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Best 17 Subscription Boxes For Music And Musicians

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

From learning to play a guitar to death metal t-shirts, you’ll be able to find the perfect music subscription box in the list below.

#1 Vinyl Record Club

If you love the feel of vinyl, the Vinyl Record Club might just be the perfect fit.

What to expect: The good people at Vinyl Records Club will put together a collection of six original vinyl records for you to explore and enjoy. 

You won’t just get a random set of records, you’ll pick the genre and style of the music so you won’t be stuck with records you’ll never use.

The records are original vinyl recordings – not re-releases – so you can expect each vinyl and sleeve to have a bit of wear, but still in very good condition.

This is perfect for building up a vinyl collection or as a gift for someone who loves to use vinyl and used it a lot in their childhood.

Why you need this:  You love the feel and warm sound of vinyl. The faint crackle you hear as the anticipation builds for the first beat of the song. You’ll also get music in the genre you like, so no crappy records to store and take up room.

Where to buy: Get it from Crate Joy for $19.92 a month.

#2 Vinyl Moon

Vinyl Moon has brand new music that’s pressed onto colored vinyl in each monthly shipment.

What to expect: If you love the thought of vinyl and how it feels, but would love to hear new music too – this subscription is for you. Vinyl Moon will send you a brand new vinyl record each month with 10 tracks by new artists. 

You’ll be able to experience top quality new music while still enjoying the nostalgic feeling of vinyl. Each vinyl jacket is custom designed by artists to make each month’s vinyl a collectible. The vinyl records themselves are brightly colored, adding to the value of this subscription box.

Why you need this:  You want new music in your favorite genre like rock or country, but still want that old-time feel of real vinyl in your hands.

Where to buy: Get it from Crate Joy for $26.00 a month

#3 Guitar Crate

Guitar Crate has all the supplies and accessories you for rocking out.

What to expect: This is THE box for guitar players. If you’re just starting out or a professional guitar player, this box will be just what you need.

You’ll get anything from guitar pedals, strings, tools, cleaning products, pickss and even bonus items like t-shirts, stickers and hats.

Why you need this:  Get fresh guitar gear and keep developing your guitar skills with this box. It’ll keep your guitar in top shape and give you support and motivation to keep getting better.

Where to buy: Get it from Crate Joy for $19.00 a month

#4 MoshBoxx

If you’re into metal, hardcore and punk music, MoshBoxx is the one for you.

What to expect:  Each month MoshBoxx will send you hand selected heavy rock music, stickers, t-shirts, DVDs, vinyl records and more. They might even send you signed rock memorabilia. Sweet!

Each box has 4-8 items and a retail value of at least $60.

Why you need this:  You live the heavy rock lifestyle and could use a monthly mosh boost. This box is perfect for anyone who loves heavy metal culture.

Where to buy: Get it from Crate Joy for $11.83 a month.

#5 Magic Room Brand

While we aren’t 100% sure what Magic Room Brand means, this box supplies eco-friendly accessories for drummers and guitar players.

What to expect:  Feel good and rock out! This box specializes in eco-friendly accessories for drummers and guitar players. They’ll send either drum sticks or guitar picks and both are eco-friendly and completely compostable. 

They make their accessories from 100% bamboo grass which is a sustainable source for their products. Even the bags they send you the accessories in are bamboo,  eco friendly and reusable.

Why you need this:  You could always use a resupply of drumsticks and guitar picks, but want to help the earth and stay eco friendly.

Where to buy: Get it from Crate Joy for as little as $7.50 a month.

#6 The Music Box

The Music Box is a great way to discover new artists and songs and keep your music library fresh.

What to expect: Each month you’ll get an especially curated collection of brand new music to check out and listen. Typically, you’ll get a CD single, album and custom artists mix of the month CD.

This box has 43 reviews and averaging 4.5/5 stars on CrateJoy. Most of the reviewers loved the music selection and are looking forward to next month’s music box. The music is mainly rock/metal and you won’t find any rap, country or slow jams.

Why you need this:  You are bored of your current music library and want some fresh music that will rock your socks off. The reviews say try this box. You’ll get a variety of music – a taster sampler CD and more in-depth album.

Where to buy: Get it from Crate Joy for just $10 a month.

#7 The Voice Box

The Voice Box is especially designed for people that use their voice professionally frequently.

What to expect: This box has been designed to supply you with everything you need to maintain and protect your voice. You can expect a variety of custom luxury products in full and sample sizes that are really useful in caring for your voice.

This box is perfect for singers, college professors, speakers, coaches, teachers and just generally anyone that uses their voice.

The boxes are shipped every quarter and you’ll get curated teas, custom vocal sprays, supplements and fun and inspirational guides to keep your voice in top condition.

The voice box also ships special welcome boxes for new members, birthday box and holiday boxes at Christmas time.

Why you need this: You use your voice in a professional setting and would love supplies to keep it sounding strong and clear.

Where to buy: Get it from the Crate Joy website. Prices are $26.25 a month.

#8 Listen Color Relax

Relax and unwind with the creative Listen Color Relax music subscription box

What to expect:  If you love to color and be creative, this box will help you relax and unwind with it’s expertly curated collection of adult coloring pages and relaxing piano music.

It’s designed for you to space out and completely relax – even for a short while – in your busy everyday life. It’s a combination of art and music therapy.

Why you need this:  You love to be creative and need a way to stop your brain racing at a million miles per hour. You can color anywhere and take a bit of time for self care and relaxation.

Where to buy: Get it from the Crate Joy page for $6.99 a month.

#9 The Era Of EDM Crate

If you love electronic dance music (EDM) The Era Of EDM Crate is a fun way to get gear for raves and festivals.

What to expect: This subscription box aims to supply you with essential accessories for dance music raves and festivals. You could get hoodies, hats, t-shirts and festival essentials like solar powered backup batteries, phone charging cables and EDM magazines.

Why you need this: You love to go to raves and festivals and live the EDM lifestyle. This box is a super sweet way to get cool essentials to make your next EDM event event better.

Where to buy: Get it from the Crate Joy website for $33 a month.

#10 Guitar Shop Tees

For guitar enthusiasts, Guitar Shop Tees has exclusive limited guitar t-shirts with every box.

What to expect: Perfect for every guitar player, collector or just a fan. Each month Guitar Shop Tees will send you a new limited edition t-shirt you can wear with pride. The t-shirts feature designs from guitar shops around the world and are one-of-a-kind that won’t ever be re-printed

Why you need this: You live and breathe guitars – it’s just what you do – and this collectible t-shirt will show everyone that you are a guitar aficionado.

Where to buy: Get it from the Guitar Shop Tees website for $25.00 a month.

#11 The Metal Head Box

Full of metal evilness! The Metal Head Box will hook you up with metal gear and goodies for you to rock on.

What to expect:  You’ll get all sorts of metal goodies in this box. You could get anything from CDs, T-shirts, stickers, autographs, posters, download cards and tons more.

The people behind Metal Head Box also work with the smallest to largest record labels so you can hear the best of new and current metal music.

Why you need this:  It doesn’t matter what style of metal you’re into – thrash, heavy, black or death metal – this box will curb your metal fix and give you tons of goodies.

Where to buy: Get it from the Metal Head Box website. It’s $41.94 per month.

#12 Fender Play

Fender has been synonymous with guitars for decades and Fender Play is designed to teach you how to play them

What to expect: If you’ve always wanted to play the guitar, this digital subscription by guitar legends Fender might be just what you need.

You’ll receive step by step learning with video instruction and easy to follow lessons.

If you’re brand new to playing the guitar, you can try Fender’s free trial and learn a riff in their 7 minutes challenge. As an extra incentive, you’ll also get 10% off on gear if you subscribe.

Why you need this: You’ve always wanted to play the guitar but haven’t taken the leap and signed up to learn. Fender is an excellent place to learn guitar and you can do so in the comfort of your own home.

Where to buy: Get it from the Fender website – you can sign up to a free trial first – afterwards it’s only $9.99 a month.

#13 Korea Box

Korea Box will help you get your K-Pop fix with three different K-Pop subscription boxes perfect for the Korean band’s dedicated super fan.

What to expect: K-Pop is one of the largest boy bands in the world and have recently blown up outside of their home country Korea.

You can choose between:

  • K-Pop Album Box
  • Super M Box
  • Mystery Box

For the K-Pop Album Box you’ll get a K-Pop album with other K-Pop bonus merch. The Super M Box offers your favorite SuperM face slogan towel, photos of the band, spring note and a pouch to keep in in.

I wasn’t 100% sure what a slogan towel is, so here’s what one looks like!

Why you need this: You love everything K-Pop and want to receive monthly supply drops of essential K-Pop fan gear and essentials.

Where to buy: Get it from the Korea-Box website. It’s priced at $29.99 – $34.99

#14 VNYL

With VNYL you’ll get brand new music on brand new vinyl and quckly grow your record collection every month.

What to expect:  You’ll get music on vinyl records that’s tailored to your unique tastes. Take a quick quiz so VNYL knows your likes and dislikes and wait for a surprise in the mail where you’ll get a brand new vinyl record just for you.

Why you need this:  Grow your vinyl record collection with custom music you love.

Where to buy: Get it from for $39 a month.,

#15 Vinyl Me Please

If you love the feel of records, Vinyl Me Please might just be exactly what you’re looking for

What to expect: You will get an exclusive record delivered each month and have a choice between  three different subscriptions:

  • Classics
  • Essentials
  • Rap & Hip Hop

Each of the subscriptions have bonuses like listening notes booklet, collectible art prints or even street art stencils.

You’ll get an email notifying you of the upcoming music selection and can swap the record for another or change subscriptions anytime if you aren’t digging the music you’ve received.

Why you need this: You want to hear some great music but still crave the old-time feeling of a vinyl record.

Where to buy: Get it from the Vinyl Me Please website. Plans start at $81 for a 3 month subscription – about $27 a box which is about average.

#16 Stylus Vinyl

Stylus Vinyl will curate each box with 12″ vinyl and goodies for a complete music experience

What to expect:  Stylus Vinyl has a bit of a different vinyl subscription box that we’re used to seeing.

Every month each box is focused on a different theme but always built upon a selection of amazing albums. For an example of themes, you might get increadible soul singers and then the next might be celebraiting guitar gods.

That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with whatever Stylus Vinyl selects – you’ll get an email notification with the upcoming music so you can always change it and opt for something different.

In addition to the 12″ vinyl music you’ll get, Stylus Vinyl also includes an exclusive art print, wine or beer and a copy of their monthly magazine.

Why you need this: You love how each box focuses on a theme and how Stylus Vinyl curates beer/wine and artwork for a complete experience.

Where to buy: Get it from the Stylus Vinyl website. Prices are between $32 – $45 per month.


SQUILT will provide everything you need to teach and learn about music appreciation. It’s especially for children.

What to expect:  What does SQUILT mean? It’s Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time.

You’ll learn this method so you can teach your children how to listen attentively and focus on the elements that make up the foundati of music like tempo, rhythm, the different instruments they can hear and the overall mood of the music.

The idea is that as children begin to listen the music and “look” deeper into it, their overall appreciation grows and grows.

There are exercises that come with each subscription box that you can learn and teach your child about the wonders of music.

Why you need this: You want a solid proven method to teach your child to appreciate music.

Where to buy: Get it from the SQUILT website. Prices are between $12 – $35.

We’re always updating this list with new music/musician subscription boxes but this list is the most complete.

If you know of an awesome music subscription box that we missed, let everyone know in the comments below!

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