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17 Best Bath Bomb Subscription Boxes Available Today (Updated 2021)

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

If you’re hunting for the best subscription bath bomb boxes, I’ve got 17 of them to show you today!

Relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day is made even better when you drop one of these fizzy effervescent bath bombs into your hot tub.

Bath bombs can add essential oils, scent, bubbles and color to make your relaxing baths even more fun.

Let’s get to it – the best bath bomb subscription boxes available right now 😍.

#1 Sudzly

(117 Reviews)

The first spot goes to Sudzly. It’s at the top of the list with 100+ reviews and a 5/5 rating from current customers.

Sudzly Subscription Box
Sudzly Subscription Box

Sudzly will send you a box of luxurious pampering. It’s the next best thing than going to a spa. Each subscription box takes the guessing game out of finding quality products and you can feel good as they

Why you need this:  You need high quality bath products but want to be sure they are 100% natural and responsibly made.

Get it from CrateJoy for $32

#2 Bath Bevy

(133 Reviews)

Our second spot goes to Bath Bevy. Customers love it, with 130+ reviewers averaging a 5/5 rating. 

Bath Bevy has bath bombs, bubble bars, bubble bath, salts, candles and more. You’ll receive hand made bath products from small artisan companies across the USA.

Each box has a particular theme and the products are all high quality. Expect 6-10 items per box and really nice themes that tie all the items together.

Why you need this:  You have tough days at work and need a way to separate work from home life. This box will help you unwind and relax.

Get it from CrateJoy for $38.95

#3 Bombs & Bubbles

(47 Reviews)

 If you want fun bath bombs, Bombs & Bubbles won’t disappoint. It takes the #3 spot due to 45+ reviews averaging a 5 rating.

September Box from Bombs and Bubbles
Bombs and bubbles

You can get fun themed bath items like bath bombs, sugar scrubs, body wash lotion or bubble bars.

Bombs and Bubbles’ products are carb free, vegan and cruelty free. You’ll get 3-6 full size items in every box and each item is hand made.

They also have kid friendly bath bombs – perfect for kids that don’t want to take a bath.

It’ll make it fun!

Why you need this:  You want unique and fun bath bombs that are hand made and cruelty free. You also like pretty things :).

Get it from CrateJoy from $14.99

#4 Front Range Soap

(53 Reviews)

Front Range Soap wants to help you turn every day stress into relaxing bliss. They offer a variety of products with the same goal – make you happier.

Subscription Box From Front Range Soap
Subscription Box From Front Range Soap

If you can squeeze in a little “me” time, this bath bomb subscription box will give you all you need to feel good.

You’ll get 6-10 full size items and a hand picked mix of artisan glycerin soaps, bath fizzies or shower steamer, lotion, creams, bubble baths, scented candle and maybe even a double stuffed Oreo.

Why you need this:  The reviewers say everything just smells GOOD.

You need a monthly pick-me-up to take you away from everyday life and relax in the clouds.

Get it from CrateJoy for $29.95

#5 4Harts Farm Goat’s Milk Bath Bombs

(117 Reviews)

If you love the texture and richness of goats milk bath products, you’ll love this subscription box from 4Harts Farm.

4Harts Farm Goats Milk Bath Subscription Box

All of the items you’ll get inside the highly reviewed 4Harts subscription box are made from goats milk. 

Each box has:

  • Goats milk bath bomb
  • Handmade scented goats milk soaps
  • Goats milk hand lotion
  • Wax melts
  • Always a little extra surprise in every box 🙂

Reviewers loved how creamy and light the lotion is and how it works really well to sooth super dry hands.

The hand made soaps come in a really nice decorative bag, and people love it. They’re scented and smell wonderful.

People aren’t just signing up for just one month, there are reviewers that have been subscribed for six months and one year that are happy with the value they get.

Why you need this:  You’ve always found goats milk bath products to be the best, naturally absorbing and soothing products out there. The goats milk lotion is natural and repairs dry cracked hands. 

At the end of your day, you can use the goats milk bath bomb so soak and unwind and let your body rest.

Get it from CrateJoy for $29.99

#6 JoJo’s Relaxation Body Shop

(20 Reviews)

If your skin needs some TLC, JoJo’s Relaxation Body Shop has products loaded with nourishing oils.

From JoJo’s Relaxation Body Shop
From JoJo’s Relaxation Body Shop

Jojo’s Bath Bomb Subscription Box is valued at $60 and you can get the  subscription box from as low as $17.99.

The hand made items are all natural and will nourish and sooth your skin with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, African Haitian Black Castor Oil and Olive Oil.

Why you need this:  You want to sooth your skin and body after working hard. These bath bombs can be used even with those who have sensitive skin.

Get it from CrateJoy for as low as $17.99 a month.

#7 Bath Blessings

(32 Reviews)

If an at-home self care spa subscription sounds awesome to you, get this Bath Blessing Box and feel the stress melt away.

Bath Blessings Bath Bomb Subscription Box

This one’s for bath and shower lovers. 

It’s your box to stock up on your weekly relaxation rituals and daily cleansing needs.

You can look forward to getting:

  • Bath bombs
  • Luxury handmade soaps
  • Body scrubs and washes
  • Bath salts
  • Body butter
  • Shower steamers
  • Bubble baths
  • Bath and shower accessories.

All the items they make are natural and include essential oils for nourishment.

This subscription box is a bit different than others on this best bath bomb subscription box list, because it has three options so you can really get items that you’ll actually use.

Choose from Bath BombsShower Steamers or Surprise Me!

Why you need this:  You LOVE your time soaking in the bath or relaxing with a steam warm shower. You can choose exactly what sort of bath products you’ll get. Shipping is free in the USA.

Get it from CrateJoy for as low as $23.99 a month.

#8 Bath Box

(15 Reviews)

Bath Box is a premium bath, body & spa subscription box delivered to your door. 

Bath Box Subscription Box

This bath bomb subscription box focuses on spa essentials – like handcrafted bath bombs, artisan soaps and deliciously fragranced candles.

Choose from three sizes, depending on how frequently you think you’ll indulge in your in-home spa subscription box.

The creators of Bath Box use organic ingredients, and you can find a list of what was used on a label on each item. You can feel good that the products you’re using are as natural as you are.

Reviewers loved the scents from the soaps and really thought the customer services was responsive and above and beyond. If you have any issues, don’t worry about getting help fast.

The packaging is minimal, so you get great value for your money. You can even smell the amazing fragrances through the box!

Why you need this:  You care about what ingredients are used in the products you use. Most of the time you have a heavenly scent in your home and would love to get a new candle each month to explore other fragrances.

Get it from CrateJoy for as low as $22.46 a month.

#9 Magickal Earth

(14 Reviews)

Realign your spiritual self and soak in complete bliss with this popular bath bomb subscription box

This is a box full of bliss.

Hard day? Tough week?

This box from Magickal Earth is designed to make you forget all the hustle you have to do every day and take a moment for yourself.

You’ll be delighted by the goodies they include in the box:

  • Natural bath bombs
  • Soaps
  • Handmade candles
  • Crystals

Each box is themed together and all of the products are organic, vegan and cruelty free.

The crystals are a nice touch, each month you’ll receive a new one in theme with the month’s energy.

Maybe it’s Amethyst, maybe it’s Opal. Always something new.

Why you need this:  You love the idea of a themed bath bomb subscription box and it’s really important to you that the products are natural and organic. You have a spiritual side that would love to be awakened every month by the included crystal.

Get it from CrateJoy for as low as $20.00 a month.

#10 My Crystal Spa

My Crystal Spa practices self love in each of it’s bath bomb subscription boxes. A unique twist to the typical bath bomb is that you’ll find a crystal inside!

Each month My Crystal Spa ships subscription boxes focused on a specific crystal. You’ll get four Crystal bath bombs each hiding a crystal inside. Exciting!

Why you need this:  You want to enjoy the soothing effects of a bath bomb and also have a sweet surprise inside.

Get it from CrateJoy.

#11 Whipped Up Wonderful

Get four exclusive hand made seasonal bath bombs every month from Whipped Up Wonderful.

Whipped Up Wonderful Subscription Box

Get a discount by subscribing to the 3, 6 and 12 month options.

Why you need this:  You need high quality bath bombs monthly to soak your stress away.

Get it from Whipped Up Wonderful.

#12 Lavish Bath Box

A bath and body subscription box for connoisseurs. Lavish Bath Box prides its self for fun, colorful and fragrant items. 

You can expect to receive:

  • Bath Bombs, Bubble Bath & Bubble Bars
  • Soaps, Soaks, Salts, and Scrubs
  • Candles, Accessories,  &  Tools
  • Discounts from featured brands

Why you need this:  You want excellent curation, excellent products and excellent customer service.

Get it from Lavish Bath Box.

#13 Athena’s Bath Club

Get exclusive bath items that can’t be bought in store. Athena’s Bath Club will ship you a box full of bath essentials.

Athena's Bath Club

Athena’s Bath Club Subscription Box

For just $35.00 (including shipping!*) you’ll receive:

  • 1 Bar of Soap
  • 1 7oz Sugar Scrub (full size)
  • 1 Lotion
  • 2 Micro Bombs
  • FREE Additional Mystery Bath Bomb – Monthly and Pre-Paid Subscription Exclusive 

Why you need this:  You want a variety of bath items, but still make sure there are two micro bombs included in the box.

Get it from Athena’s Bath Club.

#14 Ahhh Sugar Sugar

Ahhh Sugar makes hand crafted treats for your bath!

Ahhh Sugar!  Subscription Box

Each monthly subscription box from Ahhh Sugar! will include a range of 3-4 items, all hand-crafted to match a specific theme. We have included in the past: bath bombs, bubble bars, bath oil, bath melts, whipped soaps, sugar scrubs, lip balm, wax tarts, etc. 

Why you need this:  You want a variety of bath items, but still make sure there are two micro bombs included in the box.

Get it from Ahhh Sugar!

#15 Naturally Vain

Naturally Vain listens to it’s customers requests and makes the colors and scents they want.

Naturally Vein Subscription Box

Each month, you’ll receive 6 Extra large 7oz Bath Bombs (up to $60 value) that are only available to Naturally Vain members. 

Why you need this:  They have one of the largest bath bombs and some delicious flavors.

Get it from Naturally Vain.

#16 Tubby Todd

This box is for kids who want to have more fun in the bath. Tubby Todd will send you 3 natural bath bombs for a bath time party in a box.

Tubby Todd  Subscription Box
Tubby Todd  Subscription Box

It’s impressive to see that Tubby Todd’s bath bombs are:

  • Gluten free
  • Made from natural + organic ingredients
  • Dairy free
  • Certified animal cruelty-free
  • Natural plant-based fragrances
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe for sensitive skin (all ages)
  • Free of toxins, parabens and BPA.

Why you need this:  You just need to get the kids clean – these bath bombs will make bath time fun for them.

Get it from Tubby Todd for $20 / month.

#17 Sassy Baths

Slip into the tub with one of these handmade bath bombs from Sassy Baths!

Scent: blend of yellow elder flower and sandalwood

Scent: tropical fruit scent

Scent: orange blossom

Scent: floral aroma of Tahitian gardenia

Sassy Baths can supplies you with bath bombs for a relaxing soak in the tub and an explosive tingle for your senses to enjoy.

Why you need this:  You need high quality bath bombs that will nourish your skin leaving it soft and smooth.

Get it from Sassy Baths for $4.99/month.

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