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The 5 Best Chicken Subscription Boxes Available Right Now

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There are subscription boxes available today for almost anything.

You’re looking for the best chicken subscription boxes and I’ve got some great choices to show you.

If you enjoy raising chickens, eating or just love anything chicken related – I’ve got a couple of subscription boxes that will definitely catch your interest.

Let’s get to it:

#1 Henry + Roo

 Henry + Roo will deliver a box full of goodies especially for backyard chicken keepers. 

If you raise your own chickens and could use some quality product recommendations, Henny And Roo has you covered.

Taking a peak in their box (pictured above) you’ll find chicken banquet treats, scented fly ribbons, green pea flakes and fun accessories. 

Other quality items like these are included:

  • VetResponse Wound + Skin Solution
  • Bioaqua Egg Face Mask
  • Coop Recuperate: Treating litter
  • Flock Frenzy Sunflower Delight

Why you need this:  Not only will you get essential supplies for raising your chickens, Henny And Roo also throw in a few goodies for you like a cute bracelet or handmade salted caramel candies. A nice touch!

Get it from Crate Joy for $39.99 / month. Discounts are given for longer subscriptions like 3 or 6 month.

#2 Coop Crate

 Coop Crate is for you if you just LOVE chicken stuff. You can get chicken themed t-shirts, mugs and accessories.

Chicken Mug? Chicken T-Shirt? You can get your chicken themed fix right here at Coop Crate. Even chicken hats, chicken bags and chicken jewelry. It really is the place to go for chicken stuff.

Why you need this:  You want cute and unique chicken themed accessories and love to show your chicken pride! Prices are reasonable with T-shirts priced between $10-$17 and mugs $11-$13.

Ok so this isn’t a subscription box really, but we had to include it because the merch they have is just TOO cute. Check out their website here and save 10% with code: SPRINGCHICK

#3 The Backyard Chicken Gift Box

 The Backyard Chicken Gift Box is a great way to get quality chicken raising products delivered to your doorstep. 

You’ll receive a box full of products to look after your flock of chickens and maintain their good health. You can expect products like:

  • Chick Days – Raising chickens book
  • Metal Chick Feeder
  • Metal Mason Jar top Chick Waterer 
  • Hentastic Chick Stick with Mealworm, Sunflower Hearts, and Oregano with Probiotics
  • Hentastic Chick Stick Handing Feeder
  • Grubblies Dried Black Solider Fly Larvae

Why you need this:  You want have fresh backyard eggs and are interested in raising your own chickens. This kit covers many of the first things you need to know (with the included book) and supplies you need to have.

You can get this gift box for $39.99 on The Homestead Box website.

#4 Moink

 A company called Moink will supply you with top quality meat right to your doorstep. They pride themselves with ethical farming.

You can customize your box with different cuts of meat depending on your personal taste. Moink has a great easy-to-use system that allows you to see and customize exactly what goes into your box so you’ll only be receiving top quality meat that you and your family love.

Why you need this:  You want the best quality meat from farmers that pride themselves on treating their livestock humanely.

You can get the Moink box directly from their website at

#5. Rastelli’s

Rastelli’s has an excellent reputation for their top quality meats. They have a ton of options for monthly meat delivery.

Rastellis has a “chicken box” where you’ll receive chicken strips, boneless skinless thighs and ground chicken. This box from Rastellis has the largest variety of meats we found available and they are proud to offer antibiotic, steroid and hormone-free chicken.

Why you need this:  You want delicious chicken and would prefer a variety of cuts from a highly reputable butcher.

You can get the Rastelli’s chicken plan directly from their website. It’s priced at $89.

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