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The Best 13 Subscription Boxes For Runners To Boost Your Fitness

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

If you are looking for the best subscription boxes for runners, check out these 13 boxes that would make the perfect accompaniment to the running life style.

#1 RunnerBox

The RunnerBox will supply you with essentials and goodies to make your fun runs more enjoyable and rewarding.


What to expect: Made especially for the endurance market, the team of athletes at RunnerBox will test and hand select the best products to help you achieve your running goals.

You’ll get energy fueling snacks, items to make it easier to see you running when it’s dark out, fitness supplements and other accessories.

Why you need this:  This box is curated by athletes who understand what runners need. You won’t get any fluff or junk, just products designed to make you a better you.

Where to buy: Get it from TheRunnerBox website. Prices are $28 per box.

#2 My Run Bag 

My Run Bag is the box to get for runner gear and runner lifestyle products

What to expect: This runner subscription box focuses on running gear, snacks and lifestyle items. You’ll get items like custom graphic t-shirts (Keep calm and run on!), bags, caps, snacks for energy and even a custom bib to wear at running events like marathons.

You’ll get new running gear every quarter and running snacks every month.

Here’s what you can expect from a typical RunBag:

  • Custom made bib (printable)
  • T-shirt, drawstring bag, hat and rain poncho for battling the elements!
  • Snacks for runners
  • A custom designed running course from one of MyRunBag’s course directors.

Why you need this:  You’ll get taken care of and supplied with gear to make your runs more enjoyable and rewarding. The monthly snack drops will keep you fueled up and the quarterly gear shipments will keep you on track to crush your running goals.

Where to buy: Get it from the MyRunBag website.

#3 Fun Run Box 

Designed for new runners, Fun Run Box will supply motivation and encouragement to get outside and run!

What to expect: If you’re new to running or would love some support, this box is for you. You’ll get monthly challenges, gear and fun that will get you on track to run as often as you want.

It’s important you learn running the right way and FunRunBox has essential tips for beginners and experienced runners alike.

FunRunBox really has tried to cover all the bases for runners by including energy snacks, skin care, apparel and even gear like Bluetooth ear buds and race belts.

Why you need this:  You really could use some support and inspiration to get out an run. Maybe you’re training for an upcoming marathon or event – FunRunBox will give you all the essentials needed for it to be a success.

Where to buy: Get it from the FunRunBox website. Boxes are $36.99 and you have a choice of a ladies or men’s box.

#4 StrideBox 

A great all-purpose runners box, StrideBox supplies nutrition and accessories to help you take your running to the next level.

What to expect: This box is focused more on snacks and nutrition for runners – more than the other boxes you’ve seen so far.

The snacks are all especially selected for runners to boost your training and support your post-run recovery.

Not only will you get high quality snacks, you can expect to get 4-7 different runner-approved items like safety accessories and water bottles.

Why you need this:  You really enjoy running and would love to receive snacks to help your body get stronger. You’ll get accessories to make your runs better and feel good that each item is hand selected for the runner lifestyle.

Where to buy: Get it from the StrideBox website. Boxes are $19.95 a month.

#5 Runner Crate 

A great all-purpose running subscription box, Runner Crate has the gear, snacks and challenges to keep you being the best you can be.

What to expect: Current customers that have already recieved this running subscription box love how they can try premium runner-focused snacks without having to shell out the cash for a multi-pack. If you don’t like the snack you won’t have wasted your money.

The excitement of receiving a box feel’s like it’s your birthday each month!

The customers also mentioned how they loved to get essential accessories like a running belt – that FLASHES! – to keep them seen and safe while out on their runs.

RunnerCrate likes to add in a bit of bling on each box too!

Why you need this:  You want a good mix of healthy energy boosting snacks and running accessories.

Where to buy: Get it from the RunnerCrate website. Prices are $49.99 per month.

#6 SpandexBox 

This is THE leggings subscription box. SpandexBox has premium leggings in all types of prints.

What to expect: Each month you’ll get a pair of trendy, durable and (most importantly) comfortable leggings that won’t weigh you down each run.

These leggings are perfect for running, the gym or just every day if you want. 

Current customers that have already received their SpandexBox love how comfortable the leggings are, how high quality they are, how they are flattering and how the designs are vivid and lively.

Why you need this:  You love leggings and would love to receive a high quality pair every month that has been hand picked just for you.

Where to buy: Get it from the SpandexBox page on Crate Joy. Prices are $24.95 a month.

#7 Wantable Fitness 

Just because you’re busting your ass, doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it. Wantable Fitness supplies the fitness style you were looking for.

What to expect: The personal stylists at Wantable will select 7 items that perfectly match your unique tastes, shape and budget. 

They have every size available – XS-3X (0-24W) and some gorgeous designs to boot. The items you’ll get are premium brands and made from performance fabrics.

You’ll take a short quiz to dial in your clothing preferences and get 7 days to try and buy or return the items. There is a $20 styling fee per box, but if you decide to keep just one of the 7 items, you can apply that credit to the cost of the item.

Why you need this:  You love fashion and maybe your current outfit isn’t as flattering as you want. A professional stylist will choose outfits that perfectly match your unique requirements and you can try the items on before you buy.

Where to buy: Get it from the Wantable website. The cost depends on which items you decide to keep.There is a $20 fee that can be credited toward your total purchase if you do decide to buy an item.

#8 Dia & Co 

Specializing in activeware, Dia & Co delivers high quality stylish clothing delivered right to your doorstep.

What to expect: After completing a short quiz, you’ll let the stylists at Dia & Co know your unique clothing requirements who will then get to work on selecting amazing outfits for you.

You’ll have 7 days to try on the clothing and you only pay for what you keep. Send back the other clothing for free using their return box.

Why you need this:  Get a co-ordinated work-out outfit each month that’s especially designed just for you. 

Where to buy: Get it from the Dia & Co website. Pricing depends on what items you keep and return shipping is free.


WODBOM wants to help you discover new fitness products, supplements and healthy snacks to get the most out of your workout.

What to expect: With at least $75 of value in each box, WODBOM will deliver full sized fitness products to help you crush your next workout session.

What does WODBOM really mean anyway?

WOD = Workout of the day

BOM = Box of the month

Why you need this:  Just like a plumber needs tools to get the job done, you need fitness tools to get fitter, faster and stronger. WODBOM has a great assortment of products to help you achieve your health goals.

Where to buy: Get it from the WODBOM website. Boxes start at $35.00

#10 Core Gains

Core Gains has the best plant-based fitness snack box to keep your energy boosted all month long.

What to expect: This is a vegan fitness snack box where you’ll get high protein snacks to help you burn fat and achieve your fitness goals.

Core Gains hunts out the newest, most trending snacks that have just been released and packages them into a a neat monthly box.

The snacks have simple ingredients that you won’t have a hard time saying out aloud!

Why you need this:  You want clean, high protein vegan snacks to support your new healthy fitness-focused lifestyle. You can test out the newest, latest and greatest health snacks without spending the money on the full sized packages.

Where to buy: Get it from the Core Gains page on Crate Joy. Prices start at $25.49 a month.

#11 SnackSack 

Smarter snacking! SnackSack has the healthiest snacks and each month you’ll get a themed box to kick sugars and fats to the curb.

What to expect: Each box has 11-15 unique brands, featuring delicious high protein, low sugar snacks that are good for you. 

Choose between four snacking plans:

  • Classic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Workplace

The past boxes featured snacks like Crazy Go Nuts Garlic Parm Walnuts, Vegan Rob’s Dragon Puffs or Betty Lou’s Angel Snow White Chocolate Coconut Bar. Yummy!

Why you need this:  Be confident you’re putting goodness into your body. You get out what you put in, and these high quality snacks will keep your energy boosted when you need it the most.

Where to buy: Get it from the SnackSack page on Crate Joy. Prices are $21.50 per month.

#12 Bar Hopper Box

focusing on high protein snacks, BarHopperBox will supply you with snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day.

What to expect: Get 12 yummy full sized nutritional snacks. You’ll find some subscription boxes that include smaller sample sized products, but not with BarHopperBox.

I have to mention that when I first saw BarHopperBox during my research for this post, I wondered if it had anything to do with pub crawls or alcohol. I think the “bar” in BarHopperBox means snack bars….and a variety of them.

Why you need this:  All the snacks you’ll get are healthy, low sugar and include non-GMO protein. BarHopperBox will also include a pair of Samsung heaphones to make sure you can tune into your favorite tracks while you’re working up a sweat.

Where to buy: Get it from the BarHopperBox page on Crate Joy. Prices are $31.67 per month.

#13 My Keto Snack Box

If you are using the Keto diet to loose weight or just boost your overall health, My Keto Snack Box has just the right subscription box for you.

What to expect: Get 8-12 keto and low carb snacks every month.

You’ll get to try different keto snacks that you wouldn’t normally get to try without having to buy the full sized multi-packs.

Each snack has less than 5 grams of carbs per serving, sugar free and have no artificial ingredients.

Why you need this:  This all-keto snack box makes it easy to try new and exciting keto products. Hand picked by keto diet experts, you can be confident you’ll get the best keto snacks on the planet. While this box is a bit more expensive than others i’ve shown you so far, the high quality products make up for it.

Where to buy: Get it from the My Keto Snack Box page on Crate Joy. Prices start at $38.00 per month.

Round Up

There are some great options available if you are on the lookout for a running subscription box.

From Vegan to keto to classic snacks and a whole range of athleisure clothing, you’re bound to find something that takes your fancy.

Let us know what your favorite runner subscription boxes are in the comments!

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