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Hemp Crate Co Premium CBD Flower Club Subscription Box Review

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We got our hands on a monthly premium CBD Flower box to review from the good people at Hemp Crate Co.

Their CBD flower and bonus CBD accessories can help to relive your pain, inflammation, anxiety and stress.

The potential here is enormous.

Does it really help stop pain? Is it good? Is it worth the money?

I’m super excited to check it out and find out myself.

CBD? Flower? Hemp? What?

If you’re not familiar with hemp or CBD, let me explain a bit.

What’s hemp?

Hemp is a variety of cannabis plants that contain no more than 0.3% THC.

THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the ‘high’ that is typically associated with cannabis (also improperly known as marijuana)

It’s possible to grow cannabis plants with hardly any THC and grow cannabis plants with a significant amount.

It’s actually thought that hemp (low THC cannabis plants) were the first crop grown by mankind because of their huge range of uses

Source: CBD Origin

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid like THC. 

But it doesn’t cause a ‘high’ when it’s consumed by either smoking or by eating an edible infused with CBD oil.

Your body responds to CBD by using it’s unique endocannabinoid system. This system regulates things like sleep, how hungry you are, pain and even your immune system response. 

When CBD is inhaled or ingested, it binds together directly impacting the endocannabinoid receptor activity.

The result – reduction of inflammation and an interaction with neurotransmitters that effect the your mood and feelings.

Most commonly, CBD leaves you calm and relaxed and reducing or even eliminating constant chronic pain.

Is this legal?

Yes. In all 50 states.

No, you won’t go to jail.

Hemp won’t get you high. It’s been legal since 2018 thanks to the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (aka the Farm Bill).

As long as the buds (flower) don’t have more than 0.3% THC and the plant was grown specifically for hemp cultivation, it’s legal.

Hemp is grown almost always outdoors and the plants have only a short distance between them.

Cannabis grown for a ‘high’ effect is grown normally indoors with special lamps, air filters and feeding systems.

Why does it say flower?

You’re probably wondering why this is called a CBD Flower Subscription box.

The flowers of hemp – or cannabis plants with 0.3% or lower THC – aren’t the typical ones you’d find in the grocery store. 

The flowers of hemp look like this

Source: Hemp Crate

In comparison with high THC strains, sometimes CBD strains can be a little fluffier and not look as sugar coated, but with talented farmers creating more potent CBD rich strains, things will only get better.

To a person with no cannabis knowledge, visually, they would be hard pressed to identify the difference between a hemp flower and a higher THC variety.

So, now you know what hemp is, let’s get to the box.


I was really interested in how Hemp Crate Co would ship this box. I knew that it would contain CBD hemp flower, but other than that, I didn’t know what to expect.

The box travelled over 1,000 miles from Oregon to my city. That’s a lot of bumping about.

Dried and cured hemp flower is delicate and it definitely has a particular smell.

How would Hemp Crate Co deliver this box so everything arrives in one piece? Will my USPS mail guy know I’m getting hemp flowered delivered? What if they leave it on my porch and the neighbors see?

Not to worry.

Here’s how the premium hemp CBD flower box from Hemp Crate Co ships.

There’s really nothing that identifies what the contents is at all. No smell, nothing.

It looks like a package of something and could easily be a hair dryer or dog treats.

What about the shipping label? Does that reveal what’s really inside the box?

No, nothing. The return address is to “Lessgistics”  and an address in Indianapolis, IN.

Inside the thick plastic envelope is the actual Hemp Crate Co box.

On one side is an invitation to enter a giveaway for a free box when you snap a pic and tag them on Instagram, the other simply “Dive into this crate “


There’s a certain feeling you get when you first open up the box for the first time. It’s magical and I always expect sun rays to start beaming out of it.

Here’s what I found when I opened Hemp Crate Co’s box.

On the top of the box was some information cards on CBD vs Opiods, a 20% off your entire order coupon (nice!), coaster and a fun sticker.

P.s. You really can buy CBD at gas stations. I’d recommend otherwise!

One more layer of paper to unwrap reveals the main item we’re here for. Premium CBD flower.

Tucked underneath the sealed packet containing the CBD flower were some bonus items I really wasn’t expecting, but they’re awesome!

Here’s what everything looks like right out of the box.

#1 Hemp Crate Co Coaster

Not much to say here other than it’s bright and cheerful :). My beer mug is happier now 🍺

#2 Ecotherapy Vanilla Rest CBD Mints

These mints each contain 10mg of CBD and are designed to be dissolved in your mouth slowly (rather than swallowed like a pill).

They aren’t strain specific – meaning the CBD oil incorporated into the mints might be from multiple strains. This isn’t bad anything, it’s just something to be aware of.

EcoTherapy has three mint products – Revive, Relax and Rest.

Their Rest CBD mints try and help with resting your body and encourage a peaceful night’s sleep.

In addition to the CBD cannabinoids, the mints contain melatonin and other essential oils.

#3 All Natural Spiced Orange Hippie Hemp Lip Balm

Sorry about the focus! Here are the ingredients:

  • Sunflower Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Olive Oil
  • Flavor
  • Soybean Oil
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Sunflower Oil Glycerides 
  • Tocopherol
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Aloe Extract
  • Canola Oil

#4 a) Premium CBD Flower

The CBD flower is sealed together in a large air tight packet and further individually sealed again in a smaller air tight package.

That’s two layers of air tight packaging and a thick plastic envelope. No wonder I couldn’t smell anything, nice job Hemp Crate Co!

As soon as I opened the bigger package containing three smaller packets I could smell the flower.

It’s hard to describe it as there’s so much going on. It’s not the typical smell associated with cannabis – skunky – more herbaly, citrusy and earthy all at the same time.

Here are the three different CBD flower strains that were included in this box along with the high CBD moon rocks container.

  • Bubba Kush
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Sour Lifter

First impressions? Wow, impressive.

Upon first glance through the packaging?

High quality and sugar coated. Large buds from the top of the plant, no small popcorn buds. 

Getting three strains to try is awesome and a real opportunity to find a natural medicine like CBD rich hemp that can improve your everyday life. 

Not every strain works the same for every person. What works for me and my headache reliefs, may not work for yours. It’s really subjective sometimes.

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to request a specific strain if you do find something that works for your body. Maybe this is something that can happen in the future? 

Bubba Kush (12.16% CBDA)

I took a photo of the flower in the package because I wanted to show you how it arrived after travelling literally 1,000 miles from Oregon.

Nothing was crushed, no smushed or flat pancake buds. The flower was still completely intact and there was pretty much no bits of it left in the package once I removed it.

There was a tiny bit of flattening on the bud, but that’s not going to affect the CBD potency or health benefits at all. 

The CBD flower looks excellent. 👍🔥🔥

Here’s the lab report:

Sour Space Candy (15.1% CBDA)

I looked for a lab report on Sour Space Candy by Jaxxon and only was able to find a lab report for Sour Space Candy by Pally Hemp.

Here’s that lab report:

Sour Lifter (14.62% CBDA)

Here’s the lab report for Sour Lifter

Testing Results

I’m used to seeing quite a bit of information on the packaging of flower or concentrates. It’s a requirement in Colorado as recreational cannabis is legal in my state.

Recreational cannabis means anyone over the age of 21 may purchase cannabis products that generally have high THC levels (15%+)

Since the flower from Hemp Crate Co contains very little to trace THC, it doesn’t fall under the same stipulations and regulations.


Having the lab test data on the packaging would be a real benefit and solidify the fact that the flower inside the packet does indeed contain CBD and very little THC.

There is a huge page with all the testing results Hemp Crate Co has included in it’s boxes here. so the data is there.

Maybe picking the most important results (CBDA and THCA) would work better on the packaging? Plus it’s just darn interesting, no?

I feel like they’ve gone to all this trouble to produce a really great looking CBD subscription box with really high quality CBD rich hemp, why not show it off a bit?

Is The CBD Flower From Hemp Crate Co Good Quality?

Yes. Excellent.

Producing CBD rich hemp isn’t an overnight thing, or even a week or a month. 

The finished CBD flower included in the Hemp Crate Co box is the culmination of months of care and nurturing.

Even after the hemp plants are harvested,  the flowers need to be dried, trimmed, cured and then carefully portioned into the air tight packets you saw in the photos above.

All of that without damaging the flower and trichomes on the plant where the precious CBD is stored.

You can’t fake high CBD hemp flower, there are no short cuts or alternatives. The work the growers put in on day 1 was just as important as the work the growers put in on day 70.

The flower was still sticky and it’s easy to see the trichomes with the naked eye – both really good signs that the growing and curing (slow controlled drying) was done well. 

Growing hemp can’t be rushed otherwise the final product will be harmed. It could end up with less CBD potency, the smoke could be harsh and the flowers can contain seeds if it becomes stressed (like poor nutrition). 

Hemp Crate Co has partnered with some excellent growers.

#4. b) Jaxon High CBD Moon Rocks

What are moon rocks!?!

Moon rocks are individual bud of cannabis flower (with THC, CBD or both) that are dipped in an oil concentrate and then rolled in kief.

Kief is the trichomes that’s knocked off the buds of the plant and contain the THC and CBD cannabinoids.

These moon rocks smell like grape with a splash of blue raspberry candy mixed in. 

The reason moon rocks are made this way (bud -> oil -> kief) is to offer the most potent and strongest CBD or THC product they can.

In this case, it’s all CBD (with very very low THC) 

CBD flower (a much smaller one than those in the individual packets) that’s dipped in CBD oil and then rolled in CBD kief.

When would you need to use these? When the pain is bad, when you’re really really anxious or your hurting because your joints are so inflamed. 

Moon rocks aren’t something that you’d use every day. They’re intended to be used only when things are particularly rough and you need significant immediate relief.

Did You Know?

They actually offer the same thing – moon rocks – in recreational cannabis dispensaries? The difference is they are crazy-high in THC and sometimes called ‘Caviar’. 

To make one they’d get a high THC strain, find a small-ish bud, then dip that high THC bud in high THC hash oil concentrate. Then, they roll all of that in kief that’s super high in THC too! 

(Kief is a name for trichomes that have been knocked off the bud. Trichomes contain the THC/CBD cannabinoids)

#5) Hemp Crate CBD Sticker

Yeah, they sell it at gas stations too. Probably not the best place to pick up health and wellness products.

#6 Hemp Crate Co 20% Off Coupon

A nice coupon that you can use in the Hemp Crate Co store and take 20% off your entire order! 

You can pick up tons of different CBD products like:

  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Lotions
  • CBD Bath Bombs
  • And more!

#7 Hemp Vs Opioids Info Card

I’m really glad Hemp Crate Co added this card to the box and compared opioids to CBD.

It’s really important that people know how poorly opioids fare in terms of their side effects, especially if the opioids are taken daily.

Now, CBD rich hemp isn’t a miracle drug and it won’t help with really severe pain, but it can ease daily aches, pains and anxiety with very few (if any) side effects.

It’s worth highlighting that there have been zero deaths related to the consumption of CBD. Opioids caused 70,980 deaths in 2019!

From my own personal experience, I haven’t noticed any unwanted side effects at all from CBD.

Round Up & Conclusion

Hemp Crate Co has put together an amazing subscription box that can make your life better by reliving pain and anxiety.

You’ll be supplied with some of the best CBD flower on the market right now, that’s been lab tested to ensure you’re getting what you paid for.

Typically an eighth of flower at a dispensary (3.5 grams) will cost about $25-$35.

The 8 grams of flower that were included in this box would cost $65 and that’s for a potentially lower quality flower too.

The CBD moon rocks would be no less than $25.

Add in the 10mg CBD mints, coupon, fun sticker and hippy hemp oil lip balm and you’re getting a great deal here.

Trying to replicate this box and buying CBD flower from a dispensary would put the cost over the $100 mark.

It’s also worth pointing out, you’re probably going to get more than 0.3% THC in the CBD flower if you go to a dispensary.

Driving high with THC in your body is unsafe and illegal and you’d potentially be risking that if you were to find high CBD flower at a dispensary.

The dispensary flower will be lab tested too..

…but with the box from Hemp Crate Co you’ll be getting a selection of premium CBD strains grown specifically to be low in THC but potent in CBD.

Also, you’d have to make the trip to the dispensary and mingle with the public, not such an appealing thought with the prevalence of COVID-19. 

Why not just get the best quality CBD flower sent right to your home?

Does it help with pain?


At least, it did for our two person research team that are friends and not us.

They reported that their lower back pain was dulled and their muscle tension was quite a bit relieved within 15 minutes of enjoying the flower.

It also helped significantly with muscle knot pain. One of the friends has a pretty large muscle knot right near his shoulder blade that was painful enough to prevent sleep.

Using the Bubba Kush CBD flower and CBD moon rocks alleviated the pain enough to lay back down and try to sleep again.

We’re still talking about a plant here. Pretty incredible.

In order to compare the three strains it’ll take a bit of time.

Getting consistent relief from one strain is the first goal, the friends want to see if they can get the same sort of relief over a few days.

The outlook for CBD is really promising 🌞🌞🌞. I’m excited that people will get real paint relief and live a better quality of life. 

Is it worth the money? Yes. You’re getting a great value.

Is it good and are the items high quality? Yes. Premium flower confirmed.

Should you buy it? Yes. If you live with daily pain, give this a go for sure. It’s legal and ships to all 50 states discreetly.

Pick up your Hemp Crate Co premium CBD Flower Box on Crate Joy for $60.

Subscription Box