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The Best 60+ Subscription Box For Kids To Learn, Love & Laugh

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

The best kids subscription boxes (choice of 64)

If you’re looking for the best kids subscription boxes, this post was made for you.

Surprise and delight your little one with any of these 60+ kids subscription boxes.

You’ll see the top 20 boxes and then the full list of 60+ categorized kids subscription boxes like learning, reading, fashion and cooking.

Let’s get to it:

#1 Kiwi Co Crates

The first spot goes to Kiwi Co Crates. You’ll get awesome science and art kits that provide your child with fun and hands on learning.

What to expect: Kiwi Co has a variety of subscription boxes, suitable for babies to 15 year olds. The Kiwi Crate is especially designed for kids 5-8 years old and provides an entire project they can build and tinker with. 

If you’re wondering what type of projects your child will receive, past boxes had a swinging art drawing machine and a claw game where your child will have to build a claw and cute pom pom prizes

Why your child needs this:  Your child’s naturally inquisitive mind will be energized by the different fun and creative projects Kiwi Crate Co delivers every month.

Where to buy: Get it from Kiwi Crates Co for $19.95/mo

#2 Amazon STEM club

Amazon has it’s own subscription boxes! They focus on Science, Math, Technology and Engineering and include a new toy or game every month

What to expect: Amazon has three different subscription boxes, catering to children 3 to 13 years old. Amazon’s learning experts handpick toys that encourage science, technology engineering and math development.

Toys are from leading brands, so you can count on getting a quality educational subscription box.

Why your child needs this:  You want well thought out and brain exercising projects for your child, where they’ll need to learn and develop STEM skills to complete a fun and interactive project.

Where to buy: Get it from Amazon for $15.99

#3 Kidbox

Kidbox is a clothing box for babies and kids that combines style, cool brands, savings and helping children in need.

What to expect: Kidbox offers three different subscription boxes, tailored to your child. Their baby box is perfect for newborn to 2 years, girl clothes (size 2T-14) and boys (size 2T-16). You’re looking at about $12 per item – for brand name clothes. 

Kidbox will donate money to charity of your choice if you keep all the clothes stylists include in your child’s monthly subscription box. There isn’t a styling fee – something we’ve seen pretty common on most clothing subscription box – and you’ll get free shipping and returns in case you don’t want to keep an item.

Why your child needs this:  You’ll get brand name clothing sized and styled specifically for your individual child. They’ll look fashionable, comfy and fresh and you’ll save up to 50% off retail prices if you decide to keep all the items Kidbox has delivered to you.

Where to buy: Get it from Kidbox – prices depend on which clothing items you choose. We found a full box can run around $100, it sounds expensive but when you break it down into the brand name clothes you’ll get, it’s about $15 per item.

#4 KidPik

KidPik is the box to get for professionally styled girls outfits. 

What to expect: Each box has three head-to-toe professionally styled outfits. You can mix and match the items and they’ll still co-ordinate and look great.

You get 7 days to decide if you want to keep any items and there’s no styling fee. Any items you don’t want, just send them back in the postage-paid return envelope.

Each box has 7 coordinating items of clothing, a free gift and the pre-paid return envelope.

Why your child needs this:  She’ll look super cute and fashionable. Mix and match any of the items for tons of new looks – they’ll all look great.

Where to buy: Get it from KidPik, each clothing item is priced between $13-$17, there’s no styling fee and you only pay for what you keep. Return shipping is free.

#5 Stitch Fix Kids

Stitch Fix already has an adult styled clothing subscription box – now they’re styling kids. Sizes run from 2T-14.

What to expect: Stitch Fix Kids will send you 8-12 pieces of hand selected clothing – outfits that are put together by a professional stylist. The stylist will even include a hand written note especially for the child. There’s a $20 styling fee, but if you keep any of the items it can be used toward paying for them.

Items can cost anywhere between $10-$35 and if you keep the entire box, you can get 25% off the entire thing. Sweet!

You can also expect unique one of a kind styles that you won’t see on every other kid on the playground. 

Why your child needs this: Kids grow fast. Clothing starts at just $10. A professional stylist will design outfits for your child and you can try them all on from the comfort of your own home.

Where to buy: Get it from Stitch Fix Kids. Clothing starts at $10 an item.

#6 Little Passports 

Little Passports features a monthly subscription box for kids, full of geography, science, world culture & more

What to expect: Little Passports caters to kids from 3 years old to 9 years old. You can pick different subscriptions depending on your child’s age and personality. Their “World Edition” subscription features a new country every month with activities and souvenirs.

Little Passport’s science subscription box features science experiments and activities. If you subscribe to this box, the first month you’ll get:

  • A signature Science Expeditions tote bag
  • Science lab notebook
  • Forensic science experiment kit
  • Fingerprint analysis card and ink pad
  • Booklet with more fun games and activities

Here are the different subscriptions Little Passports offers:

  • Early Explorers (Age 3-5)
  • Science Junior (Age 5-8)
  • World Edition (Age 6-10)
  • USA Edition (Age 7-12)
  • Science Expeditions (Age 9+)

Little Passports really excels in it’s world and geography exploration and would be a great resource to learn with your child in a fun way.

Why your child needs this: You want to open your childs eyes to the never ending wonders of science, art, the United States and the world.

Where to buy: Get it from Little Passports CrateJoy page, prices start at $12.95/box.

#7 Girls Can! Crate

Especially for girls, Girls Can! Crate is focused on empowering girls and sharing inspiring women’s history through STEM projects.

What to expect: In a box, you can expect to find fun play props an activity book and stem activities.Each month a fresh crate will be delivered, each celebrating a different inspiring woman.

You can spend time with your girl exploring each crate and completing activities themed on the different inspiring women.

An example box would be featuring an environmental activist Wangari Maathai who planted millions of trees.

The box features seeds to plant your own and learn about plants. It also includes an upcycled craft for your garden (think of using discared items to make an awesome craft item).

Why your child needs this:  You love boosting your child’s confidence and knowledge and would love to learn about inspiring women side by side.

Some of the conversations current customers have had with their granddaughter and daughters while exploring this subscription box have been amazing!

Where to buy: Get it from the Girls Can! Crate page on Crate Joy. Prices are $27.95 per month.

#8 Brick Loot

Brick Loot is the ultimate Lego and brick subscription box. You’ll get custom Lego kits, Lego minifigures and bonus Lego products.

What to expect: Each month Brick Loot will include a number of Lego and Brick Loot exclusive items. You’ll get 4-8 items in each box, with a retail value of $45+.

This is THE box to get for kids that love LEGO. They’ll be spoiled with custom kits with LEGO bricks, kits that are made by famous LEGO designers. They’ll also get Brick Loot exclusives, LEGO accessories and custom LEGO mini-figures.

Why your child needs this:  The team at Brick Loot search high and low for the newest, coolest and most outrageous items that you won’t find at your local toy store. If your kid loves LEGO and brick toys, get them this.

Where to buy: Get it from the Brick Loot page on the Crate Joy website. Boxes are $29.99 per month.

#9 Spangler Science Club

The Spangler Science Club will deliver a monthly science kit to prepare your youngster for a career in a STEM related field.

What to expect: It’s like getting an experiment in a box every month. There’s real science behind every Spangler Science box and you’ll be able to learn and discover it with your child. 

The subscription box is aimed at kids 8-12 years old and is a great way to spark inquisitive and creativity minds.

Why your child needs this:  They’re naturally curious and love learning why things do what they do. They’ll have a complete kit every month to discover science and learn with the included guides.

Where to buy: Get it from the Spangler Science page on the Crate Joy website.

#10 Sensory Theraplay Box

Sensory TheraPlay focus on kids on the autism spectrum and those children with sensory processing needs.

What to expect: A box full of items your child can play with that’s not only entertaining, but also therapeutic. Sensory TheraPlay includes toys that help develop important sensory motor skills & stimulate the senses. They can be calming and help manage anxiety.

Each box is carefully curated by a licensed occupational therapist and so you know why you’re getting what you got – Sensory Thera Play includes a description card inside

Why your child needs this:  Your child is on the Autism spectrum or needs toys to help calm and relax. This box is useful even for those who aren’t Autistic and can be naturally therapeutic.

Where to buy: Get it from the Sensory Thera Play page on Crate Joy.

#11 KidStir Cooking Kit

Kidstir’s monthly boxes encourage kids to cook, play, and learn about good food & valuable life skills with their Happy Cooking Kits and Growing Up Guides.

Why your child needs this:  They are an aspiring chef and love cooking. The learning and discovery begins for your child when you find your first KidStir box on your doorstep.

 Where to buy: Get it from the KidStir website. Boxes are $24.99 per month.

#12 Sock Panda

Get awesome patterned socks for your child each month with Sock Panda and feel good you will be helping those in need. Socks for 3-8 year olds.

Why your child needs this: Your child would love some crazy designed socks and be surprised every month with new designs.

Where to buy: Get it from the Sock Panda page on Crate Joy. Boxes are $11 per month and you get 2 pairs of socks in each box.

#13 Rockets Of Awesome

Get the Rockets Of Awesome subscription box and you’ll receive super cool clothes that kids love to wear and you don’t mind letting them. Soft fabrics, free shipping and returns.

Why your child needs this: You will get 8 styles that have been especially curated for your child by professional stylists. You can review and approve the clothing selection before it even ships, so you know you’ll get something you (and your child) will like. 

You have 5 days to try on the clothing and either keep or return them using the free return-shipping envelope.

 Where to buy: Get it from the Rockets Of Awesome website. Pricing of the clothing can vary between $12 – $36 per item.

#14 Disney Princess Enchanted Collection

The Disney Princess Enchanted Collection delivers a box full of goodies to make your little girl a real Disney Princess.

What to expect: You’ll get all the items needed to make your little princess sparkle. 

  • An authentic Disney Store costume
  • An inspiring storybook
  • Princess stickers, surprises and activities
  • An exclusive video greeting from the princess
  • Coupon: $10 off next $50 purchase at shopDisney or Disney Store
  • Additional 2-3 princess toys or accessories

Where to buy: Get it from the Shop Disney store. Boxes are priced at $74.99.

#15 America’s Test Kitchen Kids’ Young Chefs’ Club

Inspire your young chef with America’s Test Kitchen Kids’ Young Chefs’ Club. You’ll get a box full of kid-tested recipes and hands on activities.

What to expect:  Your young chef will get a themed box filled with kid-tested recipes, hands-on activities and experiments, and other creative items. Once you subscribe, you’ll also unlock access to the young chefs’ website that has more activities and recipes. 

If they want to have more fun, your child can take part in the “make it your way” cooking challenges.

Where to buy: Get it from the Young Chefs’ Club website. Boxes are $19.99 per month.

#16 Just Like Me! Box

The Just Like Me! Box will provide fun reading books featuring characters of color and other gifts to encourage positive child development.

What to expect:  Each month you’ll get 2-3 fun books, educational tools and a special gift to encourage positive child development.

Where to buy: Get it from the Just Like Me! Box website. Prices are $28 per month.

#17 Foodstirs

Foodstirs is an organic baking subscription box especially for kids. You’ll get everything you child needs to bake a delicious item and spend quality time together.

What to expect:  Each box contains non-GMO, fair trade, perfectly pure ingredients for the best brownies, cookies or cakes imaginable. The decorations are chemical free and Foodstirs includes all the molds, cookie cutters and popsickle sticks. No worries!

There are only six steps to each recipe.

Where to buy: Get it from the Foodstirs website. Boxes are priced at $25.99 per month.

#18 Literati Books

If your child loves books, the Literati Book Club might just be perfect. Get the world’s best children’s books delivered to your door.

What to expect:  This kid’s book subscription box is a little bit different to the other’s i’ve shown you so far. Instead of being given books each month, Literati will send you a selection and you only pay for the books you keep.

Free shipping and returns means you can try out Literati’s kids book selection and see if it fits your child – you’ll get a full week to try out the books. 

Where to buy: Get it from the Literati website. Boxes are $9.95 a month plus any of the books you decide to keep.

#19 Bitsbox

The Bitsbox is a smart way to introduce your child to computer coding.  This box was voted the #1 STEM box for kids on Shark Tank.

What to expect:  This box is for kids 6-12 and no experience is necessary to dive into the boxes. Beginners are welcomed. If your child has a naturally curious mind, this box would be perfect. New projects arrive every month and the theme carries over to the Bitsbox website – where kids will build apps that work on any mobile device.

Where to buy: Get it from the Bitsbox website. Boxes are $29.95 a month.

#20 Hoppi Box

Hoppi box will send you a box full of high quality toys tailored to your baby’s age and developmental milestones.

What to expect:  The toys you’ll get are designed to inspire learning through play. They are suitable for children from 0-3 years old and each box will be carefully packed depending on your baby’s age and developmental progress.

Boxes are shipped out quarterly: March, June, September and December,

Where to buy: Get it from the Hoppi Box website. Prices are $75 per quarter.

There are so many more awesome kids subscription boxes that could have been on this top 20 list.

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