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13 Top Rated Candle Subscription Boxes To Calm & Unwind

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

Looking for a good candle subscription box?

You’re in the right place! โœ…

Below, you’ll see 13 of the top rated candle subscriptions, what to expect in a box and how much it costs…and photos! I’ve done the research and collected it here for you.

Scroll down until you find your new candle box! 

New To Candle Subscription Boxesโ“

There’s a great selection of candle subscription boxes available to you.

But before we dig in and take a look at each one, there are a few things you should look out for.

Burn time ๐Ÿ”ฅ: This is how long you can reasonably expect the candle to last in continuous hours and provide fragrance.

Scents ๐Ÿ’จ: Some candle makers choose to use artificial scents, others natural and others a mix! A candle who’s ingredients are natural is the preference, and just like anything in the world – expect to pay a premium for it.

Wax: What kind of wax is used in the candle? Some use coconut, some use bees wax, others use soy. Each type of wax has it’s own properties, one is better for making pillar candles, while the other is better for making tea light and votive candles.

Most of the time you’ll see soy or coconut wax. It’s great for basic pillar candles, as they last a long time and burn cleanly.

Candle Holder: Is it reusable? Is it recyclable? A glass candle holder can be reused for a multitude of purposes and recycled if you don’t want to keep it. Some candle subscription box makers also encourage returning the holder so they can refill it.

#1 The Burlap Bag

(38 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $14.67

This candle subscription box from Burlap Bag includes amazing candles, wax warmers and room sprays with some pretty unique names!

What Is The Burlap Bag?

Located out of Austin, Texas, The Burlap Bag specializes in great smelling candles, wax melts and room sprays with a heavy dose of humor. Some recent scent releases were named:

  • Unicorn Puke
  • Clean Freak
  • Gimmie Coffee

The Burlap Bag has been doing this ever since the company was founded and they’re very good at incorporating their unique scents into their products.

The limited edition candles ship free and are made of pure 100% natural soy.

How Long Do The Candles Last?

Each candle is 9oz and has a 70+ hour burn time.

What Do The Reviewers Say?

They love what they’re getting from The Burlap Bag! 38 reviewers have left an average 4/5 star rating.

One reviewer was expecting the classic fall candle scent of pumpkin spice, she was delighted to receive something completely unique and fresh – a spicy turmeric, black pepper and patchouli candle.

Sounds like something you need to check out.

Other reviewers – in their 4th or 5th months of subscribing to The Burlap Bag – love the quality, scents and how long the candles last.

One reviewer even got her mom to start a subscription so she can have her own candles!

How Much Does It Cost?

You’ll get one candle, one wax melt or one room spray per month, or you can opt for all three.

  • One candle per month – $14.67
  • One wax melt set per month – $9.17
  • One room spray per month –  $6.42
  • A candle, wax melts and room spray set – $27.50

Where to buy it?

You can check out more info and subscribe to The Burlap Bag on Crate Joy here.

If you’re not familiar with Crate Joy, they’re the leading subscription box marketplace and have an awesome customer care team if you ever should need them. Recommended ๐Ÿ‘

#2 The Sun Garden

(13 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $11.67

A unique mix of fragranced candles, wax melts, bath and body products make The Sun Garden an indulgent subscription box.

What Is The Sun Garden?

The Sun Garden is a small family business out of Rochester, New York. They deliver a monthly subscription box filled with artisan hand poured candles, wax melts and bath and body products.

They started The Sun Garden in 2007 and had a mission to bring natural products and good vibes into people’s homes.

How Long Do The Candles Last?

Each candle is 8oz. I couldn’t find a burn time estimate, but 30+ hours isn’t unreasonable for a medium sized candle made from palm wax. They include two 8oz candles so you’ll get a good variety of scents.

The Sun Garden has other larger candles for sale at 12oz and 16oz if you love one of their scents.

Palm wax burns slower and cleaner than the wax used in other soy or beeswax candles.

What Do The Reviewers Say?

They love The Sun Garden. From the shipping to the candle quality to the customer service.

One reviewer used to spend upwards of $50 at Bath & Body Works on their candles and body products. Now the reviewer subscribes to The Sun Garden and gets a better quality products for less money. She was thrilled.

In addition to the candle, you can expect body or hand scrubs, lip balm and moisturizers. All of which are the same high quality as the candles.

Reviewers love how fragrant their homes now smell with the candles supplied by The Sun Garden. Sounds like a good deal to me?

How Much Does It Cost?

There are 4 subscription options for The Sun Garden. Keep in mind you can cancel the subscription whenever you want  – even right after you receive your first box if you want.

Each subscription option increases the amount of items you’ll receive.

  • Elements$11.67 – The starter option that’s a good way to keep a continuous lovely aroma in your home
    • 1 Daisy melt
    • 1 6-pack breakaway melt
    • 1 Adirondack spa candle
  • Home Scents$31.67 – This will supply you with enough variety to fill your home with amazing scents for a whole month
    • 4 Daisy melts
    • 2 6-pack breakaway melts
    • 1 8oz Ontario jar candle
  • Fragrance Spa $41.67 – ย Think of this as a sensory vacation in your own home, this is option is designed for maximum relaxation
    • 2 Daisy melts
    • 2 Adirondack spa candles
    • 1 Empire candle
    • 1 Bath and body product

Where to buy it?

You can check out more info and subscribe to The Sun Garden on Crate Joy.

#3 Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co

(11 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $11.67

This monthly subscription from Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co features scent recipes based around clever and nerdy themes.

What Is Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co?

Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co is out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They’re dedicated to taking the nerdy, goofy and fun parts of everyday life and creating themed candles that also happen to smell amazing.

Their motto is Extraordinary scents for extraordinary people.

How Long Do The Candles Last?

The candles come in an 8oz tin that’s reusable and recyclable. Burn time should be around 20-30 hours.

What Do The Reviewers Say?

They love the unique scents and how they can choose a fragrance every month if they want. 

Every month a brand new never-before-smelled scent is designed at Cowboy & Cricket HQ. You can choose to get the new scent delivered monthly, or pick from a list if something else catches your attention.

Reviewers wished the candles were larger, they are small compared to the other subscription options I have to show you today – but Cowboy & Cricket offer a double up subscription option that’ll get you twice as many candles at a reduced price.

Generally, reviewers are very satisfied, they feel its money well spent and the entire service provided by the Cowboy & Cricket team is top notch..

How Much Does It Cost?

There’s 6 options to choose from. You can opt to receive the brand new scents or pick your own from a list, additionally you can double up on candles for extra scent time.

  • Candle of the month (free shipping) $12.75
  • Monthly pick your scent candle (free shipping) $15.30
  • Double candles (free shipping) $34.00
  • Wax melt of the month (free shipping) $8.50
  • Monthly pick your scent wax melt (free shipping) $10.20
  • Double melts (free shipping) $18.70

Where to buy it?

You can check out more info and subscribe to Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co on CrateJoy here.

#4 Wickbox

(11 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $26.95

If you want to guarantee getting a candle you LOVE, Wickbox allows you to fill out a scent profile when you sign up.

What Is Wickbox?

Wickbox is your luxury candle subscription – a subscription that only sends you candles scented based upon your answers to a quick questionnaire when you first register.

Bored of pumpkin spice? Banish it!

The candle container is also worth a mention as they’re very decorative and don’t follow the standard candle jars you’ve seen in this article up until now.

Wickbox follows the trends and matches their candle containers to the season too. 

After the candle is finished, you can re-use it. One customer used her candle jar as a night light beside her bed. A warm glow through the glass was perfect.

How Long Do The Candles Last?

They offer two sizes:

  • 8oz candle 30-60 hours
  • 12 oz  candle 60-100 hours

What Do The Reviewers Say?

Reading through the comments for this subscription box us a really pleasant read. Usually box comments can have one or two criticisms from customers scattered somewhere, but not with Cowboy & Cricket. Nice ๐Ÿ‘

Wickbox’s review comments read like a dream.

Their customers love everything about the box – from the packaging, the jars, the scents and the variety.

A reviewer who’s been subscribed to Wickbox for 12 months left a 5-star review and had only one bit of feedback – out of all the candles she has received, she only disliked one. She loved the quality of the candles.

The overwhelming positive reviews are because Wickbox stays true to the scent profile you fill out when you first sign up.

It’s an (almost) fail safe way to ensure you always get a candle you love. Wickbox would also make an awesome gift to someone – as long as you know their favorite scents – and unfavorite scents!

How Much Does It Cost?

You’ve got two options.

  • 8oz Medium candle $26.95 (30 to 60 hour burn time)
  • 12oz Large candle  $36.95 (60 to 100 hour burn time)

Where to buy it?

You can check out more info and subscribe to Wickbox at

#5 Candle Therapy

(9 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $14.08

Try out one of Candle Therapy’s Theracandles that are Infused with therapeutic grade essential oils to calm the mind.

What Is Candle Therapy?

Candle Therapy infuses it’s organic candles with the purest locally sourced ingredients they can find.

They differ a bit from other candle subscription boxes because they separately include ingredients for scenting and ingredients for aromatherapy healing.

How Long Do The Candles Last?

The candles from Candle Therapy are one size, 8oz and typically burn between 35 – 40 hours.

What Do The Reviewers Say?

They love the boxes they’ve received and look forward to the next one!

Reviewers loved the small touches to each box that shows Candle Therapy cares, like a small box of matches – essential for candle lighting!

This box would make a perfect gift for someone who’s stressed, has a lot going on and needs to transform their home into an escape.

But what do the candles smell like? Amazing, check out this from the December 2020 box:

Pumpkin Vanilla (8oz, 45-50hr burn time, 100% soy wax)

Not your standard winter pumpkin blend, this one has a clean, herbal scent that blends pine with thyme, the perfect Christmas complement for your home.  

Natural essential oils like cedarwood, clove and vanilla are infused into this candle guaranteed to make your home cozy and fragranced like a dream.

Customer Photo

How Much Does It Cost?

There’s only one option, $14.08 per month for one candle.

Where to buy it?

You can check out more info and subscribe to Candle Therapy on Cratejoy.

#6 Milk & Honey Candles

(7 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $20

You’ll get to try three sample size candles with Milk & Honey Candles. They have a huge collection with amazing natural scents.

What Is Milk & Honey Candles?

Milk & Honey Candles have a different take on the typical candle subscription boxes. They have a huge range of candle scents and always deliver something fresh and new in their signature three candle (2oz) subscription box.

Past candle fragrances include

  • Perky Pomegranate
  • Grapefruit Goddess
  • Guava Galore

This subscription box make a great gift!

How Long Do The Candles Last?

You’ll be getting three, 2oz candles. Between 5-8 hours burn time on each. A total of 10-16 hours from all three.

What Do The Reviewers Say?

They really enjoy the boxes, especially as the three candle sets are themed and 100% natural. 

Customer service is really important, both before, during and after the sale. Reviewers loved being able to speak with the owner of Milk & Honey directly and be taken care of.

A reviewer mentioned that the candles can fill a room with a fragrance whether they are lit….or not.

How Much Does It Cost?

There’s only one option, $20.00 per month for a set of three candles.

Remember, you can simply buy one single month and test a box out, or buy a single, one-off box and gift it as a present to someone.

You’re never locked in, unless you love a subscription box and want to take advantage of subscription savings (longer term, cheaper per box).

Where to buy it?

You can check out more info and subscribe to Milk & Honey candles on Cratejoy.

#7 Torch Candles

(7 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $30

Torch Candles specializes in natural, high end, luxury candles that are made environmentally friendly and fragranced divinely. 

What Is Torch Candles?

Out of Dallas, TX, Torch candles are hand poured and ultra eco friendly.

  • Paraffin free
  • GMO free
  • Non-toxic
  • Vegan
  • 100% natural fragrances

The fragrances Torch uses for it’s candles are especially curated by a French perfumer.

With the higher quality ingredients and wax, the candles burn cooler and longer and looks stylish in it’s double old fashioned cocktail glass that’s reusable indefinitely.

How Long Do The Candles Last?

Typically a 12 ounce candle will burn for about 50-55 hours.

The 12 ounce candles from Torch Candles last up to 100+ hours because of the high quality ingredients in each one.

What Do The Reviewers Say?

They love the Torch experience.

The way the candles are packaged, presented and fragranced. They especially like the reusable cocktail glasses – elegant enough to gift or keep to use on your on home bar.

While there’s no question this is one of the more expensive candle subscription boxes on this recommendation list, it’s also one of the most high quality.

How Much Does It Cost?

There’s only one option, $30 per box for a 12oz candle. This would be a good one to gift.

Where to buy Torch Candles?

You can check out more info and subscribe to Torch Candles on Cratejoy.

#8 Purple Vertigo Candle Club

(6 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $8.25

A fun name! Purple Vertigo Candle Club has a 5/5 star average review score. Find out why and what you can expect below ๐Ÿ‘‡

What Is Purple Vertigo Candle Club?

Purple Vertigo Candle Club is a subscription box service that ships custom made, pure soy wax candles in it’s monthly subscription boxes.

The candles are fragranced with infused essential oils, are phthalate free and have cotton wicks for a soot free burn.

How Long Do The Candles Last?

  • 2 ounce candle burns around 15 hours
  • 5 ounce candle burns between 35-40 hours
  • 9 ounce candle burns between 60-70 hours
  • 16 ounce candle burns between 100-120 hours

What Do The Reviewers Say?

They love the candles, packaging, scents and curation in each box. They also love the customer service. There’s lots to love about Purple Vertigo Candle Club!

One of the reviewers received a fall candle box and loved the Pumpkin Apple Butter fragrance and re-worked classic Pumpkin Spice. Think even more warm and spicy!

How Much Does It Cost?

There are a few options, depending on how many and the size of candles you want.

  • Small candle box (4oz) $8.25
  • 9oz and 4oz box $26.67
  • Two large 16oz candles $39.58

You can buy any box as a one-time thing and gift it too.

Where to buy candles from Purple Vertigo Candle Club?

You can check out more info and subscribe to Purple Vertigo Candle Club on Cratejoy.

#9 InSPArations Box

(7 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $36

If you’d love to have some self care products as well as a custom made candle or wax melts, check out InSPArations Box.

What Is InSPArations Box?

For women that love speciality fragranced candles, but also would love handcrafted artisan skincare products to nourish and care for their bodies.

InSPArations Box really wants you to open it’s decorative subscription boxes and feel like you’re in a spa. Each box also comes with a timely current devotional for inspiration and mindfulness.

The candles included with their monthly boxes are always 100% natural and burn cleanly.

How Long Do The Candles Last?

The candles InSPArations box creates are 3oz, 8oz or 16oz. The soy wax extends the typical burn time of traditional candles and you can expect:

  • 15-17 hours burn time for the 3oz
  • 55-65 hours from the 8oz
  • 100-120 hours from the 16oz

What Do The Reviewers Say?

They think the curation of products are excellent.

You’re not just buying some random products tossed in a box, each one has meaning and the personalized, sweet notes and devotional InSPArations Box includes take the experience up a level.

The candles burn evenly, very well scented and extra skin care products are luxurious on their skin.

How Much Does It Cost?

This box has options! Deluxe or premium? Plus or standard?

  • Deluxe = $36
  • Deluxe Plus = $40
  • Premium = $26
  • Premium Plus = $32


  • 16oz candle
  • 8oz candle
  • Spa item (E.g. moisturizer, lotion, soap)

Deluxe Plus

  • 16oz Candle
  • 8oz Candle
  • Spa item (E.g. moisturizer, lotion, soap)
  • 2.5oz Wax Melt


  • 8oz Candle
  • 4oz Candle
  • Spa item (E.g. moisturizer, lotion, soap)

Premium Plus

  • 8oz Candle
  • 4oz Candle
  • Spa item (E.g. moisturizer, lotion, soap)
  • 2.5oz Wax Melt

Where to buy candles from Purple Vertigo Candle Club?

You can check out more info and subscribe to InSPArations Box on CrateJoy.

#10 The Giving Wick

(8 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $45

With a mixture of soy and coconut wax, The Giving Wick creates custom candles that help a good cause by donating a portion of sales to charity.

What Is The Giving Wick?

The Giving Wick is a small candle company where a portion of it’s sales are donated to charities. At the moment it’s 15% – a generous amount, especially for a small business in these tough COVID times.

Each month you’ll get a selection of expertly crafted candles of the season – a surprise, but always of the highest quality and fragrance.

The Giving Wick uses all natural soy or coconut wax and they actually shimmer once the wax starts to melt and settle.

The candles are hand poured in Chicago, IL.

How Long Do The Candles Last?

Included with each box are 2oz and 4 oz candles. You can realistically expect about 10-12 hours from the 2oz and 15-20hours for the 4oz. 

What Do The Reviewers Say?

They really like the excellent fragrance and wonderful variety of scents. They also LOVE the personalized customer service.

One reviewer had allergies to some waxes and scenting agents. She contacted The Giving Wick and they created custom made candles – in the fragrances she loved – without the allergy inducing ingredients.

Now that’s service.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can get the 2 candle and 2 tin box for $45, or sign up to a 6-month subscription and save $4.17 per month ($40.83 / mo)

Where to buy candles from Purple Vertigo Candle Club?

You can check out more info and subscribe to The Giving Wick on Cratejoy.

#11 Moondancer

(21 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $14.17

Moondancer makes all sorts of home fragrance products, like incense, fragrance oils, soap, lotion and of course candles! 

What Is Moondancer?

Moondancer is actually a real life body shop and boutique.

The creators at Moondancer have no less than 500 scent recipes under their belts. I think my nose would break after a few hundred???

Oh, and they also have 10+ subscription options!

How Long Do The Candles Last?

Moondancer has a TON of subscription options.

After digging around a bit they normally include 4oz candles and tea light candles. So 20-25 hours of burn time on the 4oz and maybe an a couple of hours on the tea light?

What Do The Reviewers Say?

They’re thrilled with the high quality fragrances and love how each box has some always has some seasonally themed items.

Reviewers particularly pointed out that the incense sticks. They thought these were especially good, with enough quantity of each type per box where they could try something new and have a few extras of the same one to experience it again.

Something else to point out – reviewers say the boxes have been consistently awesome. That’s important to note. Having an awesome box followed by a flop of a box is super disappointing.

Consistent box awesomeness is reported and confirmed with Moondancer.

How Much Does It Cost?

For the candle box, you’re looking at a monthly or one time price of $14.17.

This will get you 3, 4oz candles and 8 tealights in a surprise mystery fragrance variety.

One thing that sets this box apart from others so far in this list is that Moondancer includes a description of each fragrance in the box. 

Touches like this make the difference and can elevate one candle box above another.

Alright, I told you there were 12 subscription options.

  • Scents for Cents
  • Lather Party
  • Burning the Mid-Month Oil
  • Soy for Days
  • Slather it Onn!
  • I Want It All
  • Burning the Mid-Month Oil Bi-Monthly $18.33
  • I Want it All Bi-Monthly – $20.50
  • Lather Party Bi-Monthly – $13.33
  • Scents for Cents Bi-Monthly – $9.17
  • Slather It On! Bi-Monthly – $13.33
  • Soy For Days Bi-Monthly – $18.33

I’m not gonna tell you what products each subscription option offers, but you can check them out yourself here.

Where to buy candles from Moondancer

You can check out more info and subscribe to Moondancer on Cratejoy.

#12 Dakota Light

(16 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $19

Dakota Light will ship you a box full of seasonal wax melt delights that are strictly soy based for enhanced fragrance. 

What Is Dakota Light?

Dakota Light creates their delicious wax melts in their home state of South Dakota. 

Their quarterly subscription box specializes in soy wax melts and ridiculously indulgent fragrances.

How Long Do The Wax Melts Last?

So this is an “about” estimate because it depends on the wax and the wax melter device (technical name) you use. But on average a wax melt cube will stay fragrant between 6-10hrs, so a bar would be 50+.

What Do The Reviewers Say?

16 reviewers gave Dakota Light a 4+ star rating. People like it! ๐Ÿ‘

Why do people like it?

  • Quality scents with 100% soy that last.
  • Super fast shipping.
  • Cute extras like a tea light wax warmer
  • Seasonally themed waxes
  • Mix the wax fragrances to make completely new scents
  • Scents like “Snickerdoodle”, “Lake House”, “Smores” and “Laundry Day” 

How Much Does It Cost?

$19 per box, shipped quarterly (4 months). BUT, when you first sign up, your first box is shipped to you within one week, so no waiting!

Where to buy wax melts from Dakota Light?

You can check out more info and subscribe to Dakota Light on Cratejoy.

#13 Wax Melt Subscription Box

(4 Reviews)

Monthly OR One Time Box $22

Wax Melt Subscription Box creates all types of seasonally themed melts, that aren’t only uniquely scented, but uniquely shaped too.

What Is Wax Melt Subscription Box?

Specializing in wax melts, the appropriately named Wax Melt Subscription Box has some of the coolest wax melts we’ve seen. 

Those boring cubes are GONE and honestly, I’d feel bad melting a single one of them.

They use natural 100% soy wax and phthalate free scents.

How Long Do The Wax Melts Last?

Hard to say, but you’ll get 12oz total of wax – 4 unique wax scents, each 3oz package (split into 6 cubes).

What Do The Reviewers Say?

I honestly don’t understand why this doesn’t have more reviews?

The scents are loved, the wax shapes are adored and the quality is on point. Customers want more of it.

How Much Does It Cost?

$22 per month, or for a one off box (same price)

Where to buy wax melts from Wax Melt Subscription Box?

You can check out more info and subscribe to Wax Melt Subscription Box on Cratejoy.

Round Up & Final Thoughts

These are the best candle subscription boxes you need to check out for 2021, all are top rated and have great reviews to back it up.

You’re not just buying a candle, you’re buying a curated collection of themed fragrances. Handcrafted and delivered to fill your home with warmth and comfort. 

Any time you want, you’ll be able to enjoy the skillfully created scents and calm your mind. The all natural ingredients can even help heal with aromatherapy grade essential oils.

If you have a wax warmer, you have to check out the Wax Melt Subscription Club. It’s bonkers.

To see more candle subscription box ideas, a great place to find them is on Cratejoy.

What are your favorite candle subscription boxes? 

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