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The Best 18 Dog Subscription Boxes On Earth To Spoil Your Pooch

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

Getting your dog a subscription box is a great way to have good quality toys and treats delivered to your door!

I’ve got some great news – there’s quite a few choices out there, so you’ll really have your pick out of the bunch.

I always like to show you real life photos as much as possible, so you know exactly what you’ll get in the box and there’s no bait and switch malarkey.

I hope this top list of the best dog subscription boxes helps you out and leave a comment.

Let’s get right to it:

#1 Bark Box

The first spot goes to Bark Box and it’s ability to continually pack it’s subscription box with customer approved treats and toys for your pooch.

Bark Box will send you a box full of dog treats and toys every month. The boxes are customized to your dog’s size, age and even breed which is more than most other subscription boxes ask for.

Why you need this:  The treats and toys are consistently high quality and customers have been overwhelmingly positive. Your dog will also love you even more 🙂

Get it from CrateJoy for $29

#2 Pet Treater

Pet Treater will hook you up with 3-4 hand picked items and extra goodies for you to spoil your pooch!

Pet treater is one of the most affordable dog subscription boxes on this list at only $15.00 per month.

You can choose between a mixed box, or just a box full of treats or toys. They also offer a deluxe dog pack that’s filled with 5-8 hand selected items and extra goodies for $25.

Why you need this: At only $15,  you can give this dog subscription box a try without much risk. You’re able to choose what type of accessories you’ll receive. $15 at Pet Smart won’t go anywhere near as far as $15 with this dog subscription box.

Get it from the Pet Treater page on Crate Joy. The box is $15.

#3 Pup Joy

A subscription to Pupjoy will deliver only dog treats that were made in the US & you can even choose only organic and grain free treats.

Pupjoy gives you plenty of customization to make sure the treats and toys your dog will be receiving are completely safe and fun for them to use.

The toys are substantial and durable and aren’t something that will be in tatters in a few days. An attest to their American made quality checks.

Why you need this:  Support US small businesses and get custom matched treats and fun toys for your pooch.

Get it the PupJoy page on Crate Joy for $29.

#4 Box Dog

BoxDog is another good choice for a dog subscription box. You’ll find a mix of 6-8 toys and treats in each box. They ship quarterly, so expect a GIANT box and not your normal size.

You’ll get a super assortment of handmade bakery treats, unique toys, gear and gadgets for you and your pup. You might even find vegan skincare items mixed in with your box too.

Why you need this:  You can look forward to a huge box every quarter and know that it will only have great quality useful items that make life better for you and your dog.

You can get it from the BoxDog page on Cratejoy for $49.99. Remember it’s a huge box every 4 months.

#5 Pooch Perks

PoochPerks offers all-natural USA made treats, premium dog toys and other pet accessories and essentials in a monthly subscription box.

You have a bit more control over the contents and shipping of your subscription box. You can choose a mix of toy and treats or just toys – they have an option tailored for chewers so you’ll get more durable toys.

Why you need this:  Everything in the box is designed to make your dogs everyday life more fun. You can choose a monthly box, bi-monthly and even quarterly shipping options. The products are high quality and the essentials are helpful and necessary.

Check out more information about Pooch Perks on One box costs $29.00 a month.

#6 Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Box is another dog subscription box where your purchase directly helps shelter dogs in need.  

Each month you’ll receive two toys, tow treat bags and a super pretty bandanna that all focus on a particular theme. A few examples – unicorns, fall (plaid), ice cream cones)

Why you need this:  You’ll be helping shelter dogs, getting your dog some awesome toys and treats and even a beautiful bandanna for your pup to show their fashion style off..

Get it from the Dapper Dog Box page on Crate Joy –  boxes are $20 per month.

#7 BullyMake

This dog subscription box is curated especially for chewers. BullyMake caters to dogs that LOVE to destroy and chew up their toys.

Each month, BullyMake will send you 2-3 extra durable tough chew toys and 3-4 nutritious treats. To make sure the toys will be loved by your dog they test them with 13 of the top-known chewing breeds like Put Bulls, Rottweiler and Mastiffs.

Why you need this: A lot of the toys they send you are custom made – that you can’t find in stores. They are especially tough. Similarly, their treats are made by BullyMake and are extra delicious.

Get it from the BullyMake page on Crate Joy, the box is $39 a month.

#8 Box Dog

Box Dog is a seasonal dog subscription box that mails out a giant box with $150+ value.

This is a fun box. You won’t be getting it monthly like most other dog subscription box companies I’ve already shown you so far. It’ll come 4 times per year and be a giant box instead of the normal sized ones.

You can customize your first box with toys, gear and gadgets and expect to find 4 handmade treats, 1 vegan skincare item and the premium choices you wanted. You can even add-on specific items for up to 70% off.

Their dog-friendly cookies are 100% handmade and they roll, cut, bake, sprinkle and dip them by hand.

Why you need this: You will get a lot of care and thought into each giant box you’ll receive and all the products are high quality. You can also expect more value for your money with a giant box and treats your pet will love.

Get it from the BoxDog page on Cratejoy, boxes start at $34.99.

#9 Surprise My Pet

Surprise My Pet will ship you a box full of toys, bones and all natural treats. All the treats and chews are made in the USA and are healthy snacks.

You can customize your box depending upon your dogs size and personality.

The items you’ll get are centered around a particular theme each month and they promise that you’ll see Surprise My Pet’s personal touch on your own box. They aim for 5-7 items per box and a retail value of $35 to $45 for each box.

Why you need this: You’ll get fun themed quality dog toys and treats from a company that adds it’s personal touch to every box it ships.

Get it from the Surprise My Pet page on Crate Joy. A single box costs $35, with cheaper options for a longer subscription period.

#10 PupBox

PupBox is a monthly dog subscription box specifically for puppies. You’ll get toys, treats and training guides that are customized for your puppy. 

PupBox chooses the items you’ll receive based upon your pup’s age and physical characteristics.  The box contents will also change as your puppy grows, so you’ll always have fresh fun toys and treats for your dog.

Why you need this:  You’ll have customized items that cover food, playtime and training with your puppy, making BoxDog a great choice for new puppy parents. 

You can get it directly from PupBox on their website at Pricing is

  • $39 for a one time box (one month)
  • $34 per box for the 3 month subscription
  • $22 per box for the 12 month subscription.

#11 Kong Box

If you’ve had a dog for any length of time, you’ve probably picked up a few Kong toys. This is a box full of that.

You should check out the box solutions that Kong offers – something I haven’t seen elsewhere. You can get a box for separation anxiety, teething, barking, crate training or weight management. 

Why you need this:  For the monthly Kong box, you’ll get a toy that’s hand picked depending on their personality (chewer, hyper running, puzzle for example), 3 unique Kong treats, Kong training toy and even doggy friendly recipes and tips. You’ll get a free bonus Kong classic toy in your first box too.

Get it from and a single box is priced at $39.95. A 6-month subscription knocks the price per box down to $34.95, a $35 savings if you like what you receive.

#12 Super Chewer Box

Bark Box offers this durable box especially for dogs that are strong chewers.

This box is from the same subscription box company that made it to our #1 spot.

This dog box is perfect for CHEWERS!

You’ll get 2 tough toys, 2 full sized bags of treats and 2 all-natural meaty chews with the Super Chewer subscription box.

I’m not sure if this would get a dog through a month, maybe a week? This would be a nice extra treat to supplement your dogs current treat schedule.

Why you need this:  If you can keep your chewing dog busy, there’s less chance of something being chewed up that wasn’t supposed to be.

This subscription box for your chewing heavy dog includes some great toys that look like they will stand up to getting gnawed on every day.

You’ll also get some clever treat dispensing toys to keep your pups brain working.

Get it from and a single box is priced at $39.95. A 6-month subscription knocks the price per box down to $34.95, a $35 savings if you like what you receive.

#13 Rescue Box

Rescue Box will send you dog toys and treats and you’ll also be helping less fortunate pets with life saving supplies.

You’ll be getting $40+ of pet accessories starting at $29.95. If you like what you get, you can save by choosing 6 months ($25.45/box) or 12 months ($23.45/box).

They’ll send a box depending on your dogs size and you can expect healthy treats, toys and durable chews. 

Why you need this:  You’ll be helping animals in need and treating your dog to something special. You can gift a box to someone too.

Get it from Rescue Box directly on their website.

#14 The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog focuses on healthy food for your dog. So much, that their food contains human grade meat and veggies.

This dog subscription box has a different angle then most on this list as they focus on providing the best dog food possible.

They use human grade meat and veggies, USDA certified kitchens, fresh whole food and to top it of it’s all vet approved.

Why you need this: Your dog deserves the best food and The Farmer’s Dog can help you. Ready to serve top quality dog food that’s shipped right to your doorstep.

Get it directly from The Farmer’s Dog website. Prices per box start around $2 a day.

#15 Cuddle Crate

 Cuddle Crate subscription box for dogs will send you a mix of treats and toys all with a cute sort of appeal.

You can make sure the box contents will be perfect for your pet by choosing the physical characteristics of your dog – like size, weight and the breed type.

Why you need this: You will get a good mix of treats and toys specifically for your dogs age, size and breed.

Get it directly from the Cuddle Crate website. You’re looking at boxes starting from $19 depending on the subscription length you choose.

# 16 Pet Treater

One of the most affordable dog subscription boxes, Pet Treater will send you 3-4 hand selected toys, treats and goodies right to your doorstep.

At $15, Pet Treater is one of the least expensive dog subscription boxes on this list. 

It doesn’t really have anything new, but for $15 you’ll have a hard time finding the same toys and treats in your local Pet Smart or Petco – even Walmart. They have treats, toys, goodies and occasionally grooming products.

Why you need this: You’ll get an inexpensive monthly supply of treats and toys.

Get it from the Pet Treater page on Crate Joy. It’s only $15 per box.

#17 Chewy

Chewy has a good reputation for pet supplies. They’ve started their own dog accessories box called Goody Box and call it the surprise gift box for your pet.

Chewy has taken a slightly different approach to subscription boxes. They don’t actually ask you to subscribe, rather it’s a goody box that you can order whenever you want your pup to be spoiled. 

They have four different boxes you can buy, a seasonal box – like Halloween “Tricky Treats” and spooky themed toys.

Chewy also offers a birthday goody box with “paw-ty” treats, toys and a “its my birthday” bandanna. Next Chewy offers a general goody box with treats and toys, and lastly a box specifically for puppies – things like training treats, cuddly toys and potty necessities.

Why you need this: You can order a box anytime you want and switch boxes as you wish. All items are high quality and will keep your pup satisfied.

Get it directly from Chewy. Boxes start at $24.99 with the most expensive at only $29.99. You’ll order on an “as-needed” basis. 

#18 Vet Pet Box

VetPetBox offers a higher quality selection of products in it’s subscription box. All of the items have been veterinarian approved for quality and safety.

You’ll get a least 2 toys, treats, accessories and the same health items like shampoos or supplements that you’d find on the shelf at your vet’s office. If you’ve ever looked at the products they sell at the vet’s office, you’ll know how high end and expensive they can be!

VetPetBox also includes healthcare tips and information that the vets think you should know about.

To make sure the box you receive is tailored to your pup, Vetpetbox will ask you questions about your dog, like how big they are, their play style, food allergies and more.

Why you need this: Vetpetbox guarantees your satisfaction. You’ll get veterinarian chosen items to improve your dogs life.

Get it directly from VetPetBox and a single box is priced $43/month. A 6 month subscription gives you a $4 discout per box.

Round Up

There are some awesome dog subscription boxes available to you right now – so many that you really do have the pick of the bunch!

With so many options, you’ll have a better chance of finding a box that really complements your dog’s breed and personality.

If they’re chewers – there’s a box for that.

Maybe they love to play and figure out toys? There’s a box for that!

Or they might just simply enjoy being pampered and groomed…guess what?

There’s a box for that!

What are your favorite dog subscription boxes? 

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