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The Best 18 Mental Health Subscription Boxes To Feel Good

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

You’re feeling the stress?

It’s like a never ending nightmare sometimes, with all the things you have to do – all at the same time!

Stress can really effect your mental health.

These subscription boxes are especially designed to help you relax and unwind – to destress after facing the world (again).

Check out this list of the best subscription boxes for mental health.

#1 Therabox

(1,891 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $35

Therabox will send you a box filled with over $100 worth of self-care products for just $35. This box is designed to promote joy and reduce stress.

What to expect: Therabox is one of the most popular self-care subscription boxes. It has a team of therapists that take time considering each item they might include in the boxes. Their goal is to make you happy and less stressed. 

In each subscription box, Therabox has a happiness boosting activity that’s been been inspired by neuroscience and positive psychology research.

This might be the real happiness in a box!

You’ll also get full sized wellness products for you to enjoy like lotions, balms, incense and more.

Some examples of the wellness products you might receive are:

  • Cougar – Intense Aftercare Keratin Hair Conditioning Mask, imported from England! Retails for $34.99£ (USD conversion ~$45)
  • Sanctuary – Crystal Infused Sandalwood Essential Oil Reed Diffuser – Retails for $25
  • Gratitude Journal exclusively designed by TheraBox! – Retails for $18

Why you need this:  You want to be set up and get everything you need in one box to start feeling GOOD. The included happiness boosting activity will boost your positivity and the full sized products will make you smell and feel great. This is a really well though-out box and is very popular.

Where to buy: Get it from the Therabox page on Cratejoy. Boxes start at $30.99 per month.

#2 Vacation Crate

(37 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $12.50

Vacation Crate ships out an assortment of handcrafted goodies to refresh your mind and body.

What to expect: Each month you’ll be surprised by 8-13 beautiful handcrafted products, especially chosen to make you feel good inside and out. You can expect products like naturally infused flower lip gloss, unique jewelry, bath bombs, gourmet snacks and cosmetics.

P.s. I love the real flowers in this lip gloss!

This box really is about giving you a boost and enabling you to feel good – even if just for a while – with shiny new high quality happiness feeling goodies.

It’s bright, cheery indulgence.

Happiness in a box? 

Why you needs this:  You aren’t sure exactly what you want in a mental health boosting subscription box, but want something unique.

You love a mixture of items but will love that they all work together to make you feel you’ve had a mini vacation.

The bath bomb, makeup, detox masks, cute leather pineapple key chain and inspiring messages will relax and refresh. Vacation Crate even adds a luxury snack to make sure all of your senses are ignited. 

How does gourmet pomegranate vanilla cashews sound?

Where to buy: Get it from the Vacation Crate page on Crate Joy. Boxes are $32 per month.

#3 The Go Love Yourself Box

(52 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $32

Especially for women, The Go Love Yourself Box is a self help and self care subscription box.

What to expect: This box wants to help your personal growth and aims to give you a monthly reminder to spend time on YOU.

The Go Love Yourself Box is designed by experts and life coaches around a specific theme and each box aims leave you happier and more fulfilled. 

Each box comes with the workbook, 3-5 self-care items to make the reading experience come to life, as well as access to our courage community to help make the changes stick.

Why you need this: You want a box that helps you out all month long, not just a one-and-done subscription box. You’ll also get access to a community of like-minded women so you’ve always got a support network on hand.

Where to buy: Get it from the Go Love Yourself page on Crate Joy.

#4 Pause and Unwind

(82 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $32

This box from Pause And Unwind is made for women and will supply you with all the necessities to stop for a moment and treat your body to luxury bath goodies.

What to expect: Pause and Unwind offers simple ways to enhance life’s journey and promote mindful, positive thinking so you can have the tools to ease mind, body & soul.

They have two boxes:

  • Mini = 3 Stress-relief items monthly
  • Luxe = 5 Stress-relief items monthly

In each box, you’ll find a story of a woman founded US company to highlight inspiration and empowerment.

Why you need this: You savor amazing fragances and artisan crafted products. You appreciate the uniqueness of small batch luxury bath products.

Where to buy: Get it from the Pause and Unwind page on Crate Joy.

#5 Love Yours Box

(117 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $19.99

Love Yours Box is a self care subscription box especially for women. It features the latest in beauty and wellness products.

What to expect: Love Yours Box goal is to enhance your self-care routine by share our favorite products, life hacks, and stories. Enjoy our videos, emails, and blog posts between boxes. 

They will stuff a $100 value in the box for only $39.99.

Why you need this: You want quality beauty and wellness products that have great reviews. You want a makeup subscription box to trust.

Where to buy: Get it from  the Love Yours Box on Crate Joy. Boxes start at $35.00.

#6 Spiritual Goodies

(53 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $34.57

If you are into the spiritual side of life and love using crystals and aromatherapy, this Spiritual Goodies subscription box is for you.

What to expect:  If you subscribe to Spiritual Goodies, you can expect to get items like spiritual growth tools and ritual items, aromatherapy and crystals, jewelry and clothing, and healing bath and body products.

This box aims to improve your self esteem and to focus your thoughts and energy. You’ll find a helpful book inside that details each item and how to nurture your spirit and bring more joy and positivity into your life

Why you need this: You love using crystals and spiritual items to boost your energy and focus. Each month you’ll get a little something extra to expand your spiritual toolkit.

Where to buy: Boxes start from $34.87. Get it from the Spiritual Goodies page on the Crate Joy website.

#7 Sweet Escape

(114 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $12.50

Spoil yourself by subscribing to Sweet Escape. You’ll get quality handmade bath products to help you relax and unwind.

What to expect: You’ll get 5-6 full sized lavish bath products, teas and even a best selling novel to whisk your mind away to another place.

They have a deluxe and mini subscription option. 

  • Mini = 2-3 handmade bath and skincare products
  • Deluxe = 5-6 full sized handmade bath and skincare products

Why you need this: If you love rich body butters, emulsified sugar and salt scrubs, bath teas, luffa soaps, soothing lotions and balms, milk baths, large bath bombs, clay masks, aroma beads and candles..

Umm. YES!

Get this box!

Where to buy: Get it from  the Sweet Escape page on Crate Joy. Boxes start at $27.99 per month.

#8 Enlightened Warrior Book Club

(20 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $31.10

The Enlightened Warrior Book Club wants to inspire you to become the best expression of yourself….one book at a time.

What to expect: You’ll get a box with a book of the month – a mix of fiction and non fiction. You’ll also get a variety of local handcrafted items like soaps, teas and candles.

One feature of this box that I haven’t seen anywhere is that they include a gift for you to give to a loved one.

I thought that was a super sweet gesture. You’ll might get other bonus items that fit the theme of the book, too.

Once you’ve finished the book, you can participate in a live call to chat about the book with the Enlightened Warrior Book Club and other members.

Why you need this: You enjoy reading the suggestions included in each box and love relaxing and unwinding in the bath.

Where to buy: Get it from the Enlightened Warrior Book Club page on Crate Joy. Boxes start at $31.10 per month.

#9 Mind Wanderer

(37 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $19.99

MindWander  wants women to cut their stress and boost happiness with it’s monthly subscription box and community.

What to expect: Here’s what you’ll get in a box:

  1. Workbook: A new theme each month
  2. Journal prompts + practice notepad
  3. Bath & body products
  4. Journals, notebooks, pens and pencils
  5. Lifestyle items: Coffee mugs, candles and more.

This box has therapist approved workbooks and activities to care for and handle your stress and anxiety and BOOST happiness!

You’ll also get access to a support comunity and therapist to work through what you’re going through.

Why you need this: You need somewhere to talk you through life’s stresses and a support community. This box will help you get structure to your day by using the therapist designed workbooks and activities.

Where to buy: Get it from the MindWander page on Crate Joy.

#10 Magickal Folk

(815 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $8

Magickal Folk want to help you bridge to a spiritual communion. Their teas are sipped to awaken and connect to your soul. Sounds interesting?!

What to expect: If you believe and practice tea rituals, this box can help boost your mental health.

 Magickal folk believes herbs and crystals can heal wounds, manifest abundance, overcome obstacles, break down barriers, remove blockages, and even self-empower.

Why you need this: You love channeling energy from spiritual rituals. This subscription box gives you all the supplies you need to tap into your soul.

Where to buy: Get it from the Magickal Folk page on Crate Joy.

#11 Respyre

(23 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $32

Think of Respyre as the wellness tea box. They specialize in loose leaf teas so you can have your daily cup of health and happiness.

What to expect: In each box, you’ll get two wellness teas – enough for about 20-30 cups – and a tasting guide so you can get the most out of them. 

Respyre especially creates teas to promote wellness where you can discover, relax and enjoy them at home.

You’ll get a unique daytime tea made with premium Green, White, Black, Oolong or Yerba Mate tea leaves.

The second tea you receive will be a herbal with wellness ingredients and an herbal base such as chamomile, rooibos, hibiscus and lemon grass.

Why you need this: Tea is your thing and you could use a guide on the best type to calm and relax your body and mind.

Where to buy: Get it from the Respyre page on Crate Joy. Boxes start at just $11.99 a month.

#12 Calmbox

(83 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $29.99

Let your worries melt away as Calmbox sends you a box full of goodies to unwind and relax.

What to expect: Each month Calmbox features a different theme, like meditiation or stress relief and includes 6-8 fullsize items to help you unwind and relax.

Items like music, books, candles, personal care items, motivational reminders and more are included with each monthly box. It’s a hug in a box.

Why you need this: You would love getting quality items that promote relaxation from a variety of brands that all tie together in a monthly theme.

Where to buy: Get it from the Calmbox website. Boxes are $29.99 a month.

#13 BuddyBox

Monthly or One Time Box $28

Each BuddyBox contains at least 5 products hand-picked to nourish, inspire and encourage self-care.

What to expect: The contents of the BuddyBox vary from month to month and remain a closely guarded secret.

The surprise is very much part of the experience.

All the items included in the box are intended to make you feel good: helping you de-stress, find calm, feel pampered, relax, get creative, or simply have fun.

Why you need this: You love surprises and could also use some gentle support to keep on doing you.

Where to buy: Get it from the BuddyBox website. Boxes start at $28.

#14 Caring Crate

Monthly or One Time Box $39.99

Caring Crate helps you get through life. It’s especially for those with chronic mental health or chronic illness issues.

What to expect: This box boosts your positivitiy by providing things like chicken noodle soup, soy wax candles and crafting kits. The idea behind this box is to simply help you be happier, nourish your mental well-being and encourage self-care.

Why you need this:  You have mental health issues more than physical health issues and need a subscription box that will impact more of your day rather than receiving few relaxing products. You’ll get help and support to keep going.

Where to buy: Get it from the Caring Crate website. Boxes are $39.99 a month.

#15 Listen Color Relax

(3 Reviews)

Monthly or One Time Box $2

I like this box! Listen-Color-Relax will send you a box to promote self care and stress relief in the form of coloring books and music.

What to expect: You’ll get adult coloring pages and relaxing tranquil piano music on CD to listen in the background.

The idea here is that you can relax and release stress while you’re coloring in on the premium paper and listening to the piano music. Most of the designs are artistic nature scenes.

Why you need this: You’ve always loved being creative and would really find mixing music and art together therapeutic.

Where to buy: Plans start as low as only $2 / month. Get it from the Listen-Color-Relax page on Crate Joy.

#16 My Be Better Box

Monthly or One Time Box $44.90

My Be Better Box is for women that would love support and encouragement for continuing self improvement and giving back. They also include wellness products to promote happiness.

My Be Better Box

What to expect: Here’s what you’ll get if you subscribe to this box:

  • 2 months of printed wellness challenges in a keepsake envelope
  • 6 wellness products to excite and assist you in completing the challenges
  • An accountability check-off chart. If you complete all the challenges, than a bonus item is in your next box
  • A promised donation made to the charity, Every Mother Counts, for each completed challenge.

Why you need this: You love to challenge yourself but have a little help along the way. You’re also loving that My Be Better Box donates to charity for every box it mails.

Where to buy: Get it from the My Be Better Box page on Crate Joy. Boxes are $44.50 (1 box every 2 months)

#17 Upbox

Monthly or One Time Box $29.16

The good people at Upbox are passionately providing products with purpose in the form of a monthly encouragement box.

It’s designed to enhance every woman’s spiritual and self-care journey.

What to expect: Each month Upbox thoughtfully curates boxes with captivating, faith-based themes, and fill them to the brim with small batch, handmade Scripture-based + lifestyle goodies.

The items are all consciously crafted, vegan, and cruelty-free. Examples of the goodies you might get are:

  • Scripture reminder cards
  • prayer cards
  • home goods
  • candles
  • lotions
  • scrubs
  • jewelry

Why you need this: You are a christian woman that would love positive and encouraging support to be your best every month.

Where to buy: Get it from the Upbox page on Crate Joy. Boxes start at $29.16

#18 Mom Time Delivered

Monthly or One Time Box $28.33

Mom Time Delivered is perfect for super moms. This box is to reward and pamper you for all the amazing things you acomplish every day.

What to expect: You’ll get natural spa items, artisanal treats, and hand curated gifts so you can take a few minutes and breathe!

Why you need this: You want to get back your “me” time and would love awesome bath products to relax and unwind.

Where to buy: Get it from the Mom Time Delivered page on Crate Joy. Boxes start at $28.33 per month.

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