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Best 7 Tactical, Knife & EDC Subscription Boxes Available Today

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

Check out this roundup of the best tactical, every day carry (EDC) and gun subscription boxes on the market today.

You’ve got some great options to choose from and i’ll show you tons of photos so you can get an idea of you will receive.

Each subscription box varies by quite a bit – in both the type of gear you get and the price you’ll pay.

Scan over the list below to check prices and scroll down for a more in-depth look at the best tactical, gun and edc subscription boxes available right now.

  • Club Tac $59.99 LINK
  • Barrell & Blade $29.99 LINK
  • Tac Pac $49.95 LINK
  • SHTF Survival $19.99 LINK
  • Crate Club $49.99 LINK
  • Battl Box $16.95 LINK

#1 Club Tac

(27 Reviews)

Price for a box: $59.99

See our review of ClubTac’s premium monthly subscription box here

Club Tac stuffs it’s boxes full of tactical, survival and outdoor gear. Here’s some of the items that’ve already gone out in earlier boxes:

  • Grappling Hook
  • Rifle Scopes
  • Gerber Bush Machete
  • Paracord & Accessories
  • Camp Axes
  • Knives
  • Stickers
  • Backpacks
  • Flashlights
  • And more!

All of the gear is high quality and hand picked by U.S. military vets, outdoors and survival experts and technology specialists.

This subscription box does things a little differently and it’s awesome.

The longer you subscribe to Club Tac , the more points you’ll get and start to level up. The higher you level up, the more free gear they’ll stuff into your box.

Club Tac has a full ranking and medal system, it’s nuts and you should check it out.

Refer 10 of your friends to Club Tac and rank all the way to the top, they’ll give you an AR-15 with your name laser engraved on the side!

Reviewers love that the gear is full sized and all actually useful that they’ll benefit from. Lots of boxes just use sample sized products. Not here.

Some of the items will go to your bug out bag, others will help with your every day carry loadout.

Get it from Crate Joy for $59.

#2 Knife Subscription Club

(49 Reviews)

Price for a box: $23

Knife Subscription Club is an affordable and fast way to boost up your knife collection.

Each gear drop has new, brand name knife or EDC gear – no cheap Chinese plastic. All of the knifes that Knife Subscription Club adds to it’s monthly boxes are all high quality stainless steel and come with a spring assisted opening.

A spring assisted opening makes it super easy and FAST to get your blade ready for work whenever you need it.

There are four boxes to choose from, all with different price points so you can find one that’s within your budget.

Basic – You’ll get one brand name knife per month. The monthly subscription is $23, so expect a knife worth more than that.

Advanced – You’ll get one brand name knife and an additional 2-4 every day carry items.

Premium – You’ll get 1 brand name knife, 2-4 every day carry items plus an additional 2-4 high quality EDC items

Ultimate – You’ll get everything in the premium box, plus an additional 2-4 high quality every day carry items.

Reviewers love the quality of the knives and the customer service is great if you ever need them.

The owner of the company has actually reached out to customers that were experiencing some shipping problems and made it right – even though it was no fault of Knife Subscription Club. 

All boxes are sent USPS and are trackable.

Pricing is affordable, with the basic box coming in at $23, the advanced at $48, Premium $95 and ultra $140

This box has 49 reviews with an average of 4/5 stars.

You can find more details and subscribe to Monthly Knife Club on CrateJoy here.

#3 Knife Pack

(98 Reviews)

Price for a box: $16.95

Knife Pack will send you a new knife every month. This box is perfect for newbies that want to fill out their knife collection or seasoned knife collectors that want to get a variety.of different knives.

From Knife Pack,

“Every Month our team members work with the best brands, doing as much research as we can, listening to our members’ preferences, to bring you a blade (or two) that we know you will love.”

Knife Pack falls short of listing the exact models you’ll get – that’s part of the surprise! – But they do say you can expect to get a high quality folding or fixed blade knife and the possibility of some bonus tactical gear.

Knife Pack offers a single box with monthly, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month pre-pay options.

  • Monthly – $16.95
  • 3 Month Prepay – $49.95 ($0.90 saving)
  • 6 Month Prepay – $95.70 ($6 saving)
  • 12 Month Prepay – $179.40 ($24 saving)

People who have already signed up for Knife Pack are happy with the knives they’re receiving although one mentioned her knife was a bit scratched out of the box.

Other reviewers praised the friendly and helpful customer service.

This might be worth a look if knives are your thing.

#4 Barrel & Blade

Price for a box: $49.99

This subscription box company will send you a variety of tactical, every day carry and survival gear in each box. Barrel & Blade has a policy that “If [they] won’t use it – [they] won’t send it”.

Expect to get products from brands like Kershaw, CRKT, Magpul, Breakthrough, Gerber, SOG and Exotac.

Like other subscription box companies, they offer a few options in terms of the value of gear in each box.

Level 1 – Average box value is $85 but only costs $49.99. 

Level 2 – Average box value $175.00 but only costs $99.99

I like that Barrel & Blade has included photos of the kind of items you’d expect to get from a tactical / survival box.

 They had me interested!

#5 BattleBox

BattlBox Logo

Price for a box: $29.99

BattleBox is the perfect subscription box for those who love outdoor, survival and every-day-carry gear.

All boxes include tools, accessories, guides and equipment to (sometimes literally) get you out of a hole and back to safety.

You can use the gear you get in your every day life or save it in your bug-out-bag for when you really need it.

Battlbox has a choice of four subscription boxes from their basic box through to their top of the line Pro Plus box.

  • Basic BattlBox $29.99/mo + S/H
  • Advanced BattlBox $59.99/mo + S/H
  • Pro BattlBox $99.99/mo + S/H
  • Pro Plus BattlBox $149.99/mo + S/H

Basic BattleBox ($29.99/mo + S/H)

The Basic BattlBox is perfect for anyone who’s just starting out and wants to test the waters. Battlebox has some great reviews from pleased customers, but this is a good option if you want to get a feel of how this subscription box works.

For under $30, you get quite a bit of name-brand gear that’s actually going to be useful every day or when you really need it.

You’ll get manuals and guides, emergency supplies, outdoor gear and survival tools. 

There’s no telling exactly what you’ll get, but you can rest assured it’ll be good stuff and worth your money.

BattlBox displays it’s past boxes and breaks down each item to show you how much value you’re really getting. Check it out here.

Advanced BattlBox ($59.99/mo + S/H)

The Advanced BattlBox is twice the price of their starter Basic box, but with the higher price you get a higher level of goodies.

You’ll get some of the items found in the basic box, but you’ll also get etras like camp equipment, hiking essentials, bushcraft tools, every day carry gear and more surprises.

Examples of Advanced Box items would be a Fremons Knives Farson Blade ($39.99 value) or this Going Gear Hot/Cold Vacuum Insulated Train Thermos ($22.99 value).

You’d get these items on top of the basic BattlBox items.

Pro BattlBox  ($99.99/mo + S/H)

At about $100/box you’re probably skeptical that you’ll get your money’s worth. I would be.

The type of items you can expect in the Pro Battlbox are for the professional outdoorsman and survival minded individual. You’ll not only receive everything from the Basic and Advanced boxes, you’ll get top-tier products like sleeping bags, backpacks, watches and tents.

Some of the Pro items are X-Talker T61VP3 Two-Way Midland Radio Set ($55.99) or a Wrascal “Survive 55” Take-Down Bow ($79.99 value).

Don’t forget this is on-top of the advanced products and on top of the basic products. You can see how quickly the value adds up.

Pro Plus BattlBox ($149.99/mo + S/H)

The Pro Plus BattleBox is their top of the line subscription box and where you’ll see some incredible value. This box is for the dedicated gear head, the enthusiast that needs more gear and is serious about survival and staying ontop.

You’ll get all the goodies from the Pro Battlebox, Advanced BattlBox and Basic BattleBox plus name brand products from the likes of Kershaw, Spyderco, TOPS, CRKT, Gerber, Bastion and more.

Pro Plus Battlebox products you can expect are Bastion Gear Tirunt Knife with Titanium scales ($119.99 value) or a Buck-N-Bear Knives Survival Piranha ($89.99 value).

Unlike other subscription box companies, there isn’t a 3.6 or 12 month plan. BattlBox will just charge your account every month with whichever box you sign up for (Basic, Advanced, Pro, Pro Plus). You can cancel at any time, so if you only wanted to get one box to try BattlBox out, remember to cancel the subscription before they ship your next box out!

#6 Crate Club

Price for a box: $29.99

Crate Club sends out boxes full of tactical and survival gear that’s been hand picked by special ops vets.

They mean business.

You have three different boxes to choose from and each box has a varying monthly or quarterly subscription options. Unlike BattlBox, the longer period you sign up for the cheaper the monthly boxes come out to be.

Crate Club’s lowest level box “Dash-One” starts out at $29.99 per month and is a great choice for entry level or occasional campers and hikers that would love to get an awesome surprise. 

The box is valued at $50.00.

The Pro box is delivered quarterly and costs $59.99 per month.

You pay $179.99 and instead of getting three boxes, you’ll get one super box.

You can expect to find upgraded items that are more unique and professional grade. All gear is hand picked by Crate Club’s special ops team. 

Past crates included custom survival tools, high powered sel-defense flashlights and emergency urban survival “go bags”. 

If you’re looking for a Special Ops grade box, this is for you.

Crate Club’s custom made fishing spear looks the bomb.

Crate Club’s top of the line box is their Premium Box. It’s delivered quarterly and costs $399.99 ($133.33 a month). The box is valued at $600.

In this box you can expect an experience that’s second to none. The Holy Grail of subscription boxes, packed with insanely cool, yet practical gear with an emphasis on exclusive custom products tested by Crate Club’s team of Special Ops pros.

Past Crates have included a 007 style lightweight bullet proof backpack/messenger bag insert, custom travel bags with hidden compartments, Navy SEAL tools, Spec Ops home medical bag, and more.

The longer plan you subscribe to, the more you’ll save. To get a feel of the items you might get, check out their store.

#7 TacPack

Price for a box: $49.95

TacPack – short for tactical package – is a box of tactical/survival/EDC gear that gets delivered to your door step every month.

This subscription box is more focused on guns and weapons rather than just survival and camping gear. 

You’ll get things like extra magazines, gun grip tape, belts, holsters and more.

TacPack does add a sprinkling of camping gear, but it comes a second to weapons related goodies.

TacPack’s pricing model is pretty simple. They have one box they send out monthly and costs $49.95. You’ll get great value, with a box retailing at $135.00 costing just $49.95 to subscribers.

If guns and EDC (every day carry) are your thing and you don’t go camping that often, this subscription box is for you. Get TacPack here.

#8 SHTF Survival

Price for a box: $19.99

SHTF (short for shit hits the fan) Survival is a subscription box company offering a mixture of survival and prepper gear guaranteed to retail for more than the box.

They have three plans – primary, pro and elite

  • Primary: $19.99 / mo
  • Pro: $49.99 / mo
  • Elite: $89.99 / mo

In each box you’ll find a wide selection of goodies.

  • Fire Starters
  • Hard-Use Tools like multi-tools, shovels, saws (at least 1 in every box)
  • Emergency Prep like first aid kits, disaster preparedness
  • Hydration like tough water bottles, filters and water treatments
  • Survival Gear like emergency tents and ponchos to gear bags and food bars.
  • Paracord
  • Accessories like carabiners, compasses, tactical gear and more

#9 Never Enough Tactical

Price for a box: $55.00 (Box Closed)

Never Enough Tactical has monthly boxes featuring select tactical, survival and outdoor gear.

They have two box types – a basic supply drop and an advanced supply drop.

  • Basic Supply Drop Box: $55.00
  • Advanced Supply Drop Box: $110.00

With the basic supply drop, you can expect to find products for the outdoors, survival, camping and tactical all mixed.

The boxes contain unique, quality gear people actually want and make great gifts.

On the order page, Never Enough Tactical asks for your shirt and glove size so expect to possibly get apparel in your box.

The advanced supply drop costs twice as much as the basic supply drop, coming in at a hefty $110.00. 

Hopefully I just missed something but I found it hard to actually see what types of brands and products would actually be in the boxes. Normally the past boxes contents are shown, but I couldn’t find anyhting at all. 

For $110.00 (or $55.00 for that matter), i’d expect to get a bit more of a taste of what’s in store before dropping that much money on something I haven’t seen.

The advanced supply drop box also requests your shirt and glove size, so you can at least expect to get some sort  of apparel with your order. What else? I’m not sure.

I’ll be continually updating this post as new tactical, survival and prepper subscription boxes are available, but this is a great start in finding the best tactical subscription box you can get for your money.

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