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Ultimate List: 9 Best Golf Subscription Boxes In 2021

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

9 Best Golf Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking for a golf subscription box that will keep you stocked up on golfing essentials like balls, tees, gloves you’re in the right place.

Maybe you’re needing some style on the green and want a professional stylist to send you great looking and comfortable apparel to wear while you’re out putting. These golf subscription boxes make great gifts for the avid golfer.

Check out this list of top golf subscription boxes where you’re bound to find something that appeals to you.

All are full of premium gear and will let you play your absolute best round of golf.

If you feel good, you play good!

Editors note: There were other golf subscription boxes that didn’t make the cut for this list. I only wanted to show you the best golf subscription boxes available today.

#1 Mully Box

Price for a box: $29.00

Mullybox is a golf subscription box that delivers better golf every month. 

Their subscription box is designed to do three things

  • Replenish – get new balls and teens to your doorstep every monh
  • Enhance – Get specially selected accessories that help you play better
  • Save – Up to 70% off retail on select items.

Every month, you’ll receive high quality golf balls, a pack of eco-friendly tees, and 2-3 brand new golf accessories that will be selected by a mullybox caddy to get your game in top shape

To give you an idea of the kind of items you’ll receive in a Mullybox subscription box, here’s what was sent out in their “Weekend Warrior” box.

  • 6 iGC Golf Balls ($22)
  • ARCOS Driver Sensor ($49.99)
  • Frog Togg Towel ($12.99)
  • Collector Ballmarker ($5)
  • ECO Tees ($5)

Total retail value of this box is $102.98. You pay only $29.00!

Join today to get your essentials and new gifts every month that up your game.

#2 Shot Par 4

Price for a box: $49.95

Shot Par 4 is a monthly golf apparel subscription box that “guarantees handsomeness”.

Sounds good!

They’ll send you golfing clothing tailored to your individual size and style to make sure you’re looking GREAT on the green.

They have three subscription boxes to choose from depending on your budget and golfing needs.

They’ll send you golfing clothing tailored to your individual size and style to make sure you’re looking GREAT on the green.

Shot Par 4 has three subscription boxes  to choose from depending on your budget and golfing needs. Their boxes range from casual and modern to sharp and sophisticated.

Their website has a fancy quiz where you’ll be asked about your golfing experience and clothing sizes including gloves and hat size. Once you select your membership level  complete the quiz (it takes about 5 minutes, tops) Shot Par 4 will ship you out a custom bundled box with stylish golfing clothing and accessories you’ll love.

You’ll save time, save money and look dapper while you do it. Here’s how their pricing breaks down.

#3 Swinger Box

Price for a box: $20.00

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Swinger box is a year round subscription box for golfers, delivering premium apparel and accessories.

They’ll mail you a box each month based on your style and season. You’ll always have comfortable stylish clothes to wear to the green and be stocked up on the accessories you need most often.

Swinger Box has 5 different subscription options available, from their most expensive box that contains 3-4 items of premium apparel and accessories for on and off the course, to their least expensive box that simply contains a golfing glove.

#4 Swing Society Golf

Price for a box: $34.99

Swing Society Golf has a simpler subscription box program than Swinger Box or Shot Par 4. They’ll still send you premium gear and accessories – and apparel – but Swing Society only has one box to choose from.

That makes it easy!

They’ll need your shirt and hat size and your belt size to get started. Don’t worry, they don’t need your exact measurement, S/M/L/XL is good enough.

Each box is $34.99 and you’re guaranteed to receive between $60-$120 worth of exciting new products each month.

Each box contains at least 3 items.

  • 2 premium products with 1 accessory or
  • 1 higher value premium product with 2 accessories

An example of the goodies that were sent out with last month’s Swing Society Golf’s subscription box

Box Contents

  • linksoul polo [$70]
  • gophers & golfers socks [$12]
  • srixon golf balls [$7.50]
  • the beer pocket koozie [$4]

Total retail value = $93.50 | You pay just $34.99

#5 Birdie Bundle

Price for a box: $49.95

Birdie Bundle will send you name brand golf apparel and essentials delivered to your door every month.

What sets Birdie Bundle apart from the other golf subscription box companies I’ve shown you so far, is that they offer a dedicated women’s box. Two actually.

They have a women’s primary Birdie Bundle, priced $49.95 and a women’s Premium Birdie bundle, priced at $99.95.

In the middle is the combo Birdie Bundle, where you’ll get the lower cost Primary Birdie Bundle the first month and the more expensive Premium Birdie Bundle the second. They make that work by overcharging you for the Primary Birdie Bundle  ($49.95) and then under charging you for the Premium Birdie Bundle

#6 Tee Box Club

Price for a box: $25.99

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If you’re needing golf balls, Tee Box Club is the place to go.

They’ll hook you up with a monthly box full of nearly new golf balls and a stash of golf tees.

They don’t say where they get their used golf balls from, but Tee Box Club does say the golf balls they ship out to customers are in mint condition.

You’ll also get a satisfaction guarantee, so there’s not much risk in giving them a try.

Tee Box Club has a range of boxes to choose from, depending on your budget and golf ball brand preference. They can ship boxes full of golf balls by brand names like Bridgestone, Callaway, TaylorMade and Titleist.

#7 My Golf Locker

Price for a box: $100.00

My Golf Locker is all about golfing clothes. They want you to let them handle making you look good – they’re experts in golf lifestyle, apparel and shoes.

PGA Professionals and apparel industry veterans do the shopping for you.

How It Works

First, you’ll have to work through their in-depth style and preference quiz. It’s quite in-depth and lengthy, but the more information Golf Locker knows about you, the better they can put together a subscription box that you’ll love.

Once you’ve finished with the questionairre, golf locker will ship you  a box full of carefully selected items.

You have 14 days to  decide what you want to keep.You can return or exchange items with free shipping both ways to My Golf Locker. You have no obligation to keep anything. Just ultimate convenience. 

Will you play better? It could happen.

At the end of the quiz, you can select how often you would like to receive a My Golf Locker shipment.

  • Monthly
  • Every other month
  • Quarterly
  • North Golf Season
  • South Golf Season

My Gold Locker is definitely one of the more style-conscious golf subscription boxes you can get, but it’s also one of the more expensive ones.

#8 Bogey Box Golf Club

Price for a box: Depends on what items you keep. $20 styling fee.

Like My Golf Locker, Bogey Box Golf Club is a premium men’s golf apparel style subscription box.

You’ll have to take a short quiz where you’ll select your preferences and sizing. In a few days you’ll get a box with your specially selected clothes.

You have 5 days to try everything on at home. Keep what you like and send back the rest. They offer free shipping and returns.

One thing that’s important to point out with Bogey Box Golf Club, is that they send multiple sizes of the same item to make sure they are a perfect fit. There’s free return shipping, so why not?

If you prefer pants and never wear shorts, no problem. Just let the Bogey Box Golf Club stylists know using their easy online preferences system and you wont see shorts ever again.

You’ll also be able to set how much you’re comfortable paying per item. Bogey Box Golf Club has an average item price of $89, but they stock items both less and more expensive. 

Something to watch out for, you will be charged a $20 styling fee. If you decide to purchase any items that are sent, that fee can be used as a credit. If you decide to keep none of the items, Bogey Box Golf Club will charge you $20.

#9 High Side Golf

Price for a box: $8.00+

High Side Golf does things a little differently. They’re a golf subscription box, but they allow you to customize what goes into your box every month.

Stay with me.

They stock tees, gloves and golf balls and you can put any combination of those into your box that will be shipped out to you monthly (or as you choose).

Now, if you can decideexactly what comes in your High Side Golf box, why not just use Amazon…you can decide what comes in your box there too!

The prices.

High Side Golf has pretty good pricing. Like $12 gloves and TaylorMade Tour Preferred golf balls for $8. You’ll need these essential golfing supplies, so you may as well get them at a great price and sent to your door from High Side Golf.

Here’s what the custom box maker looks like. You just click on the item you want and it adds it. Easy :).


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