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32 Delicious Wine Subscription Boxes of 2021 That Deliver Right To Your Doorstep

We hope you love the subscription boxes we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. We may earn a commission when you buy using links on our site learn more

If you’re looking for the best wine subscription box, you’re in the right place.

You’ll see the top 38 wine subscription boxes that are all uniquely awesome in their own special ways. 

These companies are hand picked and produce some of the best wine on the planet. I wanted to make sure you got a good variety to look over, so expect a variety of options, from budget friendly to gourmet.

This is the most complete list of wine subscription boxes available right now!

#1 The International Wine Of The Month Club

Taking the top spot in our rundown of the best Wine Subscription Boxes is The International Wine Of The Month Club. 

What to expect: You’ll get two bottles of exceptional wine, sourced from international boutique vineyards.

Choose from red, white or one of each.

Each shipment comes with detailed information about the wine you’ll try, tasting notes and profiles of the winemakers so you can experience not just another glass of wine, but an extraordinary glass of wine.

Why this is awesome:  You’ll get a story with each monthly subscription, giving you an opportunity to see how your wine was produced and the people that worked hard to produce it for you.

Where to buy: Get it from the International Wine of the Month Club on CrateJoy. Prices are $39.95 a month. 

#2 The Standard

The folks behind The Standard will curate each monthly shipment depending upon your personal  wine preferences. Don’t like a bottle? They’ll replace it.

What to expect: You’ll get three bottles of wine per month, selected by considering your own personal wine tastes.

Along with the wine you’ll get bonus items like accompanying recipes, wine markers, tasting notes for each of the wines you received and even a personal note from seller.

Why this is awesome:  From current subscribers, they report that the selection and quality of wines you’ll receive are top notch. They wouldn’t of known about the wines without subscribing and it’s reassuring to know you can get a bottle replaced if you aren’t satisfied.

Where to buy: Get it from The Standard on CrateJoy. Prices are $49.00 a month. 


I was confused with this one, but it works so hear me out!

This is a monthly subscription box for people who love wine and love their pooch. 

What to expect: You will get a box filled with treats for you and your dog so you can both share the excitement and deliciousness together.

A lot of people treat their dogs like their best friend (I do!) so why not share some time together and bond with treats for both you and your canine buddy?

Inside the box, expect to find a bottle of exclusive dog wine – a non alcoholic natural treat for dogs, toys, treats and wine themed gifts for the human like cute socks, coasters, wine glass stickers and more.

Why this is awesome:  Each box gives you the opportunity to share the monthly excitement of getting a box full of FUN with your best friend. They’ll get treats, you’ll get treats and you’ll both be happier because of it!

Where to buy: Get it from the WINEDOG page on CrateJoy. Prices are $32 a month. 

#4 Paws & Pour

This subscription box is perfect for wine and pet lovers. Get personally curated selections of wine themed treats for you, your cat or dog.

What to expect: Each monthly box will include 4-6 products and occasionally you’ll get a pet-friendly wine drink for them (natural and safe for pets). The hooman will get wine themed treats too.

A portion of each subscription fee goes to help animal rescue organizations, so you can feel good about subscribing to this one :).

Why this is awesome:  You can treat your fur baby to some awesome items like toys, dog friendly cookies and snuggle blankets and you’ll get some cute wine-themed goodies for yourself!

Where to buy: Get it from the Paws & Pour page on CrateJoy. Prices are $44.95 a month.

#5 Uncorked Box

This is the subscription box to get if you would love to get super cute wine themed presents on your doorstep every month!

What to expect: Each box comes with 7-10 items that could be anything from sparkling glitter wine glasses to cute t-shirts to shimmering bottle stoppers. 

The team behind Uncorked Box really puts in effort to make sure each item is high quality and will work together with the other items they include for you.

This would make the perfect gift for someone that loves wine, champagne or any other kind of bubbly.

Why this is awesome:  Reviewers are delighted and many are extending their 3 month subscription for an additional 6 months. You will get all sorts of items in the same box, it’s like having a birthday each month and something to look forward to.

Where to buy: Get it from the Uncorked Box page on CrateJoy. Prices are $45.00 a month. 

#6 Usual

Usual does things a bit unusual. They sell their wines by the glass, in boxes of 12 and have three monthly subscription options depending upon your personal wine taste.

What to expect: Choose red, white or a mixed case of wine – uniquely sold by the glass. They are all $96 for a one off monthly shipment of 12 ‘glasses’, or you can opt for a monthly subscription that lowers the price down to $80 per month.

You can tell Usual places a lot of importance on delivering fresh wine, made from sustainably sourced grapes and without any additives or sugar.

The decision to ship wine in smaller custom bottles shows that they don’t want their wine to be left unopened and spoiling. You get a fresh glass each time.

They would rather take on an extra cost of custom bottles and make sure the wine you taste is the freshest they could possibly deliver – literally.

Why this is awesome:  1,100+ reviewers say they love Usual! They love that they don’t have to open a full bottle when all they want is one glass. They love the flavors Usual wine’s capture and they LOVE the fact that they contain ZERO sugar. Bonus!

Where to buy: Get it from the Usual website. Prices are $90 a month for a one off shipment or $80 a month if you subscribe to two or more monthly shipments.

#7 Vinely Wine Club

Vinely offers something different with their subscription membership. They want to introduce their members to small batch wines from lesser known wineries across the United States.

What to expect: With Vinely, you’ll get to experience wines from multiple wineries. These wineries are all part of Vinely’s wine club so you can really experience a broad range of wine from a number of top wineries like these:

With over 4,000 wineries in California, Vinely helps you explore them. You will get 3 bottles of wine per month hand selected from one of Vinely’s club wineries. The bottles are selected upon the choices you make when you sign up.

You’ll be able to choose your wine preferences – red, white or mixed and then choose the price range you’re ok with paying per bottle:

  • Between $15 – $25
  • Between $25 – $40

You’ll get an estimate of what the order total will be in a range, like $45 – $75.

Why this is awesome:  In addition to great wine, you’ll have complimentary wine tastings at any of Vinely’s club wineries anytime.

Where to buy: Get it from the Viney Wine Club site. Prices are $45-$75 a month. 

#8 Plonk Wine Club

Nice name! Plonk Wine Club intends to offer you the most limited production, hard to find and off the beaten path wines they can find.

What to expect:  You’ll be able to select the types of wines you prefer to drink and how many bottles you’ll receive in each shipment – either 4 or 12.

Along with the wine you’ll receive, you’ll get detailed tasting notes and good recipe pairings so you can make a complete meal around the wine.

This subscription box is more expensive than others in this list, but the variety and small batch production of organic wine makes up for it.

Why this is awesome:  You’ll experience boutique wines from small producers around the globe. This monthly wine subscription box wants you to widen your wine experience and literally taste the difference.

Where to buy: Get it from the Plonk Wine Club site. Prices are $110 a month. 

#9 Gold Medal Wine Club

This wine subscription box has a variety of plans to choose from that will be perfect for novice or expert wine drinkers alike.

What to expect: There are a lot of options at the Gold Medal Wine Club. Their most popular plan – the Gold Club – will provide 2 bottles of exquisite California sourced wines from their top performing boutique wineries

Gold Medal Wine Club’s Platinum and Diamond plans offer premium wines that are the best of the best. Because of the exclusivity of the wines, these two clubs are only open to 500 subscribers.

Why this is awesome:  There are many different wine subscription plans available,  catering to those on a budget or those that want the ultimate wine tasting experience. With over 28 years in business and a slew of great reviews, this is one membership you will want to check out.

Where to buy: Get it from the Gold Medal Wine Club website. Prices start at $39.98 a month. 

#10 California Wine Club

If you want to get a literal taste of the country’s top wine makers, the California Wine Club might be the one for you.

What to expect:  The California Wine Club has six different club levels that each come with their own special features.

One of the more popular membership levels is their Premier Series which features handcrafted and award winning wines from California’s wineries. You’ll get two bottles per shipment for about $41 a month.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can opt for the more elite club level, the Aged Cabernet Wine of the Month Club. You’ll get two bottles per shipment of Napa Valley’s finest selection that have been aged 8-12 years. Expect to pay about $231 for this option.

Why this is awesome:  Thanks to the multiple options for club membership, you’re bound to find a subscription plan that meets both your wine preferences and budget. The California Wine Club has a great reputation for selecting some of the finest wines in the country.

Where to buy: Get it from the California Wine Club website. Prices are $40.95+ per month. 

#11 Nocking Point

They tout themselves as the only celebrity curated winery in Earth. 

What to expect: Nocking Point adds an interesting twist on a typical winery. They’ve partnered with musicians, chefs, actors and other celebrities to create one of a kind wine with a special story behind it.

Their team hails from Washington, Oregon and California and ‘pour their heart and souls’ into making amazing wine exclusively for Nocking Point

Why this is awesome:  You’ll get to taste wine produced and branded by your favorite celebrities and chefs. 

Where to buy: Get it from the Nocking Point website. Prices are $49 a month. 

#12 Ninety Plus Cellars

Shipped quarterly, you’ll get a selection of their newest wines and seasonal favorites in every delivery.

What to expect: You can opt for red wine or a mixture of red and white wine. I didn’t see an option for only white wine.

Prices vary from about $50 for three bottles and $95 for six.

Why this is awesome:  With over 10 years of working with wineries across the globe, Ninety Plus Cellars has a reputation for curating great wine selections at a value that’s hard to beat.

Where to buy: Get it from the 90+ Cellars website. Prices begin at $50 a quarter. 

#13 Tasting Room

This one is a bit different to the others you’ll see on this list and we like it!

What to expect: Unlike other wine subscription boxes, where you fill in an online form to decide which wine you’ll receive, the Tasting Room goes one further.

They want you to use their tasting kit – a collection of six mini bottles of wine – to determine your tasting preferences. You rate the kit, then send them your results.

They then put together an assortment of wines for you to try. You can choose the frequency of the deliver and also the number of bottles you’ll receive.

Why this is awesome:  By submitting a taste test, you’ll be more likely to receive wine that you love. I think Tasting Room did this so that there’s more chance you’ll stay on as a subscriber if you like what you drink! Smart move.

Where to buy: Get it from the Tasting Room website. The tasting kit is less than $9 to start (6 mini bottles of wine!).

#14 Cellars Wine Club

Like the California Wine Club, this wine subscription box offers several different clubs that cater to different wine specialities.

What to expect: Want to try imported wine only? How about just sparkling wines and champagnes? Maybe stick to just the best of the best premium offerings? Cellars Wine Club has you covered.

Why this is awesome:  With such a wide selection of mini wine clubs, you’re bound to find something that fits perfectly. For an idea of costs:

  • Premium wine club – $49 / shipment of 2 bottles
  • Import only wine club – $54 / shipment of 2 bottles
  • Champagne and sparkling wines – $64 / shipment of 2 bottles.

Where to buy: Get it from the Cellars Wine Of The Month Club site. Prices begin at $49 a month. 

#15 Vinebox Wine Club

This quarterly club from Vinebox has brand new wines each season that are delivered by the glass in awesome looking bottles!

What to expect: Instead of making you submit a survey and sending you some bottles that you might like, Vinebox doesn’t even bother – they send you their six best selections right away, with confidence you’ll love them.

Oh and the packaging? They send you glass sized samplers in some really cool looking bottles. The boxes that house the wine are stylish in their own right – perfect for gifting!

Why this is awesome:  Right on their website, they claim they’ve tasted 11,358 wines and only 1% made the cut. Someone got really drunk that night!

Where to buy: Get it from the VineBox website. Prices start at $158 per month.

#16 Winc

Winc is a hugely popular wine subscription box. With some of the wines they have included in past boxes gaining upwards of 7,000 reviews and an average 4/5 rating, there’s definitely something to this.

What to expect: Winc will make you complete a survey and then ask some questions…some odd questions like Do you like mushrooms?

Once you’ve completed the survey and questions they’ll pick 4 wines that match your flavor profile and deliver it to your doorstep.

Plan pricing:

  • 1 Month = $60
  • 2 Months = $100
  • 3 Months = $150

Why this is awesome:  You won’t be flying blind with this wine subscription service. See what other people just like you rated wine so you can choose the best ones you think you’ll like. There are literally thousands of wine ratings on Winc, so you’ll be in good company.

Where to buy: Get it from the Winc Wine Club website. Prices are $60 a month. 

#17 WSJ Wine

Did you know the Wall Street Journal has a wine subscription service?

What to expect: You can get a great deal – the top 12 bottles of wine you need to try plus a BONUS 3 bottles of trophy winning cabernet for under $90 + shipping.

Why this is awesome:  You get a lot of wine for a little money. Just because it’s budget friendly doesn’t mean the quality is lackluster. These wins have been rated and reviewed by thousands of people and only the best 12 are chosen from hundreds of wines.

Where to buy: Get it from the WSJ Wine Website. Prices are $89 a month. 

#18 Empathy Wines

A wine curation service, focusing on the wineries of California.

What to expect: With an attention to detail, quality and sustainability, Empathy Wines aims to provide you with undiscovered Californian wines from the most boutique wineries.

You can opt for all red, white, rose or a mix of all three. Pricing is reasonable at $20 a bottle:

  • 3 bottles $60
  • 6 bottles $120
  • 12 bottles $240

Why this is awesome:  High quality, sustainably sourced wine at good prices.

Where to buy: Get it from the Empathy Wines website. Prices are $60+ a month. 

#19 Firstleaf

Firstleaf uses data, science and thousands of customers feedback to recommend wines you’ll LOVE.

What to expect: I like this company. Instead of making you do a quiz and guessing what wines you might like, FirstLeaf uses hard data, customer feedback and a special algorithm to figure out what wine will rock your world.

They’re so confident, in fact, that they guarantee 100% you’ll love the bottle. If you don’t, you get a refund and get to keep the bottle. Their introductory offer is $39.95 + free shipping for a six bottle sampler set. After that, it’s $79.98 + shipping for 6 bottles.

Why this is awesome:  I haven’t come across a wine subscription box that uses data, computer algorhythms and thousands of customer ratings to determine which wine you might like.

Where to buy: Get it from the FirstLeaf website. Prices are about $40 for their introductory offer, $80 plus shipping for the rest.

#20 José Pastor Selections Wine Club

A specialist in authentic fine Iberian wines, you’ll find a wide selection of specialist wines from select destinations worldwide.

What to expect: You can opt for a six or twelve bottle club. Both have three shipments in Winter, Spring and Fall. You’ll get one bottle of each wine per shipment (6ct) or two bottles of each wine (12ct). Shipping is a flat $20 fee.

  • 6ct = $199
  • 12ct = $399

Why this is awesome:  You will taste wine made from small batches, grapes that are lesser known and more exclusive.

Where to buy: Get it from the José Pastor Selections Wine Club website. Prices begin from $199.00. 

#21 Wine Down Box

This is one of the few wine subscription boxes that comes with a cheese pairing to enhance your tasting experience.

What to expect: You’ll get expertly selected small batch Californian wines paired with fresh artisan cheeses.

Why this is awesome:  Cheese balances and enhances the flavor of wine and it’s something to experience if you haven’t before. This wine (and cheese) subscription box will take the guess work out of wondering which wines work well with which cheeses, so you’ll have a great experience with minimal risk if a dissapointment.

  • 1 month = $70 / box
  • 3 months = $68 / box
  • 6 months = $65 / box
  • 12 months = $63 / box

Where to buy: Get it from the Wine Down Box website. Prices are $70 a month. 

#23 Leon Circle

6 bottles / $89 per month

Where to buy: Get it from the Leon Circle website

#24 Vinesse Wine Club

Your first order: 8 bottles / $49.99 per month

Where to buy: Get it from the Vinesse Wine Club website

#25 Blue Apron Wine Club

6 bottles / $65.99 per month

Where to buy: Get it from the Blue Apron Wine website.

#26 Fat Cork

3 bottles / 4 times a year $199

Where to buy: Get it from the Fat Cork website.

#27 Harry & David Wine And Cheese Pairing Club

1 bottle of wine + cheese pairing for 12 Months =  $199

Where to buy: Get it from Harry & David website.

#28 Vine Oh Wine Club

4 bottles / month = $59.99

Where to buy: Get it from the Vine Oh website.

#29 Viticole Wine Club

Tier 1 pricing – 2 Cases / Yr (24 bottles) = $59/month

Tier 2 pricing – 2 Cases/ Yr (24 bottles) = $99/month

Where to buy: Get it from the Viticole wine club website.

#30 Martha Steward Wine Co

6 Bottles / 6 Weeks = $49.98

12 Bottles / 6 Weeks = $89.88

Where to buy: Get it from the Martha Stewart Wine Co website.

#31 Wine Awesomeness

3 Bottles / 4 Weeks = $49

6 Bottles / 4  Weeks = $79

Where to buy: Get it from the Wine Awesomeness website.

#32 SommSelct Monthly Wine Club

4 Bottles / month = $99

Where to buy: Get it from the SommSelct Monthly Wine Club website.

This huge list of 32 best wine subscription boxes is the only one you’ll need. I’ve rounded up every worthwhile wine subscription service and brought them together in one epic blog post.

Hopefully you found a wine subscription box that is perfect for you or gifting to someone else!

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