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Ultimate List Of Men’s Subscription Boxes (only the good ones)

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

There are some amazing men’s subscription boxes available today, and we’ve rounded up the best of the best in an easy to scroll through list.

From fashion, sports, food, entertainment and more, you’re bound to find a subscription box that you want to get. To save you headaches, only men’s subscription boxes that have received high reviews and ratings have been included.

Are we missing a box on this list? Contact us and let us know.

Nature, Outdoors and Camping Subscription Boxes

If you love the fresh of the outdoors, these subscription boxes will be just what you’re looking for. You’ve got a great selection to choose from and many are top rated by customers. From fishing, hiking, hunting or survival these boxes have what you’re looking for.

Camp Life Crate

What is it? Camp Life Crate curates two boxes focused on camping. One box is the “Glamping & VanLife” box, and the second is a more general “Outdoor Essentials” box. Expect to get items like socks, camping knife/forks, camp food, hygiene products, fire starters and more. 

Cost: Outdoor essentials is $44.95/mo, Glamping & VanLife is $49.95/mo

Buy: Visit the Camp Life page on CrateJoy here.

Steel To Reel Club

What is it? Steel To Reel Club is a survival and outdoors gear subscription box that’s curated by a team of expert survivalists and veterans. They have a guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with every box and make sure you never get duplicate or redundant products. They have four subscription options.

Cost: Their most affordable box is $35/mo and their most expensive and feature packed is $325/mo

Buy: Visit the Steel To Reel Club on CrateJoy here.

Knife Subscription Club

What is it? Knife Subscription Club is a great way to start or add to your knife collection. Every month they’ll send you a brand name knife that’s high quality and stainless steel.

Cost: They have 4 different subscription plans. Basic ($23), Advanced ($48), Premium ($95) and Ultimate ($140).

Buy: Visit the Knife Subscription Club on CrateJoy here.

Club Tac

What is it? Club Tac is a great box for exploring tactical and survival gear. It’s run and owned by veterans, survival experts and technology specialists. Some of the items they include in their boxes are flashlights, multitools, first aid kits, knives, gun accessories and more.

Cost: Club-Tac has three subscription options. Standard ($59), Pro ($89) and Premium ($149). All of them follow the same monthly theme, but you get more gear for your money with the $89 and $149 options.

Buy: Visit the Club-Tac page on CrateJoy here.

Bass Baits Monthly

What is it? Bass Baits Monthly provides high quality bass fishing lures and accessories to anglers nationwide. If ned rigs or swimbaits are your thing, check this box out.

Cost: Each box is priced at $35.

Buy: Visit the Bass Baits Monthly page on Crate Joy here.

Freestone Fly Fishing Company

What is it? Freestone Fly Fishing Company does one thing, and one thing well. Fishing flies! Each monthly box is stuffed full of fly fishing goodies like flies, line, stickers, guides, storage cases and more. Each box has 12-24 premium flies.

Cost: You’ve got four choices, each priced at $37.50. Freshwater trout, Fly-Tying, Warmwater Bass, Salmon/Steelhead, Saltwater.

Buy: Visit the Freestone Fly Fishing Company page on Cratejoy here.

Clothing Subscription Boxes

Change up your style and get some awesome ideas from any of these clothing subscription boxes for men. From sleek and stylish to geeky and nerdy, check out our top picks below.

ParaBox Monthly Paranormal T-Shirts

What is it? A paranormal t-shirt subscription club with hidden money-earning mysteries in each design.
Each month you get the paranormal themed tee with an info card detailing the month’s specific theme. The shirt and card contains clues to find a hidden password that you can use on their website. If you guess it correctly, you’ll be entered into a raffle for free gear.

Cost: Boxes start as low as $16.66 a month.

Buy: Visit ParaBox on Cratejoy here.

Spiffster Tie Club

What is it? Spiffster Tie Club is a great way to build your designer tie collection and they always use high-quality materials. Spiffster makes a great gift for husbands or dads and it’s really affordable as well.

Cost: Boxes are $10 a month, but you can go as low as $8.25 a month with a longer subscription plan. Choose from business, bold or variety.

Buy: Visit the Spiffster page on Crate Joy here.

Comma Vintage: Quarterly

What is it? Comma Vintage is a men’s clothing subscription specializing in vintage styles and accessories. Think shirts, belts, ties and handkerchiefs. Reviewers mention they love having curated vintage menswear delivered to their doorstep. 

Cost: Boxes start from as low as $55 per quarter.

Buy: Visit the Comma Vintage: Quarterly page on Cratejoy here.

Gentleman’s Box

What is it? The Detriot based Gentleman’s Box is a men’s fashion and lifestyle subscription. They include all sorts of gentlemanly accessories like ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, socks and grooming essentials.

Cost: A 3 month subscription is $89.75, making it about $30 a box.

Buy: Visit the Gentleman’s Box page on Cratejoy here.


What is it? SprezzaBox is a men’s fashion accessory subscription box.
They curate themed collections of ties, socks, pocket squares and more.
Each month has different boxes available.
For example a Modern Man box with ties, lapel pins wine coasters and socks…or a Coffee Break box with an Essential Living bamboo fiber cup, Lucky Pheasant coffee spoon and Bennkai coffee stencils (for sprinled chocolate).

Cost: Each box is $28 and is delivered monthly.

Buy: Visit the SprezzaBox website here to sign up.

Sovereign Code

What is it? Sovereign code is a men’s apparel subscription that delivers contemporary, stylish clothing to your door. Boxes are shipped quarterly.
You can choose your preferred style and build a profile before your box is sent. This helps to make sure you get useable clothing but still have an element of surprise and excitement.

Cost: $49.99 per box, delivered quarterly. Choose from The Locals Package (bold colors and prints. California vibes), The Textbook Package (classic styling with a splash of fun) or the Go To Package (athleisure, comfort and everyday wear.)

Buy: Visit the Sovereign Code page on Amazon here.

Stitch Fix

What is it? Stitch fix is a personal styling subscription box. It works by choosing your clothing style and preferences, you’ll then be shipped a variety of clothing to try on (that’s matched to your preferences of course).
Keep the items you like, send the items you don’t like back to Stitch Fix for free.
Stitch Fix has a great pre-shipment survey where you can tell them your fit, style and price range. They also have a big & tall option.

Cost: So this one works a bit different because they send you clothes to try on. The cost depends on what you keep. There is a $20 styling fee, because someone matches the clothes you are sent with the preferences you’ve chosen.

Buy: Visit the Stitch Fix website here.

Shaving & Grooming Subscription Boxes

Let experts level up your shaving experience and try new high quality grooming products. 
There’s a lot of choice out there, avoid the bad ones with any one of these top rated subscription boxes.

Beard Care Club

What is it?  The Beard Care Club delivers top quality products to keep your beard looking and feeling healthy. All the different items in the boxes – like beard oils or moustache waxes – have a themed scent.

Cost: Boxes start as low as $6.75 / month.

Buy: Visit the Beard Care Club page on Cratejoy here.

The Beard Club

What is it?  The Beard Club helps men take great care of their beards without having to fork out for expensive products.
The Beard Club doesn’t call it’s boxes…boxes. They call them kits.
They have quite a few different kits to choose from – a Starter Growth Kit, or an Advanced Beard Growth Kit.
The option to customize what you’re going to receive really essential – a full length beard doesn’t need the same care as a moustache.

Cost: The boxes – or kits – start at about $50 and go up depending on your needs.

Buy: Visit The Beard Club website here.

Fresche Box

What is it?  Probably one of the most affordable men’s grooming boxes on the market at the moment, Fresche Box delivers high quality grooming samples every month.
It’s a great way to try out new products (on the cheap) that are great quality. If you like the trial size samples, pick up the full size product on Amazon.
The Beard Club doesn’t call it’s boxes…boxes. They call them kits.

Cost: Boxes start as low as $10 per month. The longer your subscription the cheaper the boxes work out to be.

Buy: Visit Fresche Box page on Cratejoy here.

More Men’s Grooming & Shaving Subscription Boxes

  • Badass Beard Club | $14.99/mo LINK
  • Mountaineer Brand | $40/mo LINK
  • Beardsanity | $22.99/mo LINK 

Men’s Fitness & Sports Subscription Boxes

There are some great sports and fitness boxes to enjoy, whether you’re supporting your favorite team or working up a sweat.
Over the last few years, fitness and sports subscription boxes have really grown. There are some exciting subscriptions to be found!

Gainz Box

What is it?  Gainz Box is a men’s fitness and muscle building subscription box.
They deliver fitness apparel, supplements, equipment and more to your doorstep so you can focus on working out.

Cost: It looks like you have two options. On the Gainz Box website they list that the boxes are shipped quarterly and cost $99. On Amazon, the boxes are $39 and shipped monthly.

Buy: Visit the Gainz Box page on Amazon here. Or their main website here.

Street Team / Cycling Care Package

What is it?  Each box has high quality cycling gear that has been curated by experienced cyclists.
You can expect items like tools, apparel, accessories and nutrition.
You can choose your clothing size (S – XL) before you order to make sure you get clothing that fits.
This is a great box for gifting too.

Cost: Boxes start from as low as $39.60 per month.

Buy: Visit the Cycling Care Package page on Cratejoy here.

The Fit Boxx

What is it? A fitness box focused on Crossfit, The Fit Boxx is a monthly subscription that delivers fitness gear, apparel and healthy nutritional snacks to your door.
The Fit Boxx supplies the gear you need to crush your next workout.

Cost: Like most subscription boxes, the longer you subscribe, the cheaper the boxes are per month. It’s $54 per box monthly, or $48 per box if you subscribe for a year.

Buy: Check out the Fit Boxx page on CrateJoy here.


What is it? Fitsnack is a monthly subscription box that specializes in high quality nutritional snacks to keep you healthy and happy.
The snacks are selected by a nutritionist and are a mix of GMO free, high protein, low sugar, gluten free, organic, raw, vegan and all natural snacks!
Fitsnack also donates snacks to kids in need, so feel good about your subscription.

Cost: Monthly it’s $29.90 with free shipping, or you can choose a 3-month plan for about $86 that brings the per-box cost down to $28.90.

Buy: Checkout the Fitsnack website here.

Food & Drink Subscription Boxes

Check out these awesome men’s food and drink subscription boxes. There’s a surprising selection from sweet to spicy, cocktails to beer.
Fancy something a bit more adventurous? Subscribe to a Japan snack box and experience a culture thousands of miles away!

Grill Masters Club

What is it? The Grill Masters Club is a long-time best selling specialty BBQ subscription box. The provide BBQ sauces, rubs and accessories for you to level up your grilling game.
They include award winning products in their boxes and is a great way to explore new products and avoid the junk.
They’ve done the testing for you.

Cost: A monthly box costs $29.99, a 3-month subscription brings the per-box price down to $28.99.

Buy: Check out the Grill Masters Club on Cratejoy here.

Jerky Snob

What is it? This is THE box to get if you love jerky. 130+ reviews, a 4.5 average rating and hundreds of happy customers.
Each month, Jerky Snob will deliver healthy, artisan jerky to your doorstep. They only choose the highest quality jerky and mix each month up in flavor, texture and spice level.
If you’re needing to buy a gift soon for a birthday or celebration, get him this box!

Cost: You’ve got three options that vary in quantity. 2 Bags $15, 1/2-Pound $26.67 and 1-Pound $53.17.

Buy: Check out the Jerky Snob page on Cratejoy here.

Match Made Coffee

What is it? Coffee & Cookies! Match Made Coffee curates a unique subscription box that delivers samplers of international, small batch coffees.
They also pair the coffee with gourmet cookies that are uniquely flavored, but pair perfectly with the coffee in the box.
The coffee is super fresh – roasted monthly – and will remain fresh in their air-tight bags for up to a year.
They also include pairing note sin each box to guide you through fully experiencing the coffee and cookie pairing.

Cost: Each box costs $19.95 and is shipped free.

Buy: Check out the Match Made Coffee page on Amazon here.

Candy Club

What is it? Candy Club is a monthly subscription box dedicated to…..candy!
It’s got a boutique feel about it and you can pick six of your favorite candies to be delivered in their boxes each month. 
The candies come in individual jars that are fun and decorated colorfully.
This is a super awesome gift for dad, boyfriends, husband or anyone that has a mouth and taste buds.

Cost: You can get your first box for just $28.99 and each box afterwards is $38.99.

Buy: Check out the Candy Club page on Amazon here.


No matter what your tastes are, there are some awesome men’s subscription boxes. Outdoors, fashion, food and fitness.

Take your pick!

If you want more ideas, i’d recommend checking out the Men’s Subscription boxes on Cratejoy and Amazon.

They often have deals and you can usually get your first box discounted to try it out.
Be sure to check out the men’s subscription box coupons and deals page here.

Let us know what your favorite men’s subscription boxes are in the comments!

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