utmost importance. Cheekys, boyshorts, and hipsters, oh my!

If you don’t prefer things going ‘where the sun don’t shine,’ the Rump Roast is the package for you!

The underwear you’ll get is comfy and has extra stretch so it won’t dig into your hips and become uncomfortable at the end of the day.

#5 Club Knix By KnixWear

Price for a box: $22.00

If you haven’t heard of KnixWear before, they make some of the most comfortable seamless underwear you can buy.

Right on their website, they proudly say,

We make intimates unlike anything you’ve worn before. Because we believe it’s time for underwear that gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms.

Knix has it’s own monthly subscription box called Club Knix, where they’ll send you a pair of their award winning underwear every month. 

The monthly box starts as low as $18 – and you can enjoy savings as low as 40%.

If you’re wondering if it’s actually worth it and saving you money, a single underwear garment averages about $23, so at $18 you are saving a decent amount.

You can skip any month and cancel any time. Check out their page here.

#6 The Lingerie Box

Price for a box: $25.00

Looking for exceptional lingerie? You need The Lingerie Box with it’s online Lingerie Boutique and Monthly Lingerie subscription.

Get the high-end lingerie you crave.

How It Works:

Take a Style quiz and based on your answers they’ll select the right items just for you. Each person has different preferences and The Lingerie Box customizes every single one.

Lingerie Box is a monthly designer lingerie box. Not just underwear, but stylish name brand lingerie you’ll love to wear.


In addition to your customized lingerie box, you’ll be able to pick up exclusive items in The Lingerie Box Boutique. It offers an array of Limited Edition lingerie which you can purchase at any time. Members will get a 10% discount on all boutique purchases!

#7 Me Undies

This is an interesting spin on lingerie subscription boxes.

With MeUndies, not only will you get awesome underwear tailored to your style and cut, but they’ll be eco-friendly and be made from materials that are fair trade.

MeUndies specializes in underwear with a pattern or print on it, and you can choose which pattern you’d like to receive each month.

New print designs are released every month, so you’ll always have a fresh selection to choose from.

Reviews have complimented MeUndies by saying how soft they are – so soft in fact that one reviewer says you’ll forget  that you are wearing them.

How it works at Me Undies:

First, choose your favorite style and cut (you can always switch these up) and they’ll ship it to you on a set day each month. You’ll always have the option to reserve one of MeUndies’ Exclusive Prints.

If you want a different style, go for it. If you want to skip a month, feel free. If you’re not feeling it— just cancel.

MeUndies says – As long as you’re happy, we’re happy.

#8 Adore Me

Each month Adore Me will hand-pick and deliver adorable style sets ranging from bras, panties, lingerie, sleepwear & more.

Try the garments on at home. You will have 7 days to try everything on at home and pick out your favorite items.

Keep what you love. Tell them what you’re keeping and send back the rest for FREE. You’ll only be charged for what you keep. Also, a $20 styling fee will be credited towards any item you choose to keep.

#9 Loot Wear

Price for a box: $25.00

Wear Your Fandom!

At LOOT Wear you’ll receive exclusive apparel with designs inspired by your favorite movies, tv shows, video games, comics and more delivered right to your door every month!

#10 Beau Undies

How It Works

Subscribe – Tell Beau Undies what you love and we’ll create a personalized bag of 2 or 4 undies!

Your underwear is conveniently delivered straight to your door every month.

This subscription on a mission donates to women in local shelters.

#11 Panty Drop

No subscription required. At Panty Drop, choose how many panties you want, then get boxes on demand or on a schedule.

Panty Drop comes with free shipping and free returns – all the time.

If you don’t like a pair of underwear that they send, or if it doesn’t fit well, just submit a return request and they’ll email you a shipping label to send it back.

They’ll either replace the pair with a different one, or issue a refund.

Each box is curated based on your personal preferences. They do all the work for you.

Every box comes with free shipping and free returns. Pay nothing up front, you’ll only be charged for what you keep.

#12 Bootay Bag

How It Works at Bootay Bag:e

1 or 2 pairs? Thongs – love ’em or hate ’em? Bootay bag has got something for everyone. Don’t worry, you can change these monthly. This isn’t a committed relationship. 

Bootay Bag figured you might want more… Members can grab extras at exclusive prices and add them as one-time purchases to your monthly bag!

Follow them on social media to ensure you’re grabbing a bag you’ll love. If not, you can easily skip! No hard feelings. Also stay up-to-date with packing + shipping!

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